Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

It was early in the morning and residents of a small country village were in turmoil, the village that housed just over four hundred residents was thirty miles from the next nearest village and thirty eight miles from the nearest town, on the out skirts of the village there was a government drug testing centre and despite denials that animals were used at the centre residents of the village knew that animals and mainly dogs were used for testing drugs. During the night there had been an alert issued by the management of the centre that told the residents were right and that dogs were used at the centre, the alert told residents that there had been a serious security breach and this had allowed a pack of twenty dogs to escape, residents were warned that the dogs were dangerous, but residents would be safe if they stayed indoors with the windows and doors closed, the majority of residents listened to the warning and followed the advice that had been issued and stayed indoors waiting for help to arrive, but some were very foolhardy and ignored the warnings and ventured outside, sixteen year old Kerry and her sister Amy who was two years younger than what Kerry was were two residents who ignored the warning and set off as normal for school, as they crossed the field Kerry saw Abdul the son of the local shop keeper, Abdul was the same age as what Amy was and liked the girls but the girls were racist and hated Abdul, Kerry started to give Abdul racist verbal abuse and was soon joined by Amy. Abdul ignored the abuse and carried on walking as he walked he saw the pack of dogs appear at the top of the hill and very quickly ran to a tree and climbed it once up the tree Abdul watched as the dogs crept up on the girls and surround them, he saw Kerry kick one dog that backed away a bit then jointed the rest again, Abdul watched as the dogs started to bite at the girls and saw that the dogs had the skirts of both girls in there mouths and smiled even more when Kerry’s skirt tore off her leaving her in just her blouse and skimpy panties, and when Amy lost her skirt he thought nice, Abdul saw both girls get bowled over by the dogs and the dogs start pawing at them, he saw Kerry’s blouse get ripped off and the dogs pawing at them he saw Amy had also lost her blouse and when her bra came off exposing her nice boobs he thought nice after a minute Abdul saw that Amy was now naked with the dogs licking her body, he looked at Kerry and saw that like her sister she was naked her boobs a bit bigger that what Amy’s were, as he watched the girls trying to fight the dogs off he noticed that the dogs had pink dicks sticking out which he realised were erections, Kerry was able to get to her hands and knees Abdul loved the sight of her naked boobs swinging free, he heard Amy scream” no” he looked at her and saw like her sister she was on her hands and knees but a dog was humping her from behind he looked back to Kerry and saw that she was getting the same treatment and smiled thinking the white bitches are being fucked by dogs and smiled and smiled even more as a dog slid it’s dick into Kerry’s mouth, Abdul watched for a hour as dog after dog humped the two girls from behind and in their mouths, he then saw the dogs run off towards the village and both girls laying on the grass, he waited a while to make sure there were no more dogs then climbed down and went to the girls and noticed that they both had very erect nipples, Abdul started to head back to the village as he got closer he saw dogs in the village and saw naked residents being humped by dogs, he saw his twelve year old sister inside a phone box and knew she was safe, he then  saw she  was watching as a naked sixteen year old Steve was being humped by a dog he also saw his sisters friend and classmate laying naked being humped, Abdul then saw the army trucks enter the village and watched as the army shot and killed the dogs and after a few minutes the first ambulance arrive, Abdul later found out that the dogs had been tested with a new drug to make the act like humans. It was three months after the incident with the dogs and Abdul was sat in the barn watching as a naked Amy was being pounded by one of the many dogs his dad had brought his sister was watching as a naked Steve was being pounded by another dog while stroking his nine inch erection, others were starting to arrive Abdul watch them strip naked and enter the circle where they got on their hands and knees and wait for a dog to go and give them pleasure.

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