Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Kim was fed up she was with her mum touring Canada and missed being with her mates back in England for her birthday, instead on her 16th birthday she was in the wilds of Canada with her pregnant mum and geeky cousin Adam, Adam looked at Kim said “happy birthday your now my age” Kim replied “big deal” The car engine spluttered and the car ground to a halt. Kim’s mum cursed saying “on shit we are out of petrol and the spare can is empty” after a pause she added I will have to walk back and get some, Adam said “you cant not in your condition it is miles back to town” Kim reluctantly agreed saying “lets go” they got the empty petrol can out of the car boot and started the long trek back to town. Adam stopped said “let’s cut through the woods it will be quicker” and climbed the low fence into the woods, Kim followed wishing she had put a coat on as she was feeling the cold through her flimsy tee shirt. After walking for 10 minutes Kim heard growling turned and saw a lot of green eyes, she realised it was wolfs screamed saying “wolfs run” Adam said “no don’t run stay still”  Kim ignored him and ran while Adam stood still, he saw the pack of wolfs chase Kim caught up with her knocking her to the ground, Kim rolled onto her back and froze in fear as the wolfs gathered round her sniffing at her, then one wolf nipped her bare arms, Kim shouted “help me” a wolf pawed Kim’s shoulder tearing the flimsy fabric of her tee shirt another wolf nipped her other shoulder pulling as he did, Kim’s tee shirt tore when the wolf pulled away other wolfs started nipping at Kim tearing her tee shirt as they did, soon Kim’s tee shirt had been ripped away from her body leaving her topless and Adam staring in awe at Kim’s naked boobs which he had been trying to see without luck for the last two days, he liked the size of them, he saw Kim’s jeans slowly getting ripped and soon like her tee shirt had been ripped away leaving her naked, Kim was screaming “help me get them away” Adam watched saw the wolfs start licking Kim’s body, Kim was pleading for help and trying to push the wolfs away, Adam saw Kim’s nipples were now erect a wolf licking her shaved slit, Kim kicked out the wolf licking her moved away as did others, Kim rolled over onto her belly got to hands and knees  tried to stand but before she could a wolf jumped on her causing her to scream, Kim the yelled “no get it off it is fucking me get it off” Adam stood watching after a few minutes the wolf got off Kim another started sniffing Kim before mounting her, Adam watched as wolf after wolf mounted Kim, Adam saw her nipples were sticking like matches and could see her breathing heavy, after awhile the wolfs ran off, Kim knelt there, she looked at Adam he said “it is your own fault I told you to stay still” Kim stood said “don’t tell anyone” Adam said “my mates are going to enjoy hearing about you being fucked by a pack of wolfs and looking at your tits you enjoyed it” Kim pleaded with him not to tell. Adam undone his jeans pulled his 9 inch sold dick out said “suck me off and I wont” Kim did as was told with Adam holding the back of her head while he shot his cum down her throat. When they got to town Adam smuggled Kim into the hotel with out her being seen then took petrol back to his aunt. A week later Kim’s mum was taken into hospital where she gave birth, Adam and Kim walked home as they passed the woods they heard the growls of wolfs, Adam saw the pokies appear in Kim’s tee shirt he smiled said “you wanna go in” Kim nodded, Adam told her to leave her clothes behind, Kim was soon  naked walking into the woods. after a hour she returned her nipples sticking out, Adam released his dick which Kim sucked dry at the hotel Kim told Adam they had fucked her bum as well, then headed to the shower stopping at the door stripping naked looking at Adam said “you coming in as well” Adam stripped and was soon in the shower banging away into Kim’s wet and willing pussy.

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