Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

I had just moved into my first home down in the suburbs of Washington state with my new husband Ronnie he and I had a pretty good sex life, we had sex at least once a day but that quickly faded over the 2 years we were married at this point we hadn’t had sex in 3 months I was really horny. One day I called in sick from work (I wasn’t sick) I heard a knock on the door it was the post man I had never seen him before he was very well built, tan skin, and devilish brown eyes I notice he was a bit nervous because I was in my robe and he could see the top part of my D cup beasts

Alex: I have a package for rose

I bet you do!!! I bit my lip I could so the lust build in his eyes till he kissed me passionately I kissed back he pushed me in the door and against the wall I wrapped my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss I played with his belt and pulled down his zipper his massive 9inch cock popped out of his pants I stroked it softly feeling how hard it was he pulled my robe up to expose my black lace underwear he forcefully pulled them down and prepared to enter my wet pussy, he looked up asking for permission I nodded, I wanted his cock so bad, he was slow at first then he stared pounding harder and harder and faster and faster till I was bouncing up and down against the wall I felt my climax coming he pounded harder I felt his dick twitch till I was being filled with his cum he kept his dick in me till the last of him cum was inside me. He pulled out and set me down my legs were wobbly from the strength of my orgasm. He turned to me and said

Alex: I’m Alex

He buckled his pants and left.

By Yumiko

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