Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

It was just after three in the morning, it was mid summer and despite it being the middle of the night it was still very warm. the run down council estate was quiet, most of the residents of the estate were asleep in bed,  residents of the twenty two story tower block of flats were finding it difficult to sleep because the blocks air cooling unit had been broken down for over a month making it hot and sweaty in the flats. Outside in the street there were three vans parked each van was an unmarked police van with plain clothes police officers in the vans waiting for the order to carry out a raid on a flat in the tower block that was the home of a hardened criminal family. The family who was about to get an early morning wake up call with out breakfast were all sleeping. The inspector in charge of the raid sent his officers into the block of flats where they found the lifts were not working and had to walk up twenty flights to the target flat, It took officers very little time to force the door of the flat open and soon had the occupants in handcuffs, sixteen year old Tina was sitting in just her bra and panties with her hands in hand cuffs behind her back a police office stood guarding her. Despite it being early morning the word of the raid on the most hated family on the estate was circulating fast and residents started to gather in the tower block. Tina knowing she was in serious trouble asked for a blanket and when the officer guarding her went to get one Tina made a run for the open door and was able to get out and made her way down to her friend Sara who lived a couple of floors below. Unbeknown to Tina Sara was a lesbian who had a big crush on Tina and when Sara saw Tina through the spy hole in just bra and panties she quickly let her in the flat taking her to her room as soon as she was in. Sara left Tina to go get a drink after a very short while Sara’s twin brother sixteen year old Steve went into Tina smiled said “nice” Sara returned told Steve to fuck off, Steve left blowing a kiss at Tina and left, Sara smiled at Tina and said ” I have told him I am first” Tina asked Sara what she meant, Sara climbed on the bed behind Tina and started unclipping her bra, saying your such a sexy good looking bitch lots of boys round here want to fuck you and will do but I am first and pulled Tina’s bra free then reached round and cupped her naked boobs then got off the bed stood looking at Tina’s boobs and saw her nipples were erect Sara reached down got hold of the side of Tina’s pantie’s and pull them down and off then stood back looking at Tina’s shaved love tube, Tina said ” well you now have me naked are you just going to stand there looking at me or are you going to do something” Sara looked Tina said ” for fuck sake come on I been wanting you for ages after you have finished your brother can fuck me” Tina parted her legs as she spoke Sara knelt down and pushed two fingers up Tina’s love tube finding it wet, Sara removed her fingers stood up removed her dressing gown standing naked, Tina smiled said ” oh yes very nice ” Sara got behind Tina pulled her further up onto the bed then started licking her nipples while she rubbed between her open legs then after a few minutes Sara went down and started to push her tongue into Tina’s waiting love tube making her groan after a minute or two Tina gushed soaking Sara’s face as she did, after a minute Sara left the room soon after Steve entered totally naked his dick standing up fully erect at eight inches Tina looked at Steve said “nice” Steve went over to Tina and started rubbing her boobs before sliding his hands down Tina’s belly and rubbing her still moist love tube then after awhile climbed on the bed got between Tina’s open legs and pushed his erection into the willing and waiting wet love tube on show to him then started pounding away going in as deep as he could Tina moaned loudly with each inward thrust after five minutes Steve pulled his dick out of Tina’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body, not long after Steve left the room, Tina lay where she was wondering what was happening to her family, the door opened and Mary Sara’s sister who was a few years younger than what Sara was walked in with a bowl of water which she put down on the bed side cabinet then after doing so stepped back looked at Tina and told her that Steve and Sara had told her to clean her up, she then used a cloth and wiped Steve’s cum off Tina’s body saying boys always leave a sticky mess behind they should be made to clean it up selves. Mary then picked up a bar of soap from the bowl of water soaped her hands and started washing Tina’s stomach, then to Tina’s surprise Mary started to wash her boobs using her bare hands then started to wash between her legs running her hands over Tina’s love tube, Mary saw Tina’s nipples were erect and said to her ” are you a lesbi?”  and as she did slid two fingers into Tina’s love tube and when she found it wet said ” cor you are the biggest bitch on the estate is a fucking dirty lesbian” and pushed her fingers in deep making Tina cum, Mary said ” she is a  her lesbi and just cum”  Mary stood up just as Sara entered the room, Mary told Sara that Tina is a lesbian and had just cum,  Sara said ” you were finger fucking her at the time” Mary laughed said ” oh yeah so I was her sister cums when I do it to her” Tina looked at Sara as Mary left the room and said pity these hand cuffs are on, Sara held up a key said look what Steve found and unlocked the cuffs freeing Tina’s hands Tina immediately pulled Sara’s gown off her and started to rub her boobs asking where Steve had found the key and was told by Sara he found it in the belt of a copper he bumped into, Tina laughed saying our coppers are brilliant then started to suck Sara’s nipples.

By Tommy

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