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Chapter 1: Kati becomes a slave

Kati Loreal sat at the desk of her aunt’s lawyer. She knew that she should have been heartbroken; having just heard that her aunt had died but she was not. After all, even though her aunt was, technically, her only living relative, Jane had barely any contact with for several years. And when her parents had died two years prior; instead of taking her in, she had left her in a group home to rot.

Aunt Jane simply did not care about her, Kati told herself, which was why it came as a huge when surprise when, out of the blue, Jane’s lawyer, Mr. Patrick Fitzsimmons had called so as to alert her that she was the sole inheritor of her aunt’s estate, which was said to be valued at over 40 million dollars. He had told her that she and her two closest friends, Jasmine and Lexi could move out to the huge estate within the next week (although the paperwork allowing her friends to move would take longer as they were not relatives of Jane).

It should be said that Kati was a beautiful and innocent looking girl of 16. She was petite, weighing only about 90 pounds sopping wet) and it seemed as though most of her weight was distributed in her breasts, legs and butt. Having regularly trained in gymnastics helped her physique she would get continuous looks from men and women due to her shapely, petite figure. Likewise, her hair, which she usually wore in either pigtails or french braids; was so blonde that it was almost white and thus added to her innocent look. Her lips, which were expressive and full, had the sort of reddish tint that one would expect from someone wearing lipstick (although Kati was the sort who never wore makeup).

She was a very buoyant, flirty and sweet girl who was adored by almost all who met her. Although she did not possess a hgih degree of intelligence; her charm, beauty and sex-appeal would likely get her far in life. It was the rare individual who was not immediately charmed by the pretty girl.

She was a year older than her two best friends, Lexi and Jasmine, whom she felt so close to that it almost felt as if, at times they were in love with one another. They had met about two years prior at the group home and, since they shared a room together, became fast friends. And at first, their relationship was simple, girly and sweet. They would play together, put each other’s hair up in braids, try on each other’s makeup, etc. However, over time, the girls gradually became closer and, given that they were just beginning puberty, started experimenting with one another sexually. Lexi was the most eager of the girls and was the first to push these ‘experiments’ into something much deeper.

Kati would never forget that day; when Lexi practically forced her into lesbian sex for the first time. Jasmine had been away on a trip and the two girls, being bored, had decided to take their time together so as to make out and ‘fool around’ as Lexi called it. Kati had been fifteen and Lexi fourteen but it seemed like, even then, Lexi was simply far more adventurous sexually than Kati was.

The two had been making out with one another and their clothes had been off. This was not uncommon as Lexi had pointed out several months before that, it was simply more comfortable to make out with one another when they were naked. Both Kati and Jasmine, who had felt the intimacy in resting naked in one another’s arms, had agreed and it was therefore rare that the trio did not sleep together while naked.

Nor was it uncommon for Lexi to use her fingers on Kati’s pink, shaven pussy (all three girls readily agreed that it felt better to press against each other pussies when they were bereft of hair). Lexi would usually use one or two fingers and plunge them deep inside of Kati or Jasmine and they would do the same to Lexi, making each other come and feel good.

However, this makeout session was uncommon in the amount of aggression that Lexi showed toward Kati. On that day, she had pushed Kati down on her bed, kissed her forcefully and hadn’t even hesitated in plunging her fingers deep inside the older girl. Kati had done the same and even strummed Lexi’s clit in the way that the she knew the younger to adored so that Lexi ended up squirting girl come all over her. “Mmm…” Lexi moaned, staring deep into Kati’s eyes. “That was so good…why don’t you lick the rest of it off?”

And that was when things changed. Kati had never gone down on a girl before and, before she could respond or protest, Lexi had straddled her face and pushed her pussy against her mouth. “C’mon,” Lexi moaned. “Lick me until I come, you silly bitch. I want to fill your mouth with my come…”

Kati hesitated for only a second. Lexi’s pussy was beautiful, pink and smelled faintly of strawberries. In short, the scent of it was heavenly and she gave it a tentative lick. “Not like that,” Lexi said, and grabbed Kati’s hair so that she could grind against her perfect lips. “Eat me out like the little slut you are. Come on….make me come all over your face…”

Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Kati obliged. She had eaten out her friend, plunging her tongue deep into the younger girl until Lexi had screamed and flooded Kati’s mouth with her girl cum. “Oh my god…” Lexi cried, as she continued to ride Kati’s face. “That was so good….”

Over and over again, Lexi came in Kati’s mouth before turning around so that she too, could go down on her friend. The two lovers orally stimulated one another for at least an hour before falling asleep in the 69 position. For both Kati and Lexi; it was absolutely heavenly.

Jasmine had come home later that night and found the two in that position; naked, with their mouths but inches away from one another’s pussies. At first, she had been surprised; never before had any of them gone so far so as to have full blown sex with one another. They had made out, sure. And slept together. And used one anothers fingers to bring each other off, but that had been the extent of their relationship. To go down on one another and have what had obviously been the most intense of sex; it seemed unprecedented.

However, Kati and Lexi were her friends and lovers. The sight of them, while shocking, was nonetheless exciting and stimulating. Therefore, it was not long before Jasmine joined in the lovemaking. However, given that she was much more submissive and coy than the two; she always preferred the sort of of sex which would allow her to be humiliated and degraded. Lovemaking simply wasn’t enough to bring her off. She had to be thrown onto the bed, tied up and used to so as to bring the best orgasms to the pretty girl.

Kati and Lexi were only too happy to oblige the girl. Kati would smile, recollecting the time that she and Lexi had found two strap ons and fucked the poor girl throughout the night. Or how Lexi had woken up Jasmine at 2 AM, commanded her to go down on Kati while she fucked Jasmine from behind with a strap on. Or how, during a basketball game, Lexi and Kati had whispered obscenities into Jasmine’s ear before hauling her into the girl’s bathroom so as to force the coy teen to go down on the both of them.

Now, she would be leaving her friends; but it would only be for a short time. Due to the wealth she was receiving from her aunts death; she had thus promised them that the two could come to live with her in the next several days. She had already spoken to Mr. Fitzsimmons about it and the lawyer had readily agreed to do everything in his power so as to have the two girls come and live with her.

Mr. Fitzsimmons then came into the office. He was a nerdy, bespectacled and otherwise impotent man whose use was relegated to that of serving those much more powerful than he. In this case, he had been hired to deal with Jane’s estate and, more importantly, those whom she had left said estate to in her will. “Hello, Kati,” he said, as he sat at the table. “I must say that I am pleased to meet you; although I am afraid that there had been…a bit of a misunderstanding as to your aunt’s properties.”

Kati looked confused. “Are you saying that my aunt did not leave it to me?” came her reply.This should not have astounded her. Due to her aunt’s nasty countenance towards her throughout the years; it should not have surprised her too much. The bitch rarely even had the temperance to send her a Christmas or Birthday card.

“According to her will; that is correct. The truth is that she left the house to her four dogs; Masterdog, King, Rex and Spike. Now, I will tell you some things about these dogs; things which will not leave this room.

“First, the dogs have been genetically altered. They are significantly larger (I believe that Masterdog weighs about 200 pounds and Spike, the smallest of them, weighs about 180), more muscular and far, far more intelligent than most. Now, I will admit to not  having much knowledge about the scientific aspect of all of this but I can tell you that they do have telepathic abilities and have even been shown to control the minds of those weaker than their own.

“However, their genetic superiority is inconsequential to the courts. They are dogs and despite their abilities, have no sway in the public court system. Therefore, in spite of your aunt’s wishes, they cannot inherit her estate as she so desires.

“You are Jane’s only living relative and therefore, certain provisions can be granted to you and you alone. So, we were able to come to a kind of compromise with the dogs; one which they have agreed to and I hope you will as well.

“First, you will be allowed to live at the estate and I must say that anyone would be happy to live in such a house. Valued at over 2 million dollars, it contains 3 rooms but also a swimming pool, gymnasium, bowling alley, movie room, tennis court and basketball court for you to use at your leisure. You will  also be allowed to use Jane’s saved finances for whatever you see fit (valued at about 38 million dollars). And, finally, your two friends, Jasmine and Lexi will be allowed to come and live with you.

“However, in order to be granted these luxuries, you must first agree to the rules which the dogs have laid out.”

And here, the lawyer pushed a piece of paper to Kati; one which she skimmed over as quickly as she could. Given that she was pretty, sweet, charming but not especially intelligent; most of what Mr. Fitzsimmons said had been fairly confusing. However, as she sat there; she also began to feel a pressure inside her head, one which seemed to pick at her defenses and make her more susceptible to the power of suggestion. She could not fully explain what it was; just that it was bearing down on her will and making her more passive, accepting and relaxed. Nonetheless, she picked up the piece of paper and began to read it to the best of her  ability.

  1. The house and all of it’s possessions belong to the dogs of the house first and foremost. Masterdog, given that he is the Alpha of the pack will be obeyed first and foremost in all that he commands: his word is law.
  2. The rooms, likewise, belong to the dogs but the guests will share these with the dogs. Kati will share a room with Masterdog. Lexi will share with King. And Jasmine will share with Spike and Rex.
  3. All clothing worn by the guests must be approved by the dogs of the house. If Masterdog disapproves of one outfit or another, Kati will change it. The same will, of course, apply to Lexi with King and Spike and Rex with Jasmine.
  4. The girls will attend to all the dog’s needs. This will include  bathing them, cooking their food, and otherwise serving them in whatever way the animals see fit.

All the ‘rules’ seemed similar to one another but Kati, not being an avid reader (and her mind being made all the more subservient by the minute) simply signed at the bottom of the page. She believed she got the gist of the ‘rules’ anyway. She would need to care for these large dogs and, in return, she would be granted the kind of life she had always imagined. It would be a life of luxury for her and her friends. And by living together, they would be able to make love as much as they liked and, more importantly do whatever they so desired. “Good,” Mr Fitzsimmons said. He walked around Kati and opened a side door so as to let his client, the huge Alpha dog, Masterdog, into the room.

Masterdog was a breed of hunting dog, Kati saw immediately and was, quite possibly, the largest dog she had ever seen. He was muscular, handsome, and moved with a confidence that was quite intimidating to the petite teenager. “He wanted to meet you before I brought you to your new home,” Mr. Fitzsimmons explained.

Kati looked into the dog’s eyes as the huge animal quickly approached her. Her mind, which had already seemed cloudy and passive, now went positively weak as Masterdog placed his forepaws on her shoulders and began to lick at her face fervently. “Oh my god!” she cried, as she tried, desperately, to fend him off. This, she thought later, would be the one time in which her will was strong enough to resist the huge dog. It would not take long for Masterdog to break down her defenses. “Please, kind sir, call him off!”

Mr. Fitzsimmons did not reply but only watched as the huge dog attacked the young girl with his tongue. He watched with a kind of detached amusement; Masterdog had already told him what he planned on doing with this girl and her friends and he wondered how long it would take for the huge animal to truly indoctrinate her into being his slave. Would it take a day? An hour? A week? He was not sure, although by the way Masterdog licked at the pretty blonde it seemed obvious that he would at least be starting with the process right away.

Masterdog withdrew from licking the pretty blondes face for only a moment. And it was at that moment that he had her. His yellow eyes pierced the bright eyes of Kati’s and for a second, she felt as though the dog were speaking right into her soul; twisting and manipulating her into doing  as he pleased. ‘Give yourself to me, Kati,’ he seemed to say. ‘Give yourself to me and I promise that I will bring you more pleasure than you ever thought possible….”

And with that, Kati felt her will melt into nothing. She laid back on the chair and placed her hands at her sides and thus allowed Masterdog to do as he pleased. She even opened her mouth so as to allow the huge animal to plunge his tongue deep into her throat, french kissing her in the way that only dogs can with a human girl.

Over and over the dog kissed her in this way and Kati felt herself becoming turned on by all of it. She didn’t care that Mr. Fitzsimmons was watching; all she cared about was that voice in her head, the fog which was enveloping her mind and the dog’s tongue as it gently caressed her face. However, just as she felt as though she were truly getting into it, the huge dog stopped and dismounted. He looked at Mr. Fitzsimmons and said, telepathically, ‘She will do perfectly. Now, if you could, please drive us to the estate.’

Mr Fitzsimmons nodded in compliance. “Come on then,” he told Kati, waving at her gently. “Time for us to go; I do have other clients for whom I must attend, after all.”

Kati and Masterdog followed the lawyer and, at Masterdog’s command, Kati sat in the backseat with the huge dog. He had some kind of mental sway over her, she realized, and was able to manipulate her to his liking. Mr. Fitzsimmons, meanwhile, said nothing for the entire trip. He did not try to interfere with Masterdog’s behavior or try and stop it. Did Masterdog have some kind of sway over him as well, Kati wondered? Or was he simply paid enough to ignore what the huge animal was doing to her

Masterdog did not leave her alone for even a second during the trip. His tongue, which was huge, slobbery and stimulating, licked her everywhere. He was kissing her, Kati, realized; covering her face, neck, arms and hands with his tongue. On occasion, he would even swipe his tongue over her breasts (although her shirt and bra kept those well-covered, thank god) and even stuck his snout between her legs so as to sniff and then lick, her panty-covered pussy.

Her scent, Masterdog, thought as he licked her, was absolutely divine. Youthful, sweet, and delicious. He simply could not wait for the moment when he would be able to plunge his tongue and then, later, his huge dog cock, deep within that sweet pussy of hers. And it would be his, he told himself. By the end of the night, Kati would belong to him in body, mind and spirit. She would be his slave.

He continued licking her between her legs and Kati, while she was trying very hard to not orgasm in the dog’s mouth, nonetheless felt herself beginning to pant. The dog was going to lick her to orgasm right here, in front of Mr. Fitzsimmons, before she had even time to reach the estate.

A small voice appeared in her head asking her why she wasn’t resisting. This was lewd, depraved and disgusting. Girls were not meant to allow dogs to lick them to orgasm!

However, the cloud which Masterdog was forcing into her mind was far more powerful than that voice. It was shoving images in her mind: images of her and Masterdog making love. She saw herself lying on her back, taking Masterdogs cock into her mouth. She saw Masterdog licking her pussy time and again until she came. She saw herself on all fours, while Masterdog plunged his huge dick deep into her sweet pussy. She saw herself coming all over the dogs cock, submitting to him and begging him to fuck her some more. Over and over, these scenes played out in her mind to where it felt as though that were all she was thinking about. Sooner or later, she would have sex with this huge dog and it was only a question of when and not if. And even the decision as to when would not be up to her (Masterdog could have probably fucked her in the back seat of the car had he so desired); it would be up to her new master who was so obviously in control of her thoughts.

Just as the young girl was about to come, however, Mr Fitzsimmons pulled up to a huge house which Kati could only assume to be that of her Aunt Jane’s.  Masterdog, realizing that he would need to wait a few hours before claiming his slut, withdrew his snout from Kati’s crotch and the two of them followed Mr. Fitzsimmons inside.

Almost instantly, Kati and Masterdog were greeted by the other members of the Pack. King, Rex and Spike, each of them large  and intimidating ran at Kati. Given that they were much stronger than she was; they instantly knocked her to the floor with their huge forepaws. “I better get going,” Mr. Fitzsimmons chortled as he looked at the girl. The dogs were already biting at the teenager’s clothing; the intent being so as to remove it. Looking at the girl (who wasn’t even bothering to resist), he realized that it she would likely be screwing all of the dogs by the end of the week

When Kati had entered into the house, she had almost instantly felt the presence of the Pack in her mind. They wanted her; wanted to use and fuck her until she couldn’t be used or fucked anymore and nothing could stop them. One of them, a huge German Shepherd named King, was most poignant. ‘Such a sweet body,’ the voice of King seemed to murmur. Given that he was the second in command of the pack; it was his voice that was the most aggressive. ‘That body is going to please me, isn’t it? You are going to give me that sweet little pussy of yours and you are going to let me fuck you and fill you with my cum, aren’t you? You are going to be my good little girl, right?’

Kati moaned and opened her legs, allowing King to have better access to her sweet pussy. The other two dogs, meanwhile, licked at her face, chin and breasts. Then, she began to feel them biting at her shirt, ripping it away from her so as to expose her beautiful breasts, only barely covered by her bra. “Please…” she moaned, as they pulled that away as well, thus exposing her perfect tits to them. Then, she could only moan as each of the dogs began to lick her nipples, kissing them ever so gently and thus bringing her to the edge of her pleasure.

Meanwhile, King had successfully grabbed a hold of Kati’s panties with his teeth and, with a tug that seemed almost violent, he thus ripped them off completely. ‘God,’ the huge dog said in her head as she lay there, completely exposed to the huge dog. “You smell so fucking delicious. I am going to eat that sweet cunt of yours until you cum, do you understand that, you little slut? A dog is going to make you cum and you are going to love it.”

Meanwhile, one of the other dogs, Rex, had moved from licking her face so that his dick hung but inches from her mouth. It was huge! Red-veined and measuring at least ten inches in length, it began to spray small amounts of pre-cum onto her lips and now Rex spoke in her mind, manipulating the innocent blonde to do as he willed. ‘Suck my dick, slut,’ he said inside her mind. ‘Suck it; make me cum all over your face. Go on, take it in your hand. Stroke it like the little slut your you are.’

Kati was beyond the point of disagreement and took the huge cock in her hand. Meanwhile, Kind started licking the girl’s pussy, dragging his huge tongue over her clit time and again; the sensation of which was driving her wild. To have Lexi and Jasmine lick her had always been wild, intense and magnificent but this dog, if he continued on with what he was doing to her, would likely make her come within seconds. Likewise, the voice of Rex in her mind seemed impossible to argue with and she opened her mouth so as to take the huge dog cock down her throat.

However, just as Kati was about to start sucking Rex off and King was about to make her cum with his huge tongue; Masterdog, sensing that things had gotten out of control stepped in so as to stop the pack. ‘Enough’, he growled at them and the dogs paused, withdrew from Kati so as to stare at their Alpha. ‘This girl is my slave; first and foremost.’

‘I thought you said that she and the others belonged to all of us,’ King replied, looking intently at Kati’s bare pussy. He had fully intended on not only licking the girl but also fucking, and then knotting with her. ‘Plus, look at her. She obviously wants it.’

‘Yeah,’ Rex said. He was eyeing Kati’s perfect lips. The girl was panting steadily and staring at his huge dick. Right now, he could tell that she wanted to take it into her mouth, suck him and make him cum. And, when she was done; he was going to shove the entire length of his dick down her throat and make her swallow every drop of his sperm thus depositing it into her stomach where it belonged. ‘This bitch was made to be used by us. So let’s use her.’

‘No,’ Masterdog growled. ‘Kati is mine first. Tonight, I am going to wear her out and claim her as my own. Tomorrow, I promise you that, as members of my pack, you will also have free reign over her body. However, for tonight; she belongs to me and me alone.’

The pack was unhappy about this but, given that there was nothing they could do about it, withdrew from Katy’s body reluctantly. ‘Get up, Kati,’ Masterdog commanded the young girl and the teenager, though panting and horny from the pack’s ministrations, clambered to her feet. ‘Go, bring your stuff into my room and get dressed for dinner.’

Kati obeyed and followed Masterdog’s room. It was a lavish room, with a huge bed, romantic lamps that appeared in the shapes of flowers and painted in the sweetest shades of red. The bed itself was covered with red comforters, blankets and pillows; giving it a romantic and sweet look. “This room is amazing!” the young girl cried as she flopped onto the bed. She hadn’t bothered to cover herself and thus gave Masterdog an opportunity to feast his upon her tiny body. The pack had done their work, he thought as he looked her over lustfully. In this state, the girl would likely give herself to him right then, had he so desired. “Oh, Masterdog,” Kati moaned, as she caressed her breasts with one hand and played with her pussy with the other. “You and the others have already been so good to me. I don’t know what it is, but I think I want you to take me, right here and now. Please, oh please, master….let me be your slave forever and ever….’


Chapter 2: Kati’s night with Masterdog

The girl looked so exposed and vulnerable to Masterdog that he was tempted to take her right then and there. Her pussy looked so delicious, so pink and vibrant; it seemed to almost quiver with Kati’s desire. He got onto the bed with the petite teen and immediately stuck his nose between her legs. “Oh yes!” Kati cried as Masterdog began to lick her pussy. God, it felt so good and now, once again, Masterdog began to fill the young girl’s head with images of beastial sex. She thought about how big a dog’s cock was, how it would fill her up completely. She saw herself sucking off Masterdog time and again until it seemed as though his cum would leave a permanent taste at the back of her throat. She thought and she imagined, not realizing that it was Masterdog planting such thoughts in her mind so as to stimulate the teen further. She was being made into his personal sex-toy and she loved it.

And that tongue!! Over and over it licked at her clit, delving deeper and deeper into her pussy hole. The dog even dragged it over her ass, stimulating that part of her as well. Would the dog also fuck her in her ass, she wondered dreamily as he ate he out? Probably. She wondered if it would hurt her or if she would enjoy it as much as when Lexi had once put one of her fingers in there….

Masterdog was loving every small taste of the girl. When she wrapped her legs around his head, encouraging him further, he swore he felt like the taste of her was similar to that of heaven. She was so sweet, young, and heavenly….it was like she was ripe strawberry, just begging to be eaten.

The teenager came. Her orgasm, which had been building for the last hour,  hit her hard, suddenly and felt like she was releasing 16 years of pent up sexual frustration. Her pussy clenched around the dog’s tongue, trying to grip and pull it in and the dog, sensing this, ate out the girl some more, tasting her sweet juices as they squirted over his tongue and chin “Fuck!” the young girl screamed as Masterdog brought her to what was the first of many orgasms. She writhed, gripped his fur and grinded her pussy against his mouth, unable to resist that wonderful, huge, and relentless tongue of his.

Masterdog did not stop however. She tasted so good; he simply had to have more of the little slut. Therefore, even as she came, he continued lapping at her, swiping his tongue over and over again on her asshole and clit until she dropped her legs from his neck and relaxed her legs. Only then did he pull away from her.

She laid gasping on the bed for several seconds as Masterdog looked her over. God, she was so pretty like this. Her tits were completely uncovered, and she had the sort of glazed look in her eyes that girls get when they have been so pleased. Her pussy was wide open and simply begging to be filled with his cock but Masterdog, realizing all that could still come later, instead sent a command to the girl. She was still his slave, after all and therefore, there were other duties which she needed to attend to.

He told her to get dressed and she, very reluctantly did so, putting on a short plaid skirt and halter top. She did not need a bra or panties, Masterdog told her and in fact; it was unlikely that she would ever need to wear either pants or panties ever again.

Kati then made dinner for the entire Pack, just as Masterdog commanded her to but her mind was still a fog. The teenager barely even registered what she was doing and when she sat at her master’s feet (slaves were not allowed to eat at the table unless directed by members of the Pack), she felt her mind being almost taken over by the dogs as they flooded it with images of her and the things they were going to do to her.

Still, she managed to make them a decent meal; one consisting of steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus. She was not a great chef but did her best so as to please her new master’s.

The dogs, knowing that dinner was served, bounded in and sat at the chairs surrounding the table. Like the rest of the house, the dining room was luxurious, calm and tranquil. Usually, the dogs conversed over their meals and this one was no different with King speaking first (telepathically and only so that the other dogs could hear him). ‘I am surprised,’ he said. ‘that you did not allow us to fuck the little slut all the way earlier.’

‘Why is that so surprising?’ Masterdog replied, as he took a bite out of his steak. It was fair in quality; he would need to properly train Kati in it’s preparation later.

‘Well,’ King was sitting fairly close to the young girl and could tell that she was obviously still horny; her pussy was so wet that her juices practically soaked the floor. ‘It’s obvious the girl wants to get fucked. Why not give her what she so desires?’

‘Because I want her to give herself totally to me first,’ Masterdog replied. ‘Look, King, we are not having this conversation again. You will get to fuck Kati. I promise. So will Rex and Spike. All of you will get to have not only her but also her friends as well. But you will get to have her tomorrow. Her friends….You will most likely get to have them before the week is out. But, for tonight, she belongs to me.’

‘Well, can we at least tease her in the process?’ Spike asked, looking at the sweet little thing as she ate her food off the floor. ‘Warm up the oven, if you will?’

Masterdog laughed. ‘Of course. Tease her all you want. That is one of the great things about our gift; manipulating human females like this one….it is truly invigorating.’

Thus, all through the meal, the dogs filled the teenager with images of her on her back, stomach and side. She saw herself take each of their cocks into her sweet mouth and the dogs filling her with come. She saw them shoving their knots into her, and repeatedly spraying her insides with their doggy sperm until it gushed out of her. She saw these images and gradually, they started to make her so horny that, almost unconsciously, she began rubbing her bare pussy right in front of them.

Killer, watching as the luscious teen played with herself, said, ‘Now that is adorable. What I wouldn’t do to push her onto her stomach and fuck her right here…’

Kati, feeling that what she was doing was wrong suddenly sprang to her feet. “Masterdog,” she asked fervently, “May I be excused? I just need to go to the bedroom to tidy up for a second.”

Masterdog chortled and replied in her head. ‘Sure sweetie. Come on, let’s retire for the night.’

King spoke up suddenly, ‘And what of the dishes? Is it not the slave’s job to take care of those….’

‘She’ll take care of them in the morning,’ Masterdog replied. ‘Actually, King, if you don’t mind, I think you can take care of them. Give our new little slave a reprieve for a night.’

King growled in reply but did not protest. Masterdog’s word was law and while it proved difficult for him to do the job; he would nonetheless obey.

Kati, upon entering the room, immediately lay upon the bed and stripped off her clothing so that she lay naked before her new Master. He pounced on her, licking her sweet angelic face and she opened her mouth so as to receive his wonderful kisses. She even kissed him back, licking his tongue and grasping his face so that he could plunge it as deep down her throat as possible. And, as he did so, he tightly pressed his huge body against hers so that she felt as though she were trapped beneath its weight.

Then she felt it. His huge, angry cock pressing tightly against her pretty tits and spraying pre-cum onto them. She reached down, grasping it tightly between her fingers, massaging it and feeling it’s huge girth. “This is going to be wild!” she said, as she imagined it plunging inside of her pussy, and finally taking her virginity.

However, as Masterdog french kissed the young girl, he decided that he wanted something from her; something which he had given her earlier. He wanted those pretty lips of hers to truly go to work. He wanted her to suck his cock. And therefore he sent an image into the young girls mind of her sucking off before mounting her face and pressed the tip of his dick against her pretty lips. ‘Suck my cock, slut,’ he said to her. ‘Go on, take it into your mouth. Be a good girl…that’s it…”

Kati, realizing her purpose, dutifully took the dogs cock into her mouth. It didn’t taste bad; hell there was  a huge part of her that revelled in the deliciousness of the doggy dick that she was now suckling on. She licked on the shaft and even took the time to caress and massage the dog’s huge balls. ‘That feels good, Kati,’ Masterdog groaned in her ear. ‘You really are a good girl, aren’t you?’

And with those final words, Masterdog had finally persuaded Kati to go to town on his dick. Now, she wanted to suck off the huge animal; to drink and swallow his cum until there was nothing left. Therefore, she began to bob her head up and down on the dog’s cock, lovingly running her tongue around his piss-hole and doing everything she could think of to pleasure the dog.

And the act was turning her on as well. Lustfully, she began to massage her own sweet pussy as she blew the huge dog. It was so tender, sweet and sensitive that, when the dog began to blast his cum into her mouth and down her throat; she also began to come as well until there a small wet spot on the bed underneath her. ‘Fuck!’ Masterdog groaned as he shot his sperm into the teen’s stomach. ‘That was good, Kati, so good.’

Try as she did, however, Kati found she simply could swallow all the doggy sperm that Masterdog was so generous in giving to her. As he pulled his cock from her sweet mouth, much of it covered her face, chin, breasts and neck until she felt as though she were plastered with the stuff. However, telling herself that she was a good little slave, she nonetheless understood that she had to try to get as much of Masterdog’s sperm into her as possible. Therefore, she submissively looked into the huge dog’s yellow eyes, dipped her fingers into the cum which decorated her body before bringing it to her lips so as to swallow it properly.

This was extremely stimulating to Masterdog, who said, ‘Such a good girl. Such a good little slave…I think it is time for me to give you what you truly need, don’t you agree?’

She smiled at him and, in her best little girl voice, replied, ‘Yes, please master. Please, make me your bitch.”

Masterdog seemed to grin at the little slut and sent a mental command to her; one which told her to lie on her stomach and stick her ass into the air. In this way, he would be able to mount, shove his knot into her and mate with her; thus making her his own.

Quickly, the little teenager rolled over onto her stomach as Masterdog commanded her. Her ass, plump, young, firm and as cute as could be imagined, waved in Masterdog’s face but, deciding to tease the girl just a little bit more; he decided against mounting her right away. Instead, he stuck his head between the legs of her upturned ass, and slid his long tongue across his cute, virginal slit, and, finding that the innocent little slut still tastes as heavenly as ever, began to draw his tongue across it, making the pretty teen squeal with delight. “Christ,” Kati moaned as the dog pleased her. “that feels so good, Masterdog. Please, I love it when you lick me…but please, oh please….shove your cock into me. Fuck me and make your bitch. I need it….please….”

Masterdog, hearing the desperation in the teenagers voice knew that it was time. The girl would give him no opposition now and nor would she feel any regrets later. She had begged for it and, as her master; it was only proper for him to give her what she truly needed. Therefore, he licked her a few more times before pouncing onto her back, gripping her waist with his forepaws, began to push his huge, veiny red cock against against her slit.. He did not force it in right away; he wanted her to feel his cock slide against her clit so as to further stimulate her. After all, he knew instinctively that to have his hardness pressing against her clit; the sensation would likely make the teen come. She was so wet from having been so orally stimulated and his own cock was soaked from having been so sucked….he knew that just sliding against her would bring an insurmountable amount of pleasure to the teenager.

He was  not wrong in this assumption as the teen came after only a few strokes of the dog’s cock against her clit. It felt so good; it was as though the huge dog were stimulating, teasing and fucking her at the same time and as she came; she squirted girl come all over the dog’s cock, further moistening her love tube and thus readying herself for the canine’s huge dick. And it was only then, when she squirted her come all over the dog’s cock that he decided that she was truly ready for him and thus forced all 11 inches of his cock into her sweet, teenage pussy.

“Aghhh….”Kati screamed as the dog entered her. He was so big; monstrous even,that for a second, she worried that he would tear her. And despite all the lubrication, she worried that having such a monstrous cock inside her tight pussy would ruin her as a woman for life. Then, Masterdog’s voice came into her ear, reassuring her.

‘It’s okay, my little slut,’ he said to her, over and over again. ‘You were meant to take my cock, remember? It is not going to hurt you, I promise. Just relax and let me fuck your brains out; I promise you will come more than you ever have in your time your entire life.’

The teenager, feeling somewhat reassured by her masters words, tried to do as he asked. She breathed through her nose and out her mouth. She waved her ass back and forth and gradually began to push it against the dog’s hard cock, and, ever so slowly, the mutt worked it so that it went deeper and deeper inside of her. “Fuck!” she screamed again as she came. The animal wasn’t even in her but six inches but now, it started to feel so good that she simply couldn’t help herself. She squirted even more come onto the dog’s cock as he pushed it all the way into her, until it was buried so deeply inside her pussy that it pressed tightly against her cervix.

Now that he was buried in her; Masterdog decided to throw all caution to the mind. This girl was his to do with as he willed and right now, he desired to fuck the living hell out of Kati. Having been genetically altered so that he could, theoretically, breed a thousand females (human or otherwise) in a night; he decided to test his capabilities on this human female in particular. He wanted to see how much cum he could dump in her; how much he could push and exhaust her. Therefore, he began to fuck the pretty teen with all his might, forcing his cock to bang against her G spot with the all the force of a battering ram.

“Fuck, fuck FUCK!” Kati screamed as the dog relentlessly plowed into her. He was pleasuring her and she could feel herself coming onto Masterdog’s cock time and again. However, it seemed that with each thrust of his cock, the poor girl came until her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she began to see nothing but stars, oceans and rainbows. God, it was terrific! Getting fucked by Masterdog; it was quite possibly the best experience of her young life and what was more, she knew that he would likely fuck her like this many times over. He was inexhaustible, tireless and a beast by nature. It was the best.

The girl came over and over on his cock, but Masterdog was not through toying with the beautiful blonde teen. ‘Touch your clit,’ he said into her mind. ‘That’s it, my little toy…bring yourself off while I fuck you…’

She did as she was ordered and strummed her fingers over her little clit. This was fun, and she did squirt even more come as she did so but what really brought her pleasure was feeling Masterdog’s cock as it plunged into her with all the speed of a battering ram. And yet, despite how hard he fucking her, she simply wanted even more. Thus, she began to hump back against Masterdog’s cock, forcing it even deeper inside of her.

Then, the teenager began to feel something banging against her pussy, demanding entry. She knew what it was and the prospect of it being forced into her terrified her. It was Masterdog’s knot and when she had seen it last, it had pressed itself against her lips as Masterdog had cum in her mouth. It was as big as a softball and while Kati didn’t know this, it was made so lock Masterdog’s sperm inside of her.

Masterdog, however, sensed the poor girls fear and spoke into her as he continued to fuck her. ‘It’s okay, sweetie. Trust me on this. You are going to love feeling my knot in your pussy. It is going to lock us together and I am going to fill you up with my cum. Don’t worry..I promise it won’t hurt….’

Kati, realizing that her Master would do nothing so as to permanently hurt her, clenched her teeth and tried to relax as Masterdog shoved the entirety of his knot deep into her pink pussy. With his cock so deep inside of her and his knot also; she felt as though her pussy and stomach were both distended.

She had never even dreamed that she could take such a huge thing inside of her. Even when Lexi had fucked her with her strap on; that rubber cock had been only about 6 inches in length and had thus brought her a huge amount of pleasure. Masterdog’s cock, combined with his knot, was so huge; she felt as though she would be sore forever because of what he had done to her.

Then, she felt the huge animal cumming inside of her and that was even better than getting fucked. The huge dog, it seemed to her, didn’t just possess a tablespoon or two of cum in his balls. No, this immense animal seemed to have gallons of sperm, and he was filling her cunt with it, spraying her insides liberally. “Unnh….” she whimpered as the massive dog came inside of her. This time when she came, she did so harder than ever before. Only, she did not scream, swear, or even grip the bed sheets. She simply whimpered and moaned as Masterdog filled her with his sperm.

The two remained tied like this for over an hour. Masterdog, realizing the girls discomfort and pleasure, gently laid his head on her shoulder so as to gently lick her face. ‘You are such a good little slut,’ he whispered to her telepathically. ‘I know that was your first time with a male and I want you to know that I am proud…so proud of everything you did today. I don’t think that there is a single girl in the world that could have performed as well as you did. Truly, you are the perfect little slave girl for my pack and I…”

He continued whispering such things into her ear, continuing licking her until, finally his knot receded and he was thus able to completely withdraw from her pussy. His cum, combined with hers, flowed out of her easily and spilled onto the bed and Kati, weak-kneed from the hard fucking she had recieved, collapsed onto the bed face down before Masterdog commanded her to roll over onto her back so as to look into his eyes.

He licked her face and she opened her mouth obediently so that he could plunge his tongue down her throat, thus french kissing her. Once again, she wrapped her arms around his huge head so that she could not only kiss him back but also so to encourage him to kiss her further. “That was so amazing…” she moaned as the huge dog licked her breasts. “I wish I could do that forever….”

‘You were uncomfortable about it at first,’ Masterdog spoke in her mind. ‘Taking my cock in you, and then feeling my knot… didn’t think you could do it…’

“It was painful,” Masterdog was turning her on again. He was licking over her sweet titties and now was moving his tongue even lower so he was stroking it over her smooth belly. Part of her wanted to stop him so as to give herself a small break from the sex. However, he was her master and if he wanted to fuck and knot with her again; that was his perorgative. Perhaps she could stall him…”but I think I ended up enjoying the pain. Thank you, master, for allowing me to experience that.”

‘You are very welcome. I think that sweet pussy of yours,’ he began to slide his huge tongue over her clit again and, to her surprise, she was so sensitive that she came from just a couple swipes of his magnificent tongue. Masterdog, though he was amused and turned on by the girl’s orgasm, nonetheless wanted to be pleasured as well. ‘I think it needs to be filled some more, don’t you?’

Kati, who at first had wanted to rest; to relax after the hard fucking Masterdog had already given her, looked into the beast’s eyes. She had so wanted just a brief respite but those eyes; merely looking into them manipulated and convinced her that, perhaps what she really wanted/needed was to be fucked some more. She nodded and the huge dog mounted her missionary style, forcing his already hard cock deep inside of her incredibly wet pussy. And, like before, he hammered into her with all the force of a battering ram, forcing his cock against her G spot and making her play with her clit as he fucked her. He even sent a message into her brain, convincing her to wrap her legs around his waist as he fucked her so as to force his cock deeper inside of her.

Since she was so sensitive from her earlier fucking; she not only came around his cock, she gushed her girl come so that it squirted not only on his furry belly, but onto hers as well.She was quickly becoming nothing more than a coming, flopping piece of meat; one whose body was meant for only one thing: sex.

What was really great about being fucked while laying on her back was that she was able to look into Masterdog’s eyes as he fucked his huge cock into her. He licked/kissed her continuously and she responded by kissing and moaning into his mouth as he did so. He also paid particularly close attention to her breasts, swiping his tongue over them and telling the young girl time and again how pretty they were.

And when he forced his knot into her pussy for the second time that night, he collapsed on top of her, pressing his heavy body against her. It was so intimate, she thought as he liberally sprayed his sperm deep into her cunt; to have this monstrous, huge and loving animal coming inside of her and resting so easily after doing so. It was wonderful, magnificent and beautiful. Continuing to wrap her legs around the waist of the dog, she kissed him fully on the lips and now, it was her tongue that darted into his mouth. “Thank you,” she moaned. “I love you so much Master. Please, promise me that I can be your slave like this forever.”

‘I promise, slut. You are mine to do with as I please. I will share you with the pack, of course, but every night you will spend in this bed with me. You are my slave and will forever be as such.’

Katy smiled and her face irradiated such happiness at Masterdog’s words that, even as he pulled his cock from her pussy and their combined juices spilled onto the bed; he felt a huge desire to fuck the sweet little teenager even more.Still, he also sensed the girl need a brief rest, and so he simply cuddled with the little whore for fifteen minutes, only occassionally licked the girl’s face and breasts so as to remind her that she was his. “I don’t suppose, Master” Katy asked in her best little girl voice, “That it would be all right if I took a shower?”

Masterdog considered this. He didn’t like the idea of the teenager washing his sperm out of her pussy; that was, after all, where it belonged. However, he also felt that if the teen bathed; the feeling of the cool water would allow all her to rejuvenate herself and thus give her more energy. After all, he planned on screwing the young girl’s brains out for most of the night and while he certainly had the energy; she was already beginning to look a little peckish.

‘All right,’ Masterdog said. However, he did not allow her to show alone. The shower, after all, was huge; and could thus have up to three people in there at once. Therefore, he decided that he would join the sweet teenager in the shower and they could thus bathe together.

The teenager focused on her own body first, washing it and caressing her breasts with her favorite: strawberry antibacterial soap. She washed her blonde hair and then, almost gingerly, touched her tender pussy. And even though she had known that Masterdog had filled her up with what seemed to be a gallon of her sperm; she was still nonetheless shocked at how soft and full of cum she truly was. It seemed to gush out of her, spilling over the linoleum floor of the shower. “God,” she said as she touched her sore pussy, “You really fucked the shit out of me, didn’t you?”

She turned to face the dog, who was now sticking his head between her legs and licking at her asscrack. This was what he wanted next; to stuff his huge knot in her sweet asshole and fuck her there until she screamed in agony. “Ummm…” she said, now getting as nervous as she had ever been. While the idea sounded pleasurable (and she was loathe to disobey her master); she doubted that she could take her lover’s huge knot in her ass. “Wouldn’t you like me to wash you first?”

Masterdog cocked his head a little, considering the innocent teen. He had sent the suggestion into her  head and knew that, had he so desired, he could have easily forced her to the ground right there in the shower and fucked her ass until it was sore. However, the girl was also obviously so fearful that he could feel her trembling at the idea. It didn’t matter, he thought. He would have her sweet ass soon enough. ‘Sure,’ he replied. ‘Rinse me off, slave.’

And so the sweet teenager did as she was bid. She washed Masterdogs fur, focusing particularly on his haunches and back. Then, when she came to his cock, she stopped and gazed at it lovingly for a second. This cock had brought her so much pleasure, she thought as she grasped it in his hand. It had made her come over and over again; it was as if it were some kind of god and she were it’s meek servant. Therefore, it was only right that she worshipped it.

Kati wrapped her lips around the huge dick and Masterdog, while somewhat surprised, only chuckled. The teenager was such a good little slut. ‘That’s it,’ he told her as she sucked him, ‘suck my cock. You are so good at that Kati….such a good little whore…”

Kati moaned as she deep-throated the dog. She was a good little whore; the perfect dog-slut for Masterdog and his friends. Sucking off Masterdog while the warm water cascaded on both of them; this was what was good. This was what was right.

Then Masterdog commanded her to get on all fours so that he could mount her in the shower and Kati, given that she understood her place, did not hesitate to do so. However, when Masterdog began to push his hard cock against her tight asshole; this was when she became visibly nervous and scared. However, once again, Masterdog’s voice came into her ear so as to reassure her. ‘It’s okay, sweetie,’ he said into her ear time and again. ‘It’s all right, sweetie. This is what you were made for, remember? Trust me, it is going to feel so good….you are going to love it.“

Then, Masterdog pushed his huge cock into her ass and, as she had when he first fucked her, the poor teen screamed in complete agony. God, his cock was so huge! It felt as though a baseball bat were being shoved up her ass and even though the water from the shower cascaded over the two of them and should have relaxed her; all it did was make her hair stand on end even more. “Oh my God, Oh my God, OH MY GOD!” She screamed as the huge cock fucked deep into her bowels. She wanted to beg the dog to stop, to grant her some kind of reprieve but, given that her body belonged to him; she was simply unable. She would have to trust and believe in him; that his words stating that she would eventually feel insurmountable amounts of pleasure from this lewd sex act would overcome the pain she was currently feeling.

And the pleasure did come, although it was different from the pleasure she had felt when Masterdog had fucked her in her sweet pussy. It was sharp, intense and yet utterly magnificent in it’s quality. And when Masterdog began to jackhammer her ass with the same ferocity he had with her pussy; she came with such an intensity that she nearly collapsed onto the shower room floor.

For a minute, the poor, ravaged teenager even passed out due to the fierce fucking Masterdog was giving to her ass and this, Masterdog thought was a very good thing for it was in that moment that she passed out that he had shoved his knot past her asshole so as to lock his cock deep with her bowels. She was tight, so tight that she had stimulated him into coming into her ass within twenty minutes and it felt so good that he howled in pleasure as he deposited his cum into her slutty asshole.

Kati, who felt as ravaged and used by Masterdog as a girl could feel, simply moaned as the huge mutt remained locked in her ass for the next half hour. She was still coming intensely but now she felt so weak-kneed, ravaged and sore by all that Masterdog had done to her that she merely wanted to cuddle up with her new lover and sleep. Hopefully, she prayed, as Masterdog withdrew from her ass and his cum splashed onto the floor of the shower, he was satisfied and they could sleep in each others arms. In the morning, she would let him fuck her some more, but please, she begged him mentally, Please let her relax from all the sex a little.

Masterdog, of course, sensed the poor girls’ thoughts. He had been a little rough on his new slut and, as the two exited the shower (Kati did so weakly; she was so sore she could barely walk) and decided on fucking her only once more. And this time, he did so tenderly, thrusting into her missionary style and knotting with her only after she had come several times. He licked her as he made love to her, telling the sweet little slut how beautiful, sexy and amazing she was and she smiled at him, as though forgiving the huge dog for the rough fucking he had given to her earlier. Then, happy that she had pleased her master, Kati fell asleep, curled up in a ball like a little kitten. The next day would be just as intense and enjoyable and she needed her sleep so as to fully enjoy it.

Masterdog did not sleep, at least not right away. Instead, he looked over his prize. God, she had been fantastic; taking everything he had to give her and more. The sex had been painful for her at first but then, once she had gotten used to it; she had given herself completely to the dog. However, as he gazed over her, he realized something was incomplete. He wanted to cuddle with the teen, but he also felt as though it would be more pleasurable to sleep with her if his cock was buried inside of her. And given that she was too tired to take his cock inside her pussy….

He decided that what the teen really needed to help her sleep was a pacifier and therefore sent an image into her mind; one which reminded her of how, when she was a baby, she had suckled on her mother’s tit so as to help her fall asleep. His huge cock, in this instance, would serve in a similar way for the teenager and thus he laid at the teens head and pressed his hard cock against her lips. Then, he sent a message into her mind that she was to open her mouth and suckle on his dick while the two cuddled and slept together.

She, understanding the message Masterdog had planted inside her mind, smiled and took his huge dick into her throat, greedily suckling in the same way a baby might suck on it’s mother tit. And that was what felt really great to Masterdog. Having this teen using her warm mouth to suck on his dick while the two cuddled and slept together; that was a true sign of the teens subservience. On occasion, he would thrust his cock down into Kati’s throat, choking her with his cum. Or else he would pull out and spray his sperm on her face and tits.

But in this way, the lovers were able to sleep and relax with one another; both safe, comforted and pleasured in each others arms.


Chapter 3: The next day/Kati’s first gang bang

It was in this manner that Kati awoke; with Masterdog’s cock buried down her throat. When she blinked her eyes, confused and trying to figure out where she was; all she saw at first was Masterdog’s hairy belly. However, the first thing she felt was the dog’s dick in her mouth.

Her lips were wrapped tightly around it and as she laid there peacefully; she could feel his monstrous balls pressed tightly against her chin. He was thrusting his cock against her pretty pink tongue, his cock not leaving her lips for a second but was not using her mouth roughly as he had before. Instead, he was thrusting his hard-on into her throat in a sort of languid and almost relaxed manner so as to keep from abusing the girl’s mouth.

And it was relaxing to have Masterdog’s dick in her mouth; softly sucking it in this manner. Kati, who had looked up into her master’s golden eyes briefly so as to show her acceptance of his use of her, smiled at the huge dog, encouraging him to use her as he pleased. Vaguely, she recalled how, throughout the night, he had forced her to suck his dick in the same manner that a baby would with it’s mother’s tit. She recalled how, time and again, he had fed her his cum, sometimes sticking it all the way down her throat so that she could swallow it and, at other times, pulling it out of her mouth so as to shower her face, tits and chin with his sperm.

And now, as Masterdog stiffened and shot more sperm into Kati’s mouth; Kati giggled with gratitude. It felt so good to have Masterdog fucking her face in such a manner; it was as though he were her new parent and he was feeding her a nutritious breakfast; helping her to start off the day right.

When Masterdog finally pulled his cock from her sweet mouth; Katy looked over her body and gasped. Masterdog hadn’t just cum in her mouth a few times during the night (which she has swallowed as best as she had been able); he had also squirted his slimy dog seed all over her face, chin, neck and breasts. She was practically covered with the stuff.

Then, as Masterdog withdrew his cock from Katies sweet mouth and clambered off the bed; Katy sat up and blinked her eyes. She touched her pussy and gasped. God, was it sore and sensitive to the touch! Her ass, likewise, felt so tender and used; it felt as though Masterdog had shoved a baseball bat up there.“That was one wild night,” Kati moaned as she examined her body. She was covered in cum and as well-fucked as any girl could be and yet, despite all that Masterdog had done to her; she could not wait for him to do it again.

The schoolgirl got up and stretched languidly.Almost immediately as she did so, Masterdogs head was right back between her legs; first sniffing and then licking at her exposed pussy. “Ohh….that feels good…”Katy moaned as Masterdog licked her. It was almost as though he were massaging the soreness that he had caused her; telling her that it was going to be okay.

She laid back down on the bed and spread her legs as wide as they could go so as to give her new Master better access. “Oh yes,” she moaned as he licked her time and again, “Lick my cunt. God, that feels so, so good….”

And when he sent a command to Kati to get on all fours for him, she did not hesitate. Everything Masterdog did to her was so heavanly; he could fuck her forever had he so desired. And when he mounted her and easily shoved all 11 inches of his prick into her pussy; all the poor girl could do was whimper, moan and come around his cock. Even when he shoved his knot deep inside her warm, sweet pussy; she offered no resistance whatsoever. Instead, she smiled and came as he filled her with his cum. This was right, she told herself as she came over and over again on Masterdog’s dick. This was what she was made for.

Eventually, Masterdog’s knot receded to the point where he was able to slip out of the young girl and he sent a command to her. This was going to be a long and difficult day for her, he told her sternly. The Pack; she was there to do with as they willed and therefore, she needed to be prepared for it.

He told her to shower, which she did eagerly, washing the copious amounts of dog cum off her body. And even though he disliked the fact that she would be ridding her cunt of his sperm; he nonetheless commanded her to do this as well so that she would be nice and clean for the Pack.

She brushed her teeth, trying to get the taste of dog cum out of her mouth but quickly found that, no matter how much she rinsed, gargled or brushed; the taste of Masterdog’s cock would likely remain at the back of her throat forever. Not a day would go by where she would not think of Masterdog’s dog plunging into her throat and flooding her stomach with his cum. It was simply, she thought dreamily, as she gazed at her slutty body in the mirror, too good a memory for her to forget.

When she came out of the shower, cleaned and scrubbed; Masterdog examined the little slut carefully. She was so pretty, standing there naked and sopping wet that he was tempted to fuck her again right then and there. She would have allowed and even encouraged it; Kati was his to do with as he pleased. However, for now, she needed to make him breakfast. And then, she needed to tend to the Pack. After all, while Kati was his slut, first and foremost; the other dogs needed to also have their turn with her.

He ordered the petite teen to her feet and commanded her to make him and the other dogs some breakfast. He told her that she would not need clothes at all and so she slowly walked out of the room, stark naked so that the Pack could feast their eyes upon her body. She didn’t mind; she understood what her role in the house was and reveled in the mere idea of being the sex slave to all the members of the Pack. And as she left the room; Masterdog sent images into her mind so as to further stimulate his slut.

God, it was so easy to manipulate the little teenager and force her to obey him!  He had read the minds of other humans and most of them believed beastility to be sick, disgusting and depraved. There were women who thought about and considered it, of course, but most would have automatically considered the very idea of sex with a dog to be repulsive. And it was for this reason that he believed that Kati would have offered him even the slightest bit of resistance.

However, Kati had offered little resistance to his advances. All he had to do was simply send images of her doing things to he and his pack and the girl did them with an enthusiasm that was astounding. Before, she had thought about her girlfriends, the places she would visit, school and other such nonsense. However, now it seemed that all she thought about was serving the dogs in every way. Masterdog didn’t mind this; it pleased him greatly to have his own little sex slave running around, doing everything he asked of her. It did, however, make him curious as to the extent of his powers.

Kati, meanwhile, made breakfast for the Pack like the good little slave that she was. Specifically, she made them hash browns, sausage, eggs and orange juice. Once again, it was a simple meal but, given that she was only 16 and had very little cooking experience; it was truly the best that she could do. The other members of the pack, sensing that their food was ready, rushed in so as to sit at the table and eat while Kati sat obediently on the floor. She ate her food quietly, thinking about all the things that Masterdog had done to her the night before while the other dogs feasted their eyes on her naked body. Still, given that they were hungry and had yet to be given the word by Masterdog; they did not try to fuck her yet.

Masterdog was the last to join the other dogs at the table. He looked at his slave, who gave him her best little girl smile. She was so happy, Masterdog realized; it was as though she had completely realized where her place was in life and reveled in it. he placed a paw on her head and she kissed it lovingly. “Ohh…master…” she whispered, “You are so good to me…”

The other dogs watched this scene with amazement. ‘You know,’ King was the first to speak, ‘I could hear the things that you were doing with Kati last night. She must be completely enthralled by you by now.’

Masterdog didn’t reply but merely continued to look fondly upon his new whore. He took a bite of his food and encouraged her to do so with her own. She was going to have a long day ahead of her and it was important that she had her energy. ‘What did you do to her?’ King asked.

‘Stupid question,’ Spike now spoke up telepathically. ‘I think that the better question is: what did our Alpha NOT do with her.’

The dogs laughed (telepathically, of course)’So then,’ King said, looking somewhat disappointed, ‘I can only assume that since you have claimed this girl as your own; that you are no longer willing to share her with the rest of us?’

‘I never said that,’ Masterdog replied sharply to the dog whom he considered to be his best friend. ‘She belongs to the pack. She is our slave; not just mine.’

‘And when can we have her?’ King looked at the naked teenager hungrily. He had been wanting to fuck Kati’s brains out since he first laid eyes on her and, as he feasted his eyes on her pretty breasts, before lowering them so as to leer at her sweet, pink, pussy; he sent an image into her mind. The image showed her, on all fours, taking King’s huge knot inside of her and her cumming all over it.

Kati, startled, looked up at King. The dog obviously wanted her and she smiled at him nervously. She felt herself beginning to get horny and, almost instinctively began to rub her clit in front of the dog. ‘Whenever you would like, King,’ Masterdog replied. ‘However, I do recommend that you at least let the poor girl finish her breakfast; she will, after all, need her energy.’

‘Hmph’, King kept flooding the teenager with images of his cock buried within her and Kati, getting all the more turned on by the second, licking her lips in anticipation. ‘Now, Masterdog, I assume that you had the little slut pleasure you with her mouth this morning; am I right?”

Masterdog laughed in reply. ‘Of course, King,’ came his reply. ‘Many times. She is a terrific little cocksucker.’

King hopped off his chair and approached the petite schoolgirl, the hunger for her evident in his golden eyes. ‘Then I think she has enough breakfast now. We don’t want her to get too plump, after all….’

Kati smiled at King invitingly, knowing almost instinctively what was about to happen. She held out her arms to the dog and, when he placed his forepaws on her shoulders, thus knocking her over onto the dining room floor; she opened her mouth so that King could plunge his mouth deep into her own. Like Masterdog had done, King licked her all over her face and responded by kissing his mouth, wrapping her arms around his huge head  and welcoming whatever the huge animal was going to do with her. When King looked into her bright blue eyes, she smiled shyly back at him and the dog, whose cock was already erect, seemed to become even more so.

“You taste so good,” Kati moaned into the beasts mouth as the covered her face with his tongue. “do whatever you want to me….I am so happy to be your slave.”

The dog pressed his erection against the girl’s breasts, trapping her under his weight and making her feel him. In addition, he continued to send images in the girl’s head of him fucking her and Kati, becoming all the more turned on by the second, began rubbing her clit all the harder. “Unhh…” she moaned as she made herself come. God, did these animals turn her on!

King chuckled in the teenagers mind as the young girl spasmed and came by the mere oral stimulation that he was giving her. ‘Did you just come from my tongue licking your face? Such a sweet little angel….’

He began to lick the teens breasts. They were so pretty to the dog; young, full, perky and downright beautiful; he slobbered over them, sure to drag his tongue over her sweet pink nipples so as to further stimulate the girl. Kati moaned in ecstasy; King’s tongue seemed to be everywhere and, as he moved his head even lower toward her pussy, she trembled in anticipation. Due to all that Masterdog had done to her the night before (and that morning); she knew exactly how the dogs tongue would feel on her and she simply could not wait for him to pleasure her. “Please,” she murmured as he continued to move close to her pussy. “Please, eat me out and make me come. Make me into your slut.”

The dog didn’t need anymore coaxing. First, he sniffed the teenager pussy so as to fully indulge in her aroma. She smelled absolutely divine. Then, knowing that Masterdog would not interfere and that he would, therefore, have full access to Kati’s body, he swiped his tongue all the way from her sweet asshole, up her pussy slit and then dragged it across her tasty, beautiful clit.

Perhaps it because of how sensitive she was from Masterdog’s fucking or perhaps it was because of all the sexual images that King had forced into her brain; Kati’s mind was now so filled with lust that she had no chance of deducing the reasons for anything. However, what she was sure of was that the single swipe of King’s tongue along her clit made her come so hard that she clawed at the floor and let out a piercing scream of ecstasy. “Fuck!’ she screamed as she squirted girl come all over King’s tongue and mouth. “That feels so fucking good!”

She wrapped her legs around King’s head, and being the sex crazed slut that she was, began to now grind her twat against the dog’s mouth. The huge animal, realizing that all the girl wanted was to be eaten out and made to come some more (seriously, there were no other thoughts in Kati’s head at that point), obliged her. He licked and licked, drinking up all of the teenagers pussy juices as they flooded into her mouth.

Gradually, Kati’s orgasms receded and she slowly dropped her legs from around the head of King. He continued to lick that sweet little pussy of hers, but realizing that she was drunk and over-stimulated, he slowed down his oral ministrations of her so that now; it felt as though he were giving her a mere tongue bath. It felt so good and loving that Kati said, “Oh, King. Thank you so much….”

She reached out both of her arms and King, who now felt a certain adoration towards the little whore, licked her face some more; even taking the time to plunge his tongue deep into her mouth. ‘You are such a good girl,’ King told her. ‘Get on all fours, sweetie….I want to fuck your brains out; I think that we can both agree that it is what you deserve.’

Kati nodded submissively and quickly rolled over so that King could mount her from behind. However, unlike Masterdog (who had taken some time to lick her some more before mounting her); King did not take his time at all in mounting the pretty teenager. Instead, he simply wrapped his forepaws around her waist, and, with a fierce shove; shoved all 10 inches of his monstrous cock deep into Kati’s pussy. “OH MY GOD!” Kati screamed as all the air left her lungs. King, unlike Masterdog, had no intention of going slowly or teasing the teenager at this point. He had been wanting to shove his huge cock into the teens pussy since he had first laid eyes on her and, now his cock was fully buried within her; he intended on pounding her into oblivion.

Meanwhile, Rex, who had been watching the scene with interest, was staring at the teenagers pretty lips. On the previous day; he had so wanted to thrust his cock between those lips and, realizing that Kati simply did not have the will to resist anything that the dogs desired of her, decided that this would be the perfect time to use Kati’s lips for their intended use.

He got off his chair and approached the teenager. King was really hammering into the teen, plunging his cock deep into her and practically making her come with every stroke of his cock. Because of the amount of pleasure the larger dog was giving to her; Kati’s eyes seemed to be rolled back into her head and her mouth was opened slightly. Every other minute, she came around King’s cock and it was during one of these many orgasms that Rex placed his own forepaws on the shoulders of Kati. His huge dick, erect and covered with his own pre-cum touched Kati’s mouth and she opened her eyes.

Seeing Rex’s huge cock as it grazed her lips made the teenager smile and she opened her mouth invitingly so that the huge dog could use it at his leisure. She was his slave after all, and truth be told; she had been thinking about sucking the large dog off since the day before when Rex had commanded her to do so.

Rex, like King, was not hesitant in using the teenager for her intended purpose. He thrust all ten inches of his dick into Kat’s mouth and while she tried to wrap her lips around the huge cock so as to suck on it lovingly; that was not what Rex wanted at that particular point. No, he wanted to fuck her mouth, bruise it even and then make her swallow every last bit his sperm. It was what she was there for, after all. She belonged to him and the other dogs; she was their slave to do with as they willed.

Meanwhile, King continued to plunge his dick deep into the teens pussy, fucking as hard as Masterdog had done the night. It felt so good, Kati thought, as she was, essentially, sandwiched by the two dogs. As Rex forced his cock against the back of her throat, he pushed her backward so that she was forced to take even more of King’s cock inside of her. And, as King roughly fucked her pussy, he forced her forward so that she was forced to take more of Rex cock down her throat.

She tried to relax her body and adjust to the hard fucking but given that she couldn’t moan or even really breathe properly (Rex’s dick was so big that she could barely even wrap her lips around it; relaxing seemed to be nearly impossible. IShe breathed through her nose, wiggled her ass so as to try and adjust to the hard fucking, but nothing she did worked. The dogs were using her, making her come, and while it felt good; she began to feel herself beginning to mentally beg the two large animals to slow down; to give her a break; anything.

The dogs, however, ignored these mental pleas, instead continuing to hammer into her with ferocity. Kati, feeling as though she were being turned into flopping, coming piece of meat, began to feel her eyes water but the dogs ignored this as well. She needed to be fully trained into being the pack’s whore and this little orgy was simply the beginning of it.

Finally, however,  she felt Rex stiffened and, feeling as though the dog were about to cum, the teenager bobbed her head up and down on the cock. A flood of doggy cum suddenly erupted from Rex’s piss-hole now, Rex (who had been looking forward to having Kati swallow his cum since he had first met her) shoved all of his cock down into Kati’s throat. His sperm belonged in the teenager’s stomach, he told her, and she therefore needed to swallow every bit of it like the good girl that she was.

And she did. Although King continued to fuck her as hard as she could ever be fucked; the pretty blonde nonetheless swallowed the dog’s come eagerly. There seemed to a gallon of it and, for a second, she worried that it might spill out of her mouth but, given that she was there to serve Rex and the other dogs; she nonetheless drank his cum until there was not a drop left and every last bit of it ended up in her stomach where it belonged.

Rex, pulling his cock from her pretty lips, seemed to smile at the teen. ‘You really are a good little slut, aren’t you?’ he said inside her mind. ‘I must say; I am so, so proud of you…I didn’t think you could swallow all my cum like that. You are a very, very talented little cocksucker.’

Kati smiled at Rex, practically glowing at the compliment when King suddenly shoved his huge, softball sized knot deep inside her tight pussy. As big as Masterdog’s; it forced the head of King’s dick against her cervix, pleasuring so much that she had another huge orgasm and thus squirted girls come all over King’s prick.She felt so full with King’s knot buried in her; it was as though he belly were distended and when he began to spray her insides with his cum; it felt as though a firehouse were being opened inside of her pussy and was now spraying her with scalding hot water.

Only this water did not scald or hurt her. It made her feel good; so good that she came yet again. However, this time, Kati did not  scream or moan as she came. She simply whimpered and, when King pulled his prick from her half an hour later; she collapsed to the ground; weak-kneed and utterly worn out by what had been done to her.

She curled up on the dining room floor; exhausted by the hard and brutal fucking that King and Rex had given her. Masterdog, who had been watched the little orgy with amusement, looked over his sex-slave fondly. She had done such a good job that he was tempted to lick her face and pussy. ‘She is such a good little slut, isn’t she?’ King said suddenly and Masterdog nodded in agreement. ‘I think we could do anything to her and she would enjoy it.’

‘I think so too,’ Masterdog replied. Kati was now resting peacefully. Spike, the only dog who had yet to properly use Kati now spoke up.

‘I want to have her next,’ Spike said. He approached Kati and sniffed at the girl. Her pretty pink vagina; the slit of it which was barely visible was very tempting to Spike and he licked at it gently. Kati, though worn out from all the brutal sex, moaned at the touch of Spike’s tongue before Masterdog interrupted.

‘Not just yet,’ Masterdog. ‘Give her some time to relax, Spike. While she is a good little whore; I think King, Rex and I have kind of worn her. Tell you what; you and Rex take her into your room. When she awakens; then you can fuck her brains out to your leisure.’

Masterdog sent a command to Kati; one that stated that she was to follow Spike and Rex into their room. And while she was still weak and sore; she managed to clamber to her feet and did as she was bid. However, when she came into Rex and Spike’s room; she barely even noticed her surroundings and instead laid on the bed so as to rest.

Rex and Spike, being just as good at telepathy as Masterdog, knew that they, like their Alpha, could manipulate Kati just as easily as Masterdog did. Therefore, Rex sent the idea into Kati’s head that, as she had when she was just a baby, she would thus sleep much better if she had something to suckle on as she slept. In this case, that something was his cock and he pushed it between her lips as she rested. He did not fuck her mouth with the savagery  that he had before, however. Instead, he just rested his erection against her tongue, slowly thrusting it in her mouth; just as Masterdog had done the previous night.

Meanwhile, Spike spooned the innocent teenager (which was easy, given that he was much larger than the teen) and pressed his hard cock against her bare slit. In this way, as Kati slept, she could be reminded of a dog’s cock; how hard they could get and how pleasurable they felt when they were thrusting inside of her pussy. And when Kati awoke an hour later, with Rex’s hard ccock nestled comfortably between her lips and Spike’s pressed tightly against her cunt; it would not take much coaxing or manipulation. Within minutes of her waking up, she would be fucking and sucking both dogs eagerly

And that was how Katy slept for the next hour, with Rex’s huge dog cock nestled between her sweet lips and Spike’s hardness pressing ever so gently against the slit of her 16 year old pussy. Rex, at times, would thrust his huge prick down the teenagers throat every so often; not ravaging it as he had done before but languidly and just enough to choke Katis a little bit. Likewise, Spike would, almost instinctively, rub his dick against Katis slit, further moistening it with his precum. For just a brief moment, he even placed the head of his prick so that it was just barely inside of her before withdrawing it so as continue rubbing it against her slit. He was very, very tempted to force all of his cock in the sweet, angelic teen but decided against it. Once she was awake and fully alert; then he and Rex would fuck her brains out until she was absolutely covered with both of their cum.

Meanwhile, Masterdog and King sat together in the entertainment room. The room was huge; large enough so that, had the dogs so desired, they could have easily entertained about 20 guests at a time. It had a huge TV, stereo system, several video game consoles and some of the most expensive couches and easy chairs that money could buy.

The room was right next to that of Rex’s and Spike’s and thus the two large dogs could hear everything that was going on in the next room. However, King, wanting to speak with his Alpha; did not perk up his ears so as to listen to the happenings in the next room. He wanted to speak to Masterdog; to discuss their future not only with Kati but also, the girls who were going to be there in the next day or so.

‘She is absolutely amazing, isn’t she?’ Masterdog said (telepathically, of course), as he sat on the couch with King. ‘I don’t think we could have asked for a better sex slave than she.’

‘That she is,’ King replied. He thought about how he had taken the innocent blonde on the dining room floor. ‘You have to ask yourself, though, if she would have given herself to us so readily had it not been for our powers.’

‘Who cares?’ Masterdog was nonchalant. ‘She is ours; that is all that matters. We didn’t ask for these powers.’

‘But, still, doesn’t it worry you that one day, the authorities or those scientists who gave us these abilities will come for us?’

‘No,’ Masterdog replied, ‘First off, the only reason why those scientists were able to give us these abilities is because of Jane’s notes on the subject (most of which, they didn’t even understand). As you know, those notes have been destroyed. Second, the only ‘authorities’ who know about our abilities are those who have come into contact with us and I have personally made sure that they have forgotten all about our existence.’

‘Still…maybe the lawyer or someone else….’

Masterdog chuckled in King’s head. ‘You met that lawyer. He is an idiot and was one of the easiest people that I have ever had to control. Right now, the only thing going through his head, as pertains to us, is how he is going to get Kati’s friends to us as quickly as possible. Don’t believe me? Look into his head; you will see exactly what I am talking about. After all, your powers are just as poignant as mine are.’

King concentrated for a second, and to his surprise (he rarely tried to look into the minds of others; especially those who were so far away from him), he was able to not only look into the mind of Mr. Fitzsimmons; he was also able to SEE the bespectacled, little man. And what he saw was the lawyer, on the phone with that shitty little group from which Kati had, was arguing, wheeling and dealing so as to bring Jasmine and Lexi to the estate where they belonged. Mr. Fitzsimmons mind, however, was cloudy where it came to the dog’s; even though he knew that Masterdog had, in the past, lengthy telepathic conversations with the lawyer, Mr. Fitzsimmons had no recollection of these. He simply believed that it had been in Jane’s will that the two girls were to live at the estate with Kati. Even his conversation with Kati on the previous day; he had no recollection of telling the pretty young teenager about the dog’s abilities.

King, deciding to use his power all the more fully, decided to take a peek at Lexi. She was to sleep in his bedroom, after all and therefore, he felt it prudent to look at her and see what she was like.

What he saw did not disappoint him. Lexi was beautiful, with short blonde hair that she usually wore in a ponytail, green eyes and a petite, sexy little body. Her breasts were somewhat smaller than Kati’s but just as youthful and pretty. And, given that she enjoyed playing soccer and doing gymnastics; her ass was just as adorable.

He peered into her mind and became all the more pleased by what he saw. Lexi, while sweet and angelic; was the sort of girl who constantly had an itch between her legs that demanded scratching. It had been her whom had initiated lesbian sex with Kati and Jasmine but not necessarily because she was a lesbian, per se; she just naturaully enjoyed sex to the point where if she went even a single day without it; she felt like she was being tortured. And this worried her sometimes. Kati and Jasmine; she could have either of them whenever she so desired. All she had to do was make out a little bit with Kati or else throw Jasmine down and sit on her face and they would readily give themselves to her. However, she was concerned that the day might come where she would not have either of her two lovers and would thus need to rely on strange men so as to get her off.

She was an otherwise fun-loving, sweet and wonderful girl who, while she did poorly in school, had so much charm and was so likeable that everyone enjoyed her company. Her radiant smile, green eyes, and uplifting personality made those who did not know her well think of a sweet little kitten; one who was just begging to be pet and cuddled.

King liked her immediately. This was a girl who he could protect, fuck and use for hours on end. And she wasn’t just the sort of girl who would like all the things that King would do to her; no, she would positively adore it and likely even beg him for more.

Given that King was testing his powers, he deciding to see exactly how much power he could extend over this young girl so as to (at least somewhat) indoctrinate her into the thrills of dog sex. Therefore, concentrating all his might, he sent a short image to the young girl; an image which showed her; her ass upturned and thus sticking high into the air. In the image (which played out similar to a scene in a movie), King mounted the young girl and shoved not only the full length of his prick into her sweet pussy, but his knot as well. And when he pulled out of her, he showed her how her cunt, so well fucked and full of dog cum would thus spill their combined juices all over his bed. Then, to top it all off, he showed her how he would command her to lick up their juices before taking his cock into her mouth.

Lexi, who was sitting in class at the time, jolted upward. She had been spacing off; thinking about how she was planning on fucking Jasmine the moment class was over and this image completely glossed over that. Her pussy, already wet from the idea of fucking her girlfriend, now positively gushed with anticipation at the idea of gettiing fucked by a dog. She had to bring herself off, she thought desperately and raised her hand so as to get her teacher’s attention. “Yes?” the teacher asked inquisitively, raising his eyebrows at the pretty teen. Lexi, being the quiet, sweet and charming, hardly ever interrupted class and for her to do so now was relatively shocking.

“May I be excused?” Lexi asked, gritting her teeth. She needed to bring herself off; she honestly felt as though she might explode if she wasn’t granted a reprieve. “I need to use the restroom.”

The teacher nodded and Lexi rushed to the bathroom, pulled down her panties and stroked her pussy with all the ferocity she could muster. Within a minute, she was coming; the images of King fucking the shit out of her egraved in her mind.

King watched this with amusement. He was going to continue to toy with his future sex-toy when suddenly, Kati began to moan in the next room. She had woken up, finally and had been pleasantly surprised to find Rex’s cock plunging easily into her mouth and Spike’s dick sliding against her pussy. And Spike, realizing that he would finally get his chance to fuck the beautiful teenager, plunged the entirity of his dick deep inside of her, making the young girl moan as she began to dutifully bob her head up and down onto Rex’s cock.

‘Well’, Masterdog said to King, who had been broken from his spell.’It seems our little slut is awake and having a good time with our compatriots. I assume that you were able to really reach out with your powers?’

‘I did,’ King replied. Kati was now moaning heavily in the next room. Spike was now really pounding into her sweet twat with all his might; she was still on her side while he fucked her but now Rex had gotten up. His cock still remained in the teenager’s mouth, of course but in this position it was easier for him to fuck her mouth in a more savage fashion. After all, it was her job to pleasure him and besides; she looked so hungry to the dog that he felt it was only right that he fed more of his cum to her. ‘Not only that, I was able to look into Lexi’s mind and….’

‘You turned her on and made her masturbate to the image of you fucking her,’ Masterdog finished for him. ‘Do you see how weak-willed the humans are? Especially their females ….manipulating them is like taking candy from a baby.’

‘I still think it is prudent that we remain…inconspicuous where it comes to our abilities,’ King said. ‘If the wrong people found out about us…’

‘I’m not saying that we should try and take over the world,’ Master interrupted. ‘Why would we want that, anyway? Here, we have perfect house in which to live, plenty of resources and soon, we will have three beautiful sex slaves who will exist so as to serve our every fantasy. Really, what more could we want? Why would we alert those men/women who might be a threat to us?’

King, sensing that the conversation had reached its finality, dropped the subject. The two began to speak of other things now; politics, science and the like while Kati continued to be fucked in the next room. Rex and Spike had been given free reign to do whatever they desired to the sweet, angelic girl and they took full advantage of this. And, like Masterdog and King; they had been genetically altered so that they could, theoritically, fuck a thousand girls like this one without getting tired or needing to stop.

They ravaged Kati in every hole; even in her ass which, although Masterdog had made good use of it the night before, was still tight. Nonetheless, both Spike and Rex were about to not only shove their pricks in there but also their knots as well, filling her bowels with their sperm.

Kati moaned, cried out and even screamed as the dogs used her slutty body. Masterdog and King, who could see what was going on in the next room; watched on with amusement as the two fucked Kati until she came over and over again. ‘They are going to love Jasmine,’ Masterdog said, thinking of the coy, shy, dark-haired teen that would also be joining them soon. ‘She is totally their type.’

King had only had brief glimpses into Jasmine’s mind but, by what he saw; he had to agree. Jasmine was the sort of girl who enjoyed being submissive and, given that Rex and Spike were brothers (and loved sharing things with each other); he simply knew they would thus love teasing and torturing the poor girl until she came over and over again.

After about a hour of fucking Kati; the Rex and Spike bounded into the entertainment room. Both appeared to have lascivious grins on their faces; both were obviously more than a little proud at what they had done to the sweet teenager. ‘I assume that you had a good time?’ Masterdog asked the pair with amusement. ‘She really is quite a piece, isn’t she?’

‘Oh yes,’ Spike responded. He, like his brother, had fucked Kati in every hole but, before the teen had passed out in exhaustion; he had plunged his cock into her mouth and made her suck him off. However, unlike his brother, who had made Kati swallow  his cum; Spike had, at the last second, pulled it out of the teenager’s mouth so that he could spray it all over her face. She had smiled at him as he did so and stuck out her tongue so that he could feed some of it to her but for the most part; he had wanted to degrade the little whore by showering her body with her sperm.’She was magnificent. I can’t wait to fuck her again like that.’

Rex chimed in. ‘I know that, soon enough, the other girls will get here and we will be able to use them in the same way that we have been using Kati but I hope I will continue to get fuck that little sex-toy occasionally. She was really great.’ For a second, Rex’s mind returned to what had been going on just a minute before. While Spike had been hosing Kati down with his sperm; rex had been fucking her sweet, teenaged pussy. He had been plowing into her, feeling the muscles of her sweet twat massaging his dick until he had shoved his entire knot into her. She had come hard around his knot as he did so and even pushed back against it as he flooded her cunt with his sperm.

It was this last sex act which had made Kati collapse onto the bed, panting heavily and moaning like a bitch in heat. In the past 16 hours (since she had arrived on the estate) she had been so well-fucked by all the dogs that she honestly felt as though every part of her was filled with doggy cum and that, no matter how much she washed or scrubbed herself; nothing would ever completely get it out of her. For now and forever; Kati would simply be a cum receptacle for the dogs and, while she knew that this fact should shame her; the idea merely made her feel so wonderful that she wanted to luxuriate in it forever. She loved being a dog-whore and, had she not been so tired, she would have likely begged the dogs to fuck her even more.

She was just about to pass out when Masterdog’s voice suddenly came into her ear and, even though she was weak-kneed and exhausted; she nonetheless found the strength to bring herself to her feet. He would allow her to rest and relax, he told her in his mind. However, she needed to do so in the Entertainment room with him and the other dogs. She didn’t have to worry; he told her. He and the other dogs were not going to fuck her (at least not right away).\; she would be granted a reprieve. She just needed to come into the entertainment room so that the dogs could cuddle her and keep her warm.

When Katy entered the entertainment room, she did so meekly. Every part of her was sore and felt used. Also, as she entered, the entire Pack turned to look at the pretty teen so as to closely examine her naked, cum-covered and cum-filled body.

Masterdog was so pleased with her slave; to him, she looked as beautiful and perfect as ever. He could see the little white droplets of sperm all over her body where Spike had deposited it. And, likewise, he could see the dog semen running down her pretty legs and, if he looked even more closely; he could also see that the stuff was steadily leaking out of her pretty, pink, and very used pussy.

Kati, however, worried that her sluttiness would somehow turn off the dogs; that they would reject her for being such a filthy dog-whore. When she was younger, her parents had warned her about giving herself too freely and that, if she did so, she would be rejected and tossed aside. However, instead of rejecting her, Masterdog spoke in her head. ‘You look so beautiful, my little sex-toy. Come and lie down with me on the couch.’

Kati, who was positively glowing at being so complimented, laid down on the couch with Masterdog. He directed the sweet, pretty blonde to lay her head on his lap so that his hard cock was but a few inches from her mouth but, instead of telling her to suck on it, granted her a reprieve and said simply; ‘Just relax for a minute. King, why don’t you come onto the couch and join us for a while. Let’s keep our little sex-toy warm and cozy.’

King, who likewise felt that Kati looked incredibly beautiful in this way, joined the couple on the couch. Pressing his head between her legs; he coaxed the teenager into opening them so that he could lay his head on her sweet cunt. And, like she had expected Masterdog to command her to take his cock into her mouth; she likewise expected King to start licking her pussy. However, other than taking a few quick swipes of her cunt and thus dragging his tongue across her clit (which made him shiver in pleasure); he merely laid his head on her lap and looked at her soulfully. Over the next hour, he would occasionally lick her pussy but, given that these small oral stimulation was nothing compared to what she had gone through thus far today; she allowed her to simply relax as King loving rested his huge head on her lap.

‘Let’s watch some TV together and relax for a little while,’ Mastedog said and picked up the remote so as to start flipping through the channels. The remote had been altered so that a dog could use it and Masterdog scrolled through the casually. Occasionally, he would push his huge, erect, dog cock against the lips of Kati and, almost instinctively, she would kiss and caress it; but, for now, he refrained from thrusting it into her throat where it belonged.

What Kati didn’t realize, however, that while Masterdog seemed like he was merely loving her; he was, at the same time, having a telepathic conversation with the other members of his Pack. It was a conversation that she couldn’t hear but one that all the dogs did and, because Masterdog was their Alpha; they listened intently. ‘I think we should all take a few hours and fuck this little slut,’ was how he started the conversation and the other dogs looked at him, as though they were almost alarmed at this prospect.

‘Isn’t that what we’ve been doing?’ Spike said. ‘I mean, Rex and I just finished fucking the shit out of her not fifteen minutes ago. I mean, we used every single one of her holes; that’s why she is so worn out now.’

‘I know. However, I think we should all fuck her at the same time, Think about it; we could really wear her out.’

‘She is already worn out,’ King said as he casually ran his tongue over Kati’s clit, making her shiver with pleasure.’Seriously, she has already had a long day; maybe it would be wise to give her a little bit of a break….’

‘I don’t want to,’ Masterdog said. He touched her lips with his cock and the pretty blonde opened her mouth so that he was able to slip the head of his dick into it. God, her lips felt so warm and inviting. ‘But I wasn’t talking about fucking her right away anyway. I was thinking that we could seduce her over the next hour or so and then; we could all fuck her together. Think about it; we could really fuck her until she is so worn out that can barely move. But, if we use our telepathic powers, we could nonetheless encourage and challenge her to continue. Then, we can fuck her some more.’

Kati suckled on the tip of Masterdog’s dick and, given that her mouth was so warm and inviting, he pushed a little more into it so that the head pressed against the side of her cheek. And King, who continued to sniff and casually lick at Kati’s pussy now did so once more. She tasted so good and to feel his cock buried in her and been heavenly. And besides, she was a dog-slut and belonged to the Pack; it was only right that they all get a chance to fuck her at the same time.

‘You know what,’ King said, ‘I’m down. Let’s wear this little slut out.’

‘I am as well,’ Spike said, ‘I think she will love every second of it.’

Rex was the last to agree and when he did so; he and Spike moved so that they too were resting on the couch with Kati. Spike laid on her so that he could, on occasion, slide his tongue over her breasts while Rex rested his body so that her right hand was but inches away from his rock-hard cock.

Meanwhile, Masterdog had finally found a show that all of them would enjoy watching together. It was a show that started off innocently enough but, given that it was outlawed in the United States; was thus pornographic in nature.

The movie, which was simply titled ‘A girl and her dog’ began with a pretty blonde girl who was about 14 or so playing with her dog; a huge German shepherd who obviously outweighed her by at least 50 pounds. Together, the two frolicked, swam together, wrestled, and played. The girl obviously loved the dog and he loved her.

Then, as the girl took off all her clothes; thus revealing her tight, cute body to the huge shepherd, the down immediately stuck his head between her legs so as to sniff at her pink pussy. “Stop it,” the girl giggled nervously. “You are a dog and I am a human girl; dogs are not supposed to want that.”

The huge dog growled but didn’t argue with the cute teen or try to force her into doing anything with him. Instead, he merely watched as she jumped into a nearby pool so as to swim and become refreshed.

Unfortunately, the girl did not figure on the riptide; that is to say the hard currents that exist underneath the water. Likewise, she was not a terrific swimmer and had misjudged how deep the pool actually was to the point where she gradually began to be dragged down to the bottom of it’s cool depths. The cute, pretty teen screamed and the dog, seeing that his mistress was in danger, jumped into the pool so as to save her.

Grasping the pretty teenager by her neck, he thus dragged her out of the pool. It was difficult but the girl, realizing through her panic that the monstrous animal was simply trying to help her; stopping flailing against the animal and even tried to help by swimming in the same direction he was.

When the two had reached the shore of the pool, the young, pretty teen clambered out of it and hugged the dog fiercely. “My hero,” she said, as she gently kissed him on the ear. “Thank you for saving my life, Max.”

The dog responded by licking the girl’s face and she giggled girlishly. She was about to pull away but the dog; being so happy at having rescued his mistress, was not about to be denied in giving his love to her. Using his forepaws, he jumped onto the girl and forced her onto her back.

Still laughing, the girl tried to push the dog away but his weight was such that all the naked girl could was flail against him. She even tried thrusting her hips so as to throw the dog off, but all this did was lightly pressed her own sweet pussy against the dog’s sheath.

He continued to lick at the teen and now Kati, who was getting turned on herself by all that was happening, could see that the teenager was beginning to become more welcoming of the dog’s advances. Like Kati had done with Masterdog, she was opening her mouth, allowing the huge German Shepherd to french kiss her.

The dog began moving his head downward, sniffing at the cute blondes crotch. And this time, the girl let him. After all, the Shepherd had saved her life; it was only fair that she gave him what she wanted. And when he began stroking his tongue across her sweet little pussy; she even opened her legs so as to give him better access.

“Oh yes,” the little blonde moaned. “Eat my twat, Max. C’mon…make me cum….”

Max was happy to oblige; swiping his tongue over her pussy time and again until the cute teen was practically writhing in ecstacy. And, after only a minute or so, the girl came hard, squirting girl cum all over the blanket she had set out for herself and her furry friend.

The girl tried then to get up, but Kati could tell that her orgasm had made her drunk and disorientated. And it was for this reason that  she dropped to her hands and knees, breathing heavily; still in the throes of magnificent orgasm that she had just endured.

Unfortunately, this was not a great position for the petite teenager as Max took the opportunity to mount the teen, wrapping his huge forepaws around her wait and pressing his huge dick against her sweet, pink pussy. “Max!” the cute girl yelled, “No!”

However, the dog wasn’t listening and, wanting to claim this girl for his bitch; shove his huge dick deep into the teenagers pussy. “Ungh….” the girl cried as Max began to fuck her. The girl was conflicted; this Kati could tell easily. All he life, she had been told to have sex with her dog was dirty and depraved and yet her dog’s cock obviously felt so good inside her that all she could do was push back against it; allowing him to plunge it all the more deeply inside of her swet twat. And then, when the huge dog shoved his knot into the cute teenager’s pussy; this seemed to pleasure her all the more and she proceeded to squirt her own come all over the dog’s cock.”Oh my god, Max,” she cried as the large dog filled her with his seed. “Are you peeing in me? Please, Max…..”

She tried to wiggle away but the dog, sensing this, pressed one of his huge forepaws against the back of the teen’s head and forced it down into the blanket. The message that he was sending in this instance was obvious; you are my bitch and I am your master. And while the huge dog did not actually say this to the pretty teen; she nonetheless got the message and whimpered softly as the dog filled her cunt with his cum.

The dog withdrew from the teens sweet cunt and, as he did so, a copious amount of doggy cum spilled from her cunt and onto the blanket. However, the blonde girl didn’t mind and instead rolled over on her stomach so that the dog could embrace and lick her. “Thank you Max….” the blonde girl said as she kissed him on the lips. “That was wonderful. Thank you so much for making me into your bitch.”

The whole scene had turned on Kati to the point where it felt as though her pussy were dripping with her juices. Also, by now, Masterdog’s cock (which was slowly, but steadily, sawing in and out of her mouth and increasing in its rapid use of it) combined with Kings tongue (which now was licking at her pussy furiously) was turning her to the point of no return. The girl in the video looked so much like her and while she was still sore from all that the dogs had done to her during the day; it was simply right that girls like her be used in such a fashion.

Masterdog and King, sensing how stimulated Kati was at this point; began to flood the teenager with images of them fucking her, encouraging the teen further. Before, she had been sucking Masterdog’s cock lethargically but not, she turned toward it, smiled at her Master and proceeded to lower her head onto Masterdog dick so as to encourage him to fully her throat at his leisure. In addition, she wrapped her legs around King’s huge and the dog, knowing that the teen desired to be made to come, began to increase his oral stimulation. Over and over again, he swiped his tongue across her sweet clit and the teenager moaned around Masterdog’s cock, encouraging the dog further. “Please….” she managed to moan (Masterdog’s was now so buried in her throat that she could feel his precum spraying against the back of it but the huge dick was practically making her word unintelligible). “Please, King ….Make me come…”

The large dog was only too happy to oblige and it wasn’t long before she was gripping the back of King’s head and screaming as he made her come. Likewise, she now began to bob her head up and down upon Masterdog’s cock, encouraging him to make full use of her sweet mouth. Eagerly; like the bitch in heat that she was, she slid her tongue all around the dog cock hoping that the dog would fill her slutty mouth with his sperm.

The other two dogs were not sedentary in their usage on the teen. Spike began to drag his tongue across the girls tits; sending shockwaves of pleasure down her spine. Rex, likewise, demanded pleasure and so the teen began to softly stroke his cock with her right hand, jerking and turning him on greatly.

Suddenly, Masterdog came, plunging his dog cock so deeply into the teens throat that she almost choked. His cum, which splashed against the back of it; she swallowed voraciously, knowing the importance of having every droplet in her stomach. Unfortunately, there was so much of it that it spilled out of her mouth and thus flooded her chin and face.

Horny as a girl could be; Kati flipped over on her stomach. “Please,” she moaned to the Pack. “Please fuck me. Please, please, please….I need it more than anything else in the world. I’ll do anything…I’ll suck your cocks. I’ll cook your meals; I will worship the ground you walk on…Only, please; fuck me like the bitch I am.”

The pleas of the girl made the dogs all the horny for her. King mounted Kati first; his huge dog cock finding sweet pussy almost immediately. He plunged it deep inside of the teen and, with all the ferocity he could muster; began to fuck the living hell out out of her. “Unhhhh….” Kati moaned as she came over and over on the dog’s huge dick. “Oh….yes…Please fuck me like the bitch I am. Use me…cum in me….please….this is what I was meant for.”

Meanwhile, Spike had mounted Kati’s front and as the girl moaned, thrust his cock against her lips. At first, Kati did not see the doggy dick brushing against her lips (her eyes were closed as she enjoyed King’s cock plunging into her) but eventually, she opened her eyes to see Spike’s cock dangling but centimeters from her mouth. What a great treat! She thought as Spike’s cock began to press urgently against her lips, demanding entry. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and began to suck on the huge doggy dick. Like she had with Masterdog, she rolled her tongue around his piss-hole, up and down the shaft before beginning to bob her head dutifully on the dog’s dick. Spike, given how much he desired to use the teen’s mouth, began to thrust into Kati’s mouth, fucking it with the same ferocity that she was currently exercising.

And it was like this that the two dogs fucked the teenager. King plowed into her roughly while Spike fucked her mouth eagerly. “Oh fuck!” Kati screamed as King forced his huge knot into her sweet pussy. God, no matter many times the dogs knotted with her; it felt like she would never really get used to the feeling. And when King began to spray the inside of her pussy with his cum, she moaned and even pressed against him, so that it could fill her entire womb.

Just as King withdrew from her pussy; two things happened practically simultaneously. The first was that Spike, who had been thrusting his cock into her mouth with all the urgency of a dog who was about to cum, suddenly did so. However, as he had earlier; he did not shove his cock down her throat so as feed the teenager his cum, instead decided to shower her face, breasts, neck and chin with it so that she was soon covered with the stuff. This did not displease her; while the dog’s cum technically belonged in her stomach, if they wanted to spray it all over her body….that was their choice. Her job, after all, was to be their slave. And, besides, it felt good to have Spike coming all over her. It made her feel as though she were his property and he was marking her as such.

The second thing that happened was that Rex, taking the place of King,almost immediately mounted her from behind and started to push his cock against her pussy. “Fuck!” she cried as he pushed his huge cock into her. And, like King, he began to fuck the teenager with all his might.

The dogs were going to gang-bang her, Kati realized, as King now mounted her front; pushing his huge dick against her lips. They were just going to fuck and use her until she was completely worn out and spent. They were going to decorate her body with their sperm, fill up her ass, cum in her mouth and use her pussy until she was nothing more than a cum-filled, useless mess.

Suddenly, the words of Mr. Fitzsimmons entered into her ears and she recalled how he had told her that these dogs had been genetically altered. However, while she had understood at the time that this meant that the dogs were larger and more intelligent; she did not understand that this also meant that, in a sexual sense, the dogs had far more prowess than other dogs. They could, literally breed with her for hours and hours; over and over again. They did not need a break and nor did they get tired. The Pack could simply gang bang her all night had they so desired and there was nothing she could do about it.

Over and over, the dogs mounted, fucked and knotted with the teenager. At times, so as to get a kind of reprieve; they allowed her to lay on her back or side and thus gave her knees a bit of a rest. However, not a minute went by in which her cunt was not filled by one dog cock or another. Nor did a minute go by in which she was not sucking a dog cock. Likewise, her nipples were continuously licked and used and, given that she was ordered to do so; she found herself constantly jerking one dog or another with her hands.

For an hour this went on and Kati, feeling as though she were in some kind of orgasmic dreamland, sucked and fucked all the dogs time and again. She felt as though she were even becoming comfortable; although the dogs were using her roughly, it didn’t matter too much. The orgasms they were giving her were terrific and since she was a dog whore; it simply made sense for them to use her in the fashion that they were.

Then, when Masterdog forced his dog cock into the petite teenagers asshole, her eyes widened in shock and she screamed. While her ass had been used several times; Masterdog’s dick was bigger than all the dogs and so it was painful to have all 11 inches buried inside of her. Eventually, however, the pleasure from being so roughly fucked in the ass out measured the pain and the petite teenager came with intensity, squirting girl come all over the couch. “God, this feels so fucking good!” she squealed as King withdrew his dick from the teenager’s mouth. She had been sucking his cock eagerly and, just as Masterdog forced his huge knot into the teens asshole, he, like Spike before him, began to shower Kati’s face, tits, neck and chin with his sperm so that it dripped down her body.

At one point during this insane orgy, Kati was commanded by Spike to sit on his lap so that his huge cock could slide deep into her ass. Given that the girl was so petite and the dogs were so large; this was a relatively easy endeavor and as Spike huge dog slid easily into her asshole, Masterdog mounted her missionary-style, sliding his big dick deep into her pussy. Then, as she moaned with happiness at having such dicks buried into her holes; Rex positioned himself so that his dick was pressed against her mouth.

She opened her mouth and Rex thrust his dick down her throat.

This was a first for her, and Kati, given that she now felt so pleased that she felt like she was in heaven, moaned at being so well-filled with cock. Both Masterdog and Spike were fucking her pussy and ass as roughly as ever and, given that the sensation was making her come repeatedly; she tried her best to push back against them so as to help the two dogs in reaching their pleasure. Likewise, even though she was being so stimulated by the two cocks in her pussy and ass; she likewise did her best to give Rex the best blowjob he had ever received, lovingly sucking on him, licking his shaft and even playing with his balls with her right hand.

It was absolutely exquisite to be fucked by three dogs at once. Her pussy and ass muscles massaged the dogs cocks and her mouth was now bobbing onto Rex’s dick. She couldn’t wait for Spike and Masterdog to shove their knots into her, she thought, realizing how much of a slut she had become. Now that was going to feel absolutely divine.

And, when the dogs did roughly push their knots into the teen; Masterdog and Spike did so simultaneously. The teenager, who just the night before, hadn’t believed that she could take Masterdog’s knot in her pussy, screamed with delight and being so exquisitely filled with cock. Then, when Rex began to push his cock down the throat of the teen; this merely added to her pleasure. Suddenly, she now had three dogs coming inside of her and they filled her with so much of their sperm that she honestly felt as though it would be a part of her forever.

But this wasn’t the end of Kati’s gang bang. The dogs, after all, were insatiable and thus determined to fuck Kati and push her into the absolute limits of exhaustion. Over and over again, they clambered until the girl, fucking her, making her suck them and otherwise using here. And every time Kati felt as though she were about to collapse from being so worn out; the dogs came right back into her head, manipulating and forcing her to continue.

For three hours, they fucked Kati like this doing everything imaginable to the girl. Her pussy and ass eventually became so filled with cum that it flowed out of her when the dogs would dismount from her body. Likewise, her mouth became so used to the taste of dog cum that, by the end of the three hours; she could barely even recall the taste of anything else.

Finally, the teen  did collapse in exhaustion and Masterdog (who had just finished shoving his knot into her sweet pussy and flooding it with his sperm) said, “All right, I think our girl has had enough.”

King, who had been thrusting his dog cock into the teens mouth, ignored Master for a second so that he could cum all over Kati’s face. ‘Are you sure?’ King said. The teen was lying on her back, gasping. Her entire body was covered with cum. Her pussy and ass, while lovely in how open and well-fucked they were, nonetheless did not just leak with doggy cum. Instead it flowed out of her, staining the couch. ‘I think that, if we just manipulate her a little more; we can probably fuck that sweet pussy of hers some more. I mean, you can tell that she has been enjoying every minute of this little gang bang…’

‘No,’ Spike said as he examined the teenager. She was worn out; so much so that when he slowly drew his tongue across her pussy; she only shivered in reply. ‘I agree with Masterdog. Our little slut needs her rest. Besides, the other two girls will be here tomorrow. Then, we will have three little sex toys running around and begging to be fucked by us.’

Masterdog sent a command to Kati to follow him into their bedroom. For a second, Kati tried to stand but her ass and pussy were so sore that she simply collapsed back onto the couch. ‘Cmon, sweetie,’ he said again in her mind, ‘you can do it.’

This time, the sweet girl was somehow able to get to her feet and though she could barely walk due to all the sex, she nonetheless found it within her to somehow stumble into Masterdog’s room and collapse onto the bed with him.

As he had the night before (and, realizing her girl’s need for his cock in her mouth; it was like a pacifier, thus relaxing her and helping her to rest), he pushed his dick against her lips. Grateful to have her master’s cock, she opened her mouth so as to suckle gently on it. Every night, they would sleep in this way. It felt so good; so RIGHT for her to be filled with doggy cock that she prayed that not a day would go by where she was not filled with one.

In this manner, Kati and Masterdog rested; Kati feeling more loved and cared for than she had ever in her entire life.


Chapter 4: Jasmine and Lexi arrive

Kati slept for a long time; almost 12 hours in total. During this time, Masterdog, who loved his little slave dearly, continued to slowly thrust his huge cock into her mouth and occasionally fed her his cum and, at one point, as she laid on her back, shoved his dick into her pussy so as to fuck the sweet teenager and fill her with his seed, but otherwise left her alone so that she could rest. All the sex that the dogs had given her had been rough on the teenager and while it had brought her an insurmountable amount of pleasure; she needed a bit of a break from it all.

Even when Masterdog had fucked her during the night; he had done so in such a kind and pleasant manner that she considered it to be almost romantic. She had been sleeping on her side, Masterdog’s huge cock stuffed halfway down her throat when her eyes had fluttered open meekly. Every part of her was sore and while it felt good, so good to have Masterdog’s cock in her mouth; instead of suckling on it gently as she had been doing, she instead gently started licking it and simply carressing those huge balls of his. She had then kissed his shaft gently, worshipping it for the pleasure it had brought to her. “Thank you so much, master,” she had whispered in the dark. Although she was sore and exhausted; she still found it within her to give the proper respect to her Master’s dick. “I love you so much.”

She had cuddled his huge cock with her face and was about to put the length of it back into her mouth where it belonged when, suddenly Masterdog had woken up. He had instinctively heard the sweet teenagers words and, being genuinely touched by them, had lick Kati’s face gently. ‘I love you too, sweetheart,’ he said inside her mind. ‘You are such a good little sex-slave.’

He licked her again and, like the whore she was, Kati moaned. “You and your friends really fucked the shit out of me,” she said. “It felt so, so good. But now, I am afraid that I will be too sore to fuck for a while.”

‘I am not going to fuck you,’ Masterdog replied gently. He began to lick the pretty teen all over her sexy body. ‘I am going to make sweet love to you. Don’t worry; I promise you will enjoy it greatly.’

He began to lick her body, starting from her toes and soles of her feet. He worked his way upward, massaging her legs and, although Kati fully expected the large dog to eat her cunt; he nonetheless avoided that and instead licked her breasts, stomach, arms and even her hands.

Kati began to pant heavily at all of this. The dog was worshipping her petite body; each swipe of his tongue on her felt so good but what was even more heavenly were the things he was saying her mind as he licked her. ‘You were so good yesterday, baby,’ he said time and again, ‘I was so proud of you. It was beautiful; watching you swallow the Pack’s cum, spraying it over your body. Then, when we filled all of your holes simultaneously and stuffed our knots into your ass and pussy….I don’t think I could have been anymore proud of my little whore than I was at that moment. After all, as you laid there, coming and fill of cock; I don’t think you could have been any more beautiful than you were then. Really, I think you are the most perfect angel that has ever lived.’

Kati moaned as Masterdog whispered these things in her mind, simultaneously reminding her of the lewd things she had done and turning her on with his tongue at the same time. Therefore, when he finally began to lick her sweet pussy; she came easily, gripping his fur and crying out with pleasure.

‘I think,’ he said softly, looking deep into her eyes with his soul-piercing amber ones, ‘That you would look just as beautiful now if your pussy was filled my cock, wouldn’t you? You like being my little slut, isn’t that right?’

Kati smiled at the dog subserviantly and nodded. More than anything else; the pretty girl desired to be Masterdog’s slut and be filled with his cum. Therefore, when Masterdog mounted her, she wrapped her sore legs around his waist so that he plunged his huge doggy dick deep inside of her wet pussy. ‘Such a good, pretty, little slut,’ Masterdog said in her mind as he slowly fucked the teenager, ‘Always so willing to take my dick in your pussy. You feel so good, baby…Do you like how I fuck you? Do you like how slowly I thrust my cock in your pussy, or do you you prefer iit when I fuck your brains out like this?’

And, with those last words, he thrust his cock as deep into her pussy as he could, pumping furiously. Kati moaned and then screamed as she came; squirting her come all over the dog’s dick. Masterdog, feeling the girl practically pissing on his cock, seemed to smile at the girl before slowly down. ‘Well, my little princess?’ he asked as he now thrust his cock into her in a languid and almost lethargic manner. ‘Do you like it when I fuck you hard?’ And again, he pumped his cock into the teenager furious which made her squeal and clutch at the sheets. ‘Or do you like it slow?’ and he slowed down again, making the teenager enjoy the huge dog cock inside of her as it lethargically stroked in and out of her sweet pussy.

“I don’t…I don’t care…” Kati moaned. “You can fuck me whenever and however you like, Masterdog. You can fuck me rough or you can make love to me all night. You can have my ass, pussy, mouth…I don’t care. I am yours, Master. I am your slave. Just please….do with me as you will…”

‘Mmmm…” Masterdog groaned as he shoved his knot into Kati’s pussy. Kati gasped; even though she had felt the huge knot inside of her several times; it was still so big that feeling Masterdog plunging it inside of her made her feel as though a bowling ball were being stuffed in her. And, when he started to fill her womb with his seed; the young girl came yet again. ‘That’s what I wanted to hear, my sweet little angel. That’s what I wanted to hear.’

He licked the teens face as he remained locked inside of her, continuing to fill her cunt with his sperm. She kissed him in return and wrapped her legs  around his waist, forcing his cock deeper inside of her warm pussy. For the rest of the night, the two lovers remained locked like this. Masterdog’s knot even receded but his erection remained inside of Kati’s teenage pussy. It just felt so nice and stimulating in there and for this reason; Kati simply had no desire to have it leave her. For a moment; when Masterdog was going to withdraw it from her cunt; the sweet girl honestly felt as though she were about to begin sobbing at not being filled by her master’s dick. “Please,” she moaned into her master’s mouth, gasping with pleasure. “Please…leave your cock in my pussy. I need it inside of me. Please, I feel so empty without it there…”

Masterdog looked into the teens pretty blue eyes and, seeing that the girl would have sooner died than to not have his cock buried in her, obliged the teen. His huge dick remained in the teen, and, gradually, they fell asleep in this manner

When the two finally awoke several hours later; Kati was pleasantly surprised to find that Masterdog’s cock was still tightly buried in her cunt. God, it felt so good to have it in her! It was so romantic…it was though she and Masterdog had become one animal and had been as such for the entire night.

Love for her master consumed her and she buried her face in his neck and kissed him. “Rise and shine lover,” she whispered. “Your slut loves you so much….”

Masterdog blinked and yawned. Feeling that his dick was still buried in his little whore, he thrust a few times in her, making the teen cry out and come with happiness. However, just as he was about fuck her into exhaustion, his ears pricked up and he suddenly withdrew his cock from her warm pussy before clambering to his feet. ‘Shit!’ he said, and quickly sent a mental command to the other members of the Pack.

“What’s wrong?” Kati asked, pouting mournfully. Without Masterdog’s cock buried in her; she now felt almost completely empty and alone. Didn’t he love her? Didn’t her master enjoy fucking her brains out?

‘Nothing’. Masterdog replied, looking over his sluts sexy little body. While he would have loved nothing more than to completely fuck her brains out; there were other matters that needed to tended to. ‘It’s just that your friends are about to arrive within the next hour. I knew that they would be arriving today but this is almost unprecedented…’

The teen smiled, thinking about Lexi and Jasmine. She loved her two girlfriends dearly and it excited her to think that, soon, they too would be slaves to Masterdog and The Pack. “They are going to love it here,” she moaned, thinking about the gang bang shad endured the previous day. “Lexi, in particular…..”

Masterdog smiled internally. There was no jealously emanating from the petite teen; she was happy that her friends would soon become sex slaves to the huge dogs. God, she was such a sexy little angel! ‘Okay,’ he said softly in her head, ‘But still…I don’t think that we should indoctrinate them right away….’

“Why not?” Kati asked, genuinely surprised. “They are my friends and they deserve to get fucked like I have been. Lexi, in particular, should be fucked by all of you as soon as she gets here. Trust me, she would not only enjoy it; she would likely beg for more. Don’t you want to fuck them? They are both as sweet and pretty as I am….trust me when I say that they will make for perfect slaves.

‘I know they will. However, remember that neither of them have ever had sex with a dog before.’

“They have had sex with me,” Kati said, recalling all times she and her friends had slept together. ‘“If you let me, master, I promise I can tell them about the pleasure we have been having. I can convince them ….”

Masterdog considered this. ‘I think it would be better if it happened organically,’ he said carefully, ‘Don’t worry, Kati. Your friends will be ours, just as you are ours.

‘Now, I need you to shower and get dressed. We want you to be able to greet them properly.’

Kati nodded and sadly trudged off to the shower. While she was excited to see Lexi and Jasmine; she was nonetheless unhappy about having to wash Masterdog’s cum out of her pussy. It had, after all, felt so good the night before and she had hoped to have it remain inside of her forever. And, even though she knew it wasn’t really possible; she had even held out some hope that, perhaps at some point, Masterdog would be able truly breed with her and get her pregnant with his puppies. Again, she knew it wasn’t possible, but a girl could dream, right? And at that point, she could think of nothing more romantic than having Masterdog’s cum inside of her, breeding with her and filling her with new life. God, did she love being his sex toy!

Still, she washed and scrubbed herself fully, getting herself nice and clean for her friends. Her pussy and ass, sore from all the abuse that had taken the day before; she washed as well until all the dog cum spilled out of her. She watched sadly and it spilled out of her and down the drain. It was okay, she told herself. Soon enough, Masterdog, Rex, Spike and King would likely fill her with even more of their sperm and it would be back in her where it belonged.

She also brushed her teeth, washing the taste of doggy cum out of her mouth. Like washing out her pussy; this also depressed her. She had come to the point where she absoletely loved the taste of dog cum and to not feel it’s salty-sweet flavor at the back of her throat was nearly horrifying for the poor sex slave.

Meanwhile, Masterdog was looking into the minds involved with bringing Lexi and Jasmine to him. As it turned out; it was mostly King’s fault that the two sexy teens were being brought to the estate early and, while he was excited to have the two girls prancing around and serving their new masters; he nonetheless swore that he would talk to his friend about using his powers too freely.

As it turned out, after King had invaded Lexi’s mind, the girl had not only rushed into the bathroom to make herself come; she had remained so horny throughout the day that, all she could think about was sex. And, since Kati had gone; the only person Lexi really felt comfortable in making love to was Jasmine, who she didn’t have the opportunity to fuck until that night when she got home from school.

Lexi, being so horny and stimulated by what King had done to her, had practically attacked Jasmine when the two were alone together. She had thrown Jasmine on her bed, straddled her face and commanded the shy teen to eat her cunt, to fuck her and swallow her come. Jasmine, while not surprised by Lexi’s aggressiveness (Lexi often fucked her savagely; knowing that was what Jasmine really enjoyed), was surprised by her girlfriends relentlessness. Over and over again, Lexi fucked her, doing everything imaginable to her. However, it was when she was roughly fucking Jasmine with one of her strap-ons that truly got Lexi and Jasmine into trouble.

Lexi had not only plowed into the teen, she had done so with a ferocity that Jasmine was simply unaccustomed to. This was mostly because Lexi, at the time, had been thinking about the fucking King had sent her in his image and how, in that image, he had plowed into her with all the force that he could muster.

It was this hard fucking that had pushed Lexi to the point of no return. She wanted, no she NEEDED to give Jasmine the same sort of rough treatment and therefore fucked Jasmine with every ounce of her being. She called Jasmine a slut, a whore and had even spit in her face as she did all this, degrading the dark haired girl and pleasuring her as she did so.

She fucked Jasmine so hard, in fact, that the dark-haired teen had screamed in ecstasy as she came all over Lexi’s strap on. Lexi, realizing that she had gone too far, tried to cover Jasmine’s mouth but it was far too late for right then, the counselors at the group had stormed into their room.

And that was how they had found the two. Jasmine had been lying on her back, in the throes of one of her strongest orgasms ever. Lexi’s hand was covering her mouth and yet, at the same time, she had been thrusting into Jasmine’s pussy with her strap on with all the might of a battering ram. In fact, as the counselors enter, her fake cock had been so buried in Jasmine that the girl was practically crying with orgasmic pleasure.

The counselors had, naturally, been furious at the scene. Now, given that, at this group home, they cared very little about their charges; they only desired to get of the two girls (whom they now labelled as being ‘lesbo sluts’). Therefore, they had called Mr. Fitzsimmons and told him that, if he didn’t come and pick up the two girls and deliver them to Kati; they would likely either transfer the girls to a different group home or simply dump them by the side of a road somewhere. To the counselors at the group home; the two sex-crazed teens had simply become too much to handle.

Mr. Fitzsimmons, recalling that his primary goal that week was to get the two and bring them to the estate, was ecstatic. He had recalled that his specific instructions were to ‘get the girls to the estate as quickly as possible’ and while the group home had been working with him to make this happen; the truth was that they had been dragging their feet a little. After all, for each girl that was in their care; they made money off of and to lose three girls in a week would cost them hundreds of dollars.

However, given the fact that they had found the two young teens screwing each other’s brains out; they had thus become far more concerned about the legality of the situation. Such a thing could even lead to the group home being closed due to suspicions of negligence and it was for this reason that Jasmine and Lexi were ordered to pack their things so as to move in with Kati right away.

Both were, of course, absolutely thrilled with the idea of being with Kati again. The three girls had been so close and the sex between them had been so amazing; it was torturous for them to go without for a single day. To press each others pussies against one another, to lick each other to orgasms, to play with each other regularly; it was simply exhilarating for all of them. Lexi in particular, could not wait to see Kati again so that she could force the older girl to her knees and make her go down on her beautiful, pink pussy. While Jasmine was a terrific pussy-licker; there was always some so sweet about how Kati ate her out. It was like having a perfect little angel worshipping her cunt when Kati licked her.

The counselors had lectured Jasmine and Lexi about their actions, but the two didn’t care. Soon, they would be out of that shithole group home and be with Kati; living on a huge estate and living like queens. It would be magnificent.

Mr. Fitzsimmons, in accordance to the manipulations that Masterdog had fed into his brain, rushed to pick up the two girls and Masterdog, fearing the two girls would be entering a house that was in shambles (the dogs had made a little bit of a mess in gangbanging Kati into oblivion), barked orders to King, Rex and Spike. Even though it was, technically, Kati’s job to clean the house and take care of everything the animals so desired; they would need to get the place in order before the girls arrived.

Thankfully, the dogs, given that they typically had a lot of energy, were able to clamber out of bed and, understanding the urgency of the situation,  rushed so as to get the house in order. King was assigned to the kitchen. Rex and Spike were told to clean the entertainment room and their own room as well. Masterdog had to clean his room and make sure that Kati was completely ready to receive the Lexi and Jasmine.

As she exited the bathroom, sopping wet and positively dripping with loveliness; Masterdog examined her closely. She was perfect; a sweet little angel who deserved to be fucked a hundred times over and, with the way she was smiling at him and staring into his eyes; he desired to do just that. However, using all the restraint he could muster, he instead directed her to put one of her sexy little schoolgirl outfits so as to greet her friends. She would not need panties, of course, he told her. It was likely that Lexi would want to play with her best friend a little and Masterdog, thinking of all the fun she could have with that, did not want to do anything to prevent her from doing so.

When Mr. Fitzsimmons arrived with Lexi and Jasmine in tow, Kati ran out to greet them. Even though it had only been about two days since she had seen the pair; she nonetheless felt so happy to see them that she immediately embraced them. “I’ll take in the luggage,” Mr Fitzsimmons said inconsequentially as he hauled in Jasmine and Lexi’s stuff. Masterdog, having little desire to do anything with the lawyer, was already in his head, informing the geeky little man that his talents were needed far, far away from there. Therefore, Mr Fitzsimmons left as quickly as possible, not even bothering to look back at the estate. As far as he was concerned; his business with Jane, Kati and the rest was done.

“It is so good to see you!” Kati said as she embraced Lexi. She hugged the younger girl tightly but, given that Lexi was so excited to see her friend; refused to simply allow Kati to escape with just a hug. As Kati was about to withdraw from the younger girl; Lexi kissed her fully on the lips, plunging her tongue deep into Kati’s mouth.

Kati, while surprised at the amount of passion Lexi displayed, did not try to pull away. She had forgotten how good Lexi tasted and, after a second, returned the kiss with equal amount of passion. “I have missed you,” Lexi said sweetly and moved her hand so that it was soon reaching under Kati’s skirt. And, finding that Kati had come out without any pantieson; it was now her turn to be surprised. ‘But especially this sweet little pussy of yours. I can’t wait to go down on you girl but first ….”

She was about to start to force Kati to her knees and pull aside her own panties when Jasmine interrupted her. She needed to have Kati’s tongue buried in her, she told herself. While it had only been two or three days since Kati had pleasured her orally; that was far too long.

“Not now,” Jasmine said, hugging Kati from behind and pressing her own sweet body against her friend. Having been forced to eat out Lexi many times in the same fashion; Jasmine knew immediately where the scene was headed. And while she too, had missed making love to Kati; she wanted to take at least a few minutes to explore the estate first.

“Not now?” Lexi replied, surprised at Jasmine’s lack of desire to make love to Kati. She grabbed Jasmine’s right hand and guided it so that it to, underneath Kati’s skirt so that she could feel Kati’s bare pussy. “Feel how wet she is, Jasmine. You can’t tell me that you don’t want to taste that.”

Jasmine, aroused and happy to feel Kati’s bare twat, slid her fingers over it. Kati, who had always been unable to refuse her friends access to her body, moaned as Jasmine’s index and middle finger slid easily inside of her. At the same time, her thumb  strummed over Kati’s clitoris, pleasuring her and bringing Kati to the edge of orgasm. Then, just as Kati was about to cum; Jasmine slowly pulled her fingers out of her friend so as to taste her. “She still tastes delicious,” Jasmine said, her dark eyes burning into Kati’s. “But we can make love to her in a few minutes. I want to see the house.”

Lexi, however, was not about to be denied. Seeing her friend had made her horny for her and right now, she needs to feel Kati’s tongue on her twat. “This will only take a minute or so,” she said to Jasmine, and she gently pushed down on Kati’s shoulder until the sweet, angelic teen was on her knees. Then, pushing her skirt and panties, she pulled on Kati’s blonde hair, guiding her to her cunt. “Eat me out, bitch. Make me come in your mouth.”

Lexi’s beautiful and pink pussy laid before her and, despite her being forced to go down on her friend in what was, essentially, her own driveway; Kati hated even the idea of denying her friend sexual pleasure. Therefore, without hesitation, Kati wrapped her lips around Lexi’s beautiful cunt and licked her passionately. “Oh yeah,” Lexi moaned as she ground her twat against Kati’s mouth. “That’s it, Kati. Lick me; make me come.”

Kati had gone down on Lexi many, many times and thus knew exactly how to properly pleasure her. She knew how to slide her tongue on the girls slit; knew how to take her clitoris in her mouth and even knew that Lexi particularly enjoyed it when she put two fingers inside of her so as to intensify her orgasm. For these reasons, combined with Kati’s skill; it did not take long for her to make Lexi come; rewarding Kati’s efforts and thus flooding her mouth with her juices. Kati, who had always loved Lexi’s taste, swallowed her come eagerly before looking up at her and smiling angelically. “Thank you,” Kati said sweetly, her face covered with come and Lexi leaned down so as to kiss her friend.

“You’re welcome,” Lexi said softly, returning Kati’s sweet smile with one of her own. “It always makes me so happy to come in your mouth.”

Jasmine, who had become turned on by the sight of Kati being forced to go down on Lexi, now also grabbed Kati’s hair and guided her to her own cunt. Normally, Jasmine was not so aggressive, but Kati, who loved the taste of Jasmine as much as she did Lexi, was not about to complain. Jasmine, who was part arabic in her ancestry, had a much darker cunt; one which was also much stronger in flavor. However, she tasted just as wonderful to Kati, who did not hesitate in eating her out as well. “”Oh yeah….” Jasmine moaned as Kati licked and sucked her clit eagerly. Like Lexi, she grinded her pussy against Kati’s face, even pulling on her pigtails a little so as to properly guide her. In response, Kati slid her tongue all over Jasmine’s cunt before plunging it deep inside of her. “That’s it, Kati. Lick me….make me cum….”

Jasmine, she knew, loved it when Kati wrapped her lips around her clit and softly bit down on it with her front teeth and, therefore, just as Jasmine was about to cum; this is exactly what Kati did. Jasmine, who had always considered Kati to be an even better pussy-licker than Lexi, screamed as she squirted girl come all over the angelic teenagers face. “Fuck!” Jasmine cried as she flooded Kati’s mouth with her girl coming. “That was so good….”

Kati smiled at both of her fellow lovers and, understanding that Kati probably felt somewhat dazed at have swallowed their come, helped her to her feet. “That was amazing, Kati,” Lexi moaned into the teens mouth. “You are still the best pussy-licker in the world, I think.”

“Thank you,” Kati replied girlishly. “Maybe we should go inside and play around some more…I have been dying to play with the two of you…And the house; I think you’ll love it.”

Just before they entered the house, Lexi suddenly embraced Kati from behind and kissed her on her neck. “Hey, guess what?” she said, as she slid her hand downward so as to play with Kati’s pussy some more.

Kati moaned as Lexi played with her clit. “What is it, sweetie?”

“I brought all of my toys with me. You know that cock I used on you last week?”

Kati thought and recalled how Lexi had used an 8 inch rubber cock on her pussy.  The younger girl, being the insatiable nympho that she was had fucked both Kati and Jasmine with it until both girls had come repeatedly on them. It had felt so good at the time and both had practically begged Lexi to fuck them with it again. Lexi, however, had merely smiled and refused, saying that they would only get such pleasure from her on ‘special occasions’. “Sure,” she moaned as Lexi thrust three fingers into Kati. If the younger girl continued on with this, Kati thought, she was going to make her come for sure. “You really wore both Jasmine and I out with that thing….”

Lexi licked her ear and, while continuing to play with Kati’s clit, used her other hand to push open the front door of the house. “You recall how I told you that I would only use it on you in the event of a ‘special occasion’? I think this qualifies, don’t you? After all, that sweet little pussy of yours…I think it needs to be fucked.”

Kati moaned as she came onto Lexi’s hand. Masterdog was right, she thought as Lexi continued to make out her and brought her to orgasm. Girls like her should never wear panties. All they did was get in the way of her receiving pleasure.

They entered into the huge entertainment room where Kati had been gangbanged the previous day (in addition to being right next to Rex and Spike’s room; it was also the first room one came to when exiting the entryway of the house. And Lexi, seeing that there was a large couch nearby (it was, coincidentally, also the couch which the beautiful, angelic teen had laid upon while being used by the huge dogs), immediately pushed the older teen onto her back on it. “Jasmine,” Lexi said to the normally petite and coy teen. “Why don’t you go down on Kati for a bit? Get her ready; I want to fuck her in the same manner I was fucking you last night.”

Jasmine smiled, remembering how Lexi had pleasured her, did as she was commanded. Given that she was, normally, the most submissive of the three; she understood that it was her place to obey the other two. Therefore, she pushed Kati onto her back and, after smiling sweetly at the older girl, pushed her legs apart so as to give herself better access to her twat. Kati smiled back at Jasmine encouragingly and stroked her cheek. Jasmine was such a good little pet, she thought as she stroked the girl’s black hair. The dogs were absolutely going to love her. “Lick my pussy, whore,” Kati moaned; knowing how much Jasmine enjoyed being abused. She slapped the black-haired beauty’s cheeks before pulling her into her twat. “Go on, slut, make me come….”

Jasmine did not hesitate and began to eat out Kati with gusto, reveling in the taste of her pussy. “Mmmm…”Kati moaned. Over the past year, both Lexi and Kati had trained Jasmine well in the art of providing oral sex and while she would never be as good as Kati; she was nonetheless eager and obviously loved doing it. Therefore, Kati began to slowly grind her twat against Lexi’s tongue, encouraging her to go faster so that she could come all over the girls face.

“That’s it,” Lexi said encouragingly as she pulled her strap on from her luggage. “Go down on her, Jasmine. Make the little bitch come. I want her to be nice and wet so that I can slide this thing right into her….”

Her words were cut off as, just then, the Pack entered into the room. All of the dogs had, of course, been watching the scene (telepathically) with great amusement and lust. None of them had forced any sexual images into any of the girls’ minds up to that point so as to gain a better understanding of their personalities and, as they watched, came to the same realizations. These girls, they realized, were slutty, sex-crazed, and perfect for what they were planning.’

Lexi was the first to see the dogs as they entered and immediately locked eyes with that of King’s. This, she realized immediately, was the animal from her daydream the day before. He was the dog who had used her, fucked her silly and even shoved his knot in her.

Her mouth dropped immediately upon seeing the large animal and they locked eyes as he slowly approached her. “Remember me?’ he said inside her head as he approached her.

The little girl was so shocked at the voice in her head and the presence of the animal who she had believed to be a mere daydream that she simply had no response. Even when the dog walked right up to her and stuck his nose right into her crotch; she was still so shocked that she didn’t know what to say or do. It was only when King slowly stroked her pussy with his dick a few times was she finally jolted back to her senses. “Oh my god!” she cried, as she (very reluctantly) withdrew from King’s tongue. “Kati, you didn’t tell me that this place had dogs in the house!”

Jasmine, who had been eating Kati out enthusiastically, looked up and saw Rex and Spike looming over her. Immediately, the two large dogs calmed the teenger with their telepathic powers and she simply smiled at them and reached out to pet Spike’s head. “Good doggy,” she moaned and he rewarded her by licking her face. And while she didn’t quite understand her behavior at the time, she nonetheless opened her mouth so that he could plunge his tongue down her throat.

Meanwhile, Masterdog was staring at Kati with amusement. Her legs were spread and Jasmine’s head had been inches away from it. Even now; he could tell that Kati was in heat and desperate to come from Jasmine and Lexi’s exertions. She was eager to get fucked.

She smiled lethargically as she looked into Masterdog’s golden eyes but spoke to Lexi. “Oh yes,” she said slowly. “They are, quite possibly, the best dogs in the world. You’ll love them for sure.”

King, meanwhile, simply  would not leave Lexi alone. He began to place more images in the girls mind; images showing her getting fucked by him, sucking his dick and being knotted by him. At the same time, he continued to push his nose into her crotch, sniffing and licking at her pussy. And while Lexi tried desperately to resist the huge dog’s advances, she found herself beginning to melt. Her pussy, she was being told over and over again, belonged to King and right now, he wanted to use and knot with it. She would love it, King said in her mind; he would make her come time and again until she squirted all over his dick.

Jasmine, meanwhile, was being manipulated and controlled by Spike and Rex.  They wanted her to take them somewhere; to have a picnic with them at a nearby stream and, given her submissive nature; she felt compelled to obey. “Umm…” she said as she got up slowly. Kati’s pussy looked tempting but right now; there were two huge dogs who demanded her attention. “I hope you guys don’t mind….I need to go on a walk with these two dogs. Don’t worry though; I promise I will be back in just a little bit..”

“Jasmine!” Lexi cried, as her resistances to King continued to melt away. By now, he had her panties between his teeth and, just like he had with Kati, was beginning to pull them away from her. Soon, King thought, her pussy would belong utterly to him and he would pump a gallon of sperm into her where it belonged. However, despite her desire; Lexi’s will was strong and she was thus fighting King with all her might.

Jasmine quietly opened the front door and left with Rex and Spike, a large blanket tucked neatly in her arms. She smiled at Kati and Lexi as she left; her mind being filled and manipulated by the two huge mutts who followed her. All she knew was that she had to follow them; she was their slave and she was there to obey them.

Meanwhile, Masterdog stared at Kati. Frustrated at the loss of Jasmine, who had been on the verge of making her come; she looked at her master and smiled shyly. She horny and desperate, he saw, and it up to him, as her master, to please her. Also, it appeared to him that Lexi needed to be shown just how pleasurable dog sex could be.

He approached Kati, who continued to smile at him invitingly and stuck his nose in her crotch. “Mmmm…” she moaned as he began to lick her. While Jasmine’s tongue had been wonderful, Masterdog’s was even better and, when he began to softly lick her pussy; it did not take long for her to come. “Ohh, Lexi,” she said to her best friend, whose panties had now been completely ripped away by King. “This feels so fucking good….”

Lexi stopped resisting King for a second so as to stare at Kati. Her friend laid on her back, smiling happily as Masterdog licked at her pretty, pink pussy. “Does it really?’ she asked, looking shocked. “Have you….have you fucked these dogs?”

Kati, thinking about all the wonderful things the Pack had done to her, nodded. King, meanwhile, took advantage of Lexi’s lack of resistance to place his forepaws on her shoulders so as to knock her to the floor. “Ow!” Lexi cried. However, she was not hurt so much as shocked and quickly got over this shock when King began to lick at her face. He was kissing her, she realized, thrusting his tongue into his mouth and, given that her resistance was melting; she opened her mouth to receive and kiss him back. He kissed her all over her face, licking at her breasts and then began to move downward so as to lick at her sweet pussy.

Lexi tried to resist; really she did. Despite her constant need for sex, she was a strong girl and i seemed wrong for her to have sex with a dog; even one as handsome as this one. But, that tongue of his was simply too much of a delight for her to ignore. She had to have it, she thought as it gently lapped at her body. And, as it brushed over her clit, she moaned, thinking about how the dog would likely make her come time and again with his huge cock.

‘I think,’ Masterdog said, as he continued to eat out Kati, ‘That what Lexi really needs is a lesson on great dog sex can be. King, why don’t you come over to her and join me.’

King nodded. By now, Kati was positively squealing with delight at having Masterdog’s tongue buried in her. Over and over again, she came, squirting all over the huge dogs muzzle. And when King began to approach her, she held her trembling arms out to him, smilingly invitingly. King, she knew, would likely add to her pleasure. He would fuck and fuck her until she was nothing more than a quivering mass of slut.

Lexi, disappointed that King had stopped eating her pussy, was commanded to sit on a nearby chair so as to watch. However, just because Kind had stopped eating her didn’t mean that he was about to leave her alone. Instead, he continued to fill her mind with images of animal sex and even commanded her to touch herself while he and Masterdog tended to her friend. And so, she watched the proceedings with great interest, stroking her clit and becoming all the more the more turn on by the second.

As Kati’s pussy became all the more wet from Masterdog’s oral ministrations; she likewise opened legs further, inviting the huge dog to do as he liked with her. Her Master, was of course, only too happy to oblige her in this request and mounted her as she laid on her back. His dick, which was already erect, he rubbed against her pretty pink pussy slit. “Fuck!” Kati cried as her Master teased her, “Please, master….please fuck me…..”

Meanwhile, King positioned himself so that he was able to mount Kati’s front. His huge cock, which dangled just inches away from her lips was, too her, like a delicious lollipop; begging to be sucked upon. Therefore, the young girl opened her mouth and, as Lexi watched on, completely shocked by what she was seeing, wrapped her lips around King’s dick. She sucked him lovingly, doing her best to look into his eyes as she did so. He needed to be pleasured, she thought as she sucked the monstrous animal; and it was her job to pleasure him; to make him come in her mouth or all over her face if he so desired.

Masterdog, seeing that Kati was being driven wild by the sexual stimulation she had already been given; saw how wet and desperate the poor girl had become. More than anything else; the poor girl needed to get fucked and to keep her lying there without using her was more than cruel Therefore, he gently placed the tip of his cock at her pussy slit and, with all his might, forced all 11 inches of his cock deep inside the young girl.

At the familiar and exquisite feeling of Masterdog’s cock in her pussy; Kati squealed in delight. It felt so good to have the huge animal’s prick buried inside of her. Over and over again, she came at the feeling. Wrapping her legs around the waist of Masterdog, she thus encouraged him to force his dick even deeper inside of her pussy; to ravage her with all his might. And Masterdog, given how much he enjoyed fucking his little sex toy; was only too happy to oblige. He hammered into the girl, fucking her brutally as Kati gripped the couch and came over and over again. And, when she came, Masterdog slowed his thrusts down so as to calm his little whore before again thrusting into her with all the power of the strongest of battering rams.

Meanwhile, King began to thrust his dick into Kati’s mouth with even more urgency. She was such a delight, he thought as she sucked his cock. Always willing to do as she was ordered….he felt as though he could order her to suck his cock for the next million years and she would have done so without argument. She bobbed her up and down upon it eagerly, sucking and massaging his balls with her tongue.

At first, he was going to cum in her mouth but then, deciding that Lexi needed to see what her friend looked like as she was covered in doggy sperm he decided instead on showering her with the stuff. Therefore, just as he felt like he was about to shoot her cum down her throat, he pulled his cock out of her and began to liberally cover her face, chin, breasts and neck with his sperm. She smiled at King encouragingly as he did so; understanding that she belonged to him and was therefore his to do with as he willed.

Just as King was cumming all over her face; Masterdog also began to increase in his urgency in fucking Kati. He began to really hammer his cock into her unti, finally, he forced his softball sized knot deep into her pussy, making the sweet, angelic teen gasp and moan in ecstacy. Then, as he shot what seemed to be a gallon of sperm inside of her pussy, Kati whimpered as she came at the same time as Masterdog. It felt good, so good, to be used like this that she could feel her toes curl and her eyes roll into the back of her head as she came time and again at the feeling of being fucked by a dog.

“God,” Lexi moaned as she pumped her own fingers inside her pussy. Watching Kati getting fucked by the two huge dogs had been, by far, the hottest and sluttiest thing she had ever seen in her entire life. “Kati, that was so fucking hot!”

Kati, worn out and well-fucked by what Masterdog and King had done to her, stared lazily at her friend. Dog cum was leaking from her vagina and covered her face but, she could nonetheless tell that Lexi was desperate to get fucked in the same manner that she had been. “You know,” she replied, “they can do this for hours and hours. These dogs are not like boys….”

“Will they…will they fuck me?”

And with this, King’s voice came into her ear and as it did, she became filled with even more images of dog sex. ‘I will, sweetie. Why don’t you get on all fours for me?’

Lexi, being as horny as she had ever been in her life, did so without hesitation. She wanted; no she NEEDED to get fucked right then and there. “Please,” she moaned as she desperately played with her clit. “Please fuck me….”

King did not hesitate. Quickly, he placed his forepaws around Lexi’s waist and pushed his hard dick against Lexi’s bare slit. The poor girl needed to be fucked; to be knotted with and King was only too happy to oblige her in this. He pressed against the teenager and, with all the ferocity he could muster shoved the entire length of his prick deep into her pussy. Later, he told himself, he would fuck the teen gently and make love to her throughout the night. However, for right now, she needed to be fully indoctrinated in the thrills of dog sex and the only way to fully indoctrinate her was to use her to the point of exhaustion.

Lexi screamed as King entered her pussy. It felt so good to have the dog’s cock buried in her sweet, teenage cunt; it felt more than good; it felt RIGHT. It felt as though, for her entire life, she had been waiting to be fucked in such a manner; to be used until she screamed in orgasmic pleasure. Over and over again, she came onto King’s cock, until it felt to the huge animal like she was practically pissing on it.

Meanwhile, Masterdog had also ordered Kati onto all fours, so that she was facing Lexi. And, like King had done with his little slut; Masterdog, not to be outdone, mounted her and forced his dick back into Kati’s pussy where it belonged. ‘Unhhh,’ Kati moaned with pleasure as Masterdog fucked the sweet little angel with all his might. Even though he had just fucked her; she felt as though she had become insatiable where it came to his cock. She had to have it inside of her, plunging, fucking and using her.

Lexi had her eyes closed as King was mercilessly pounded into her. She was in ecstasy, Kati realized and seemed to be having an orgasm that just went on and on for hours. Bent over, with a huge dog cock buried in her pussy; Lexi looked absolutely lovely. God, Kati thought as she herself was getting fucked by Masterdog; how she adored her!

Almost on instinct, she kissed Lexi fully on her sweet lips. Lexi, surprised at the familiar feeling of Kati’s lips on hers, opened her beautiful green eyes and smiled at her  girlfriend. “Kati,” she moaned as both teens were roughly fucked by the two dogs. “This feels so fucking good….”

“I know. It’s the best, isn’t it?” Kati gasped as she came around Masterdog’s cock. The two kissed again, their tongue intertwining as the dog plowed relentlessly into their pussies. ‘I wish they could fuck us forever like this. Just wait until you feel King’s knot in you…”

Lexi didn’t have to wait long because, just then, King forced his huge knot deep inside of Lexi’s cunt. “Oww…” she cried painfully as the huge softball-sized knot was forced into her. “It’s so fucking big…Owww..”

Kati kissed Lexi again, trying to calm her down and ease her pain. “Don’t worry,” she whimpered as Masterdog now forced his own knot into her. “It hurts at first but in a second, it will feel good, so, so good. And just wait until he starts cumming in you…”

Lexi, feeling more full than she ever had in her entire life, began to feel the pleasure Kati had been referring to. It was as she were coming but, since her come had nowhere to go (due to her being locked onto the dogs cock), it simply stayed in her, warming her making her come even harder. Then, when King began squirting his own cum deep into her pussy, she moaned again with ecstasy. Their juices were mingling, filling her up and even making her belly slightly distend from the sheer amount of it. And, when King finally pulled from her cunt; what seemed like a river of their combined juices fell into a puddle on the ground.

Masterdog had also cum inside of Kati, forcing her to yet another orgasm and, within a minute, both teenagers were on the ground next to one another, gasping  with abject pleasure. “That was amazing….”Lexi moaned as she kissed Kati. The two made out for a second before looking over at their lovers, who were staring at them expectantly. “What magnificent animals….I hope they can fuck us like that forever…”

“I think they can…” Kati giggled as she reached out to touch Kings cock. Giggling softly, she moved so that she could wrap her lips around it so as to playfully blow him. Lexi, who certainly did not want to be outdone by her friend, did the same to Masterdog. Given that this was the first time she would be sucking a dog’s cock; she wanted to provide the dog with as much pleasure as possible. Therefore, she smiled at the dog, meeting his golden eyes with her pretty green ones. Then, she proceeded to wrap her lips around the huge doggy dick and just as Kati was now doing with King’s; she began bobbing her head up and down upon it eagerly.

As the two pretty teens playfully sucked their dicks; the two huge dogs looked at one another with pleasure. They were going to have a great time with these two little sex-toys of theirs and would likely use them long into the night.


Chapter 5: Jasmine has a good time

While Kati was introducing Lexi to thrills of Dog Sex for the first time; Jasmine was being led into the forest by Rex and Spike. They had been looking into the pretty brunettes mind, studying it and finding out everything they needed to know about the teen. And what they found pleased them greatly.

Jasmine, like Kati and Lexi, was a very sweet, charming and sexy girl who immediately caught. the attention of everything whom she came across. She was artistic, kind, gentle, extremely kind but, unlike Kati and Lexi, was also extremely shy. She wasn’t awkward by any stretch of the imagination; she simply enjoyed being around those individuals whom she perceived as being strong and liked to hide behind them. Given that she was petite (standing at 4’11 and weighing barely 88 pounds; she was smaller than either Kati or Lexi) and, because of her kind nature; it simply made her feel protected and loved to be able to stand behind those who she perceived to be stronger than her.

When Kati and Lexi had seduced her for the first time; she had absolutely adored every second of it. The two girls had been rough with her, had used her pussy to their liking and had, quite simply, fucked her until she had become some by everything they had done to her. She loved it; loved being dominated and thrown around as it made her feel as though all that was the only reason why she existed: to be fucked by those stronger than her. But, by giving herself to Kati and Lexi; they in turn comforted and protected her. They made her feel safe, tiny, and secure; like she was nothing more than a little sex kitten who wanted nothing more than to curl up in their arms.

When she had first met Rex and Spike; they had immediately invaded her mind. They did not speak to her in the same manner that King and Masterdog had done with Kati and Lexi. They did not flood images of them fucking her into her mind so a to seduce her into the thrills of beastial sex. Instead, they simply showed themselves next to her; appearing strong and powerful, standing next to her. In the vision that they showed her; they pressed against her tightly, baring their teeth and scowling at all those who dared present themselves as a threat to the little teenager. In this way; their message to these ‘threats’ was clear: They would eagerly tear apart all those who dared to touch their toy.

When they had ordered her to grab a blanket so as to go walking with them; their dual voices in her head had been so harsh and dominant that the pretty, black-haired teen hadn’t even hesitated in doing as she was bid. These two (whom she knew instinctively were brothers) did not make ‘requests’ of a girl like herself. They commanded her and she obeyed. Whatever they wanted, she would give to them and in turn, they would protect her forever.

They guided the pretty teen to a nearby pond. It was a beautiful area with trees and flowers growing everywhere. The air itself smelled of roses, irises, trees and other wildflowers which seemed to bloom everywhere. The pond itself contained such pure and clean water that Jasmine, knowing instinctively how clean it was; dipped her hands in it so as to take a drink, revelling in it’s fresh taste. ‘Mmmm,’ she moaned as she took in her surroundings. She felt so safe and secure with the two huge dogs in this literal paradise that she closed her eyes and when she opened them, believed for a second that she would find herself back at the group home. This place combined with how protected and loved she felt; it seemed almost unreal to her.

She laid the blanket down and, as she did so, Rex almost immediately placed his forepaws on her shoulders so as to knock her over. “Oomph…” she cried as she fell on her butt. She wasn’t hurt; only surprised. And, when Rex began to lick her face; it only took her a second to respond.

She kissed him back, taking the large dog’s tongue into her throat so that they could make out for a minute or two. And, at the same time, the huge dog pressed his body against hers, making her feel all the more warm and protected.

As Rex made out with her, Spike likewise approached the pretty little teenager from behind and began to lick her ears. This felt so good to the girl; never before had she imagined that she would be so well protected by two huge dogs who were so intent on licking her and making her feel loved.

Rex, wanting to taste the girl’s pretty breasts, began to bite at her shirt, nipping at it so as gain better access to Jasmine’s body. And while Jasmine knew that she would be giving herself to these amazing animals in every way they demanded of her; she first wanted to enjoy the beautiful and tranquil place. “Not now,” she giggled, playfully pushing the large dog away

He stared into her eyes. A part of the large dog made him want to bend over the tiny girl and fuck her right there. It was what she was there for, after all; to serve as his and Spike’s slave. And, it was what he would have done with Lexi or Kati.

But this girl was different. She was sweeter and more coy than her friends. She liked sex (a lot) and she would enjoy being used by the dogs. However, more than getting fucked; Jasmine liked to be cuddled and adored. If Rex and Spike did that (thus making her feel protected) she would give aspect of herself to them.

So, instead of simply fucking the teens brains out, Rex simply continued to pressed his huge body against the teen. He licked her face, neck and chin while Spike continued to lick her ears. ‘You are such a pretty, sweet, little girl,” Spike suddenly said in her mind and the girl smiled. ‘Don’t worry, my brother and I will protect you forever.’

Jasmine smiled and Rex licked her arms softly. ‘Look at us,’ he said, “If anything tries to hurt you, sweetie, we will tear them apart. I promise; you will be safe with us forever. We won’t allow anything to hurt you…’

The petite teen groaned. The sun was so warm, the dogs felt so good and the whole area smelled so heavenly….it was as though she were in paradise. “May I….May I take a swim in the pond?” she asked the two dogs.

Spike and Rex considered this. On one hand, they didn’t want to break the spell they had over her but on the other; allow her into the pond would make her feel as though she still had some say over what was going to happen to her. It would add to the warm feeling  and make her first time with the dogs more romantic; thus making her more willing to give herself fully to them. Plus, if they were allowed to go swimming; they would be able to see her naked.

‘That sounds fine,’ Rex replied. Neither he nor Spike took their eyes off the teen as she undressed, displaying her cute, naked body to the two huge animals.

And she was cute! While the petite girl stood at only 4’11 (if the dogs stood on their hind legs; they would have easily towered over her); her breasts were actually fairly large for her size (a solid ‘b’ cup) and topped with large, sexy brown nipples. Her, which was perfectly round and adorable looked as good, if not better than that of Lexi or Kati’s. Her skin was dark, creamy and absolutely perfect. Her sweet little pussy, shaved and thus completely smooth, was topped with the most magnificent labia that the dogs had ever seen. And finally, her clit (as though it knew the pleasure that the two animals were going to give to her) seemed to practically quiver in anticipation at what Rex and Spike were going to do to her.

The dogs licked their lips. This tight little teen was an absolute sex pot and neither could for their opportunity to fuck her brains out. However, in this case, they merely watched as she jumped into the pool and frolicked around for a few seconds. ‘She is something, isn’t she?’ Rex said to Spike, astounded by the treat that had been given to them.

‘Yup,’ Spike replied. ‘Also, did you see how she likes to be dominated? To be used and fucked…it makes her feel safe.’

‘I know,’ Rex replied. He looked at the sexy teen as she swam in the pond. She looked so good, with her perfectly round ass, full, pouty lips and sweet little pussy that he felt as though he simply could not resist her anymore. ‘You are such a sexy little whore.’ he said deep into the girls mind, and hearing this she stopped and stared at the two brothers.

She smiled at them, looking deeply into their yellow eyes encouragingly and Rex, seeing that this as an invitation, jumped into the pool with her. He was not a great swimmer, but he was nonetheless on her with a few seconds, licking at her face and pressing his hard cock against her belly. ‘Do you like that, slut?’ he asked her as he pressed his hardness against her stomach. Jasmine moaned and nodded as Rex’s tongue swept over her in the water. ‘I think then, it is time for your sweet little body to be used and fucked, don’t you think?’

Jasmine nodded and quickly paddled to the shore with Rex right behind her. He and his brother were going to use the pretty little teen in every way possible and, in doing so; they were going to make her feel so loved and protected that she would beg for more.

Jasmine was soaked from head to foot in water as she exited the pool. She looked absolutely beautiful; and this time Spike did not hesitate in sticking his nose right between her legs so as to lick at her perfect, teenage pussy while Rex stuck his tongue between her asscheeks so as to lick her there. “Mmmm,” the pretty, raven-haired teen moaned as the dogs licked at her. She laid on the blanket on her side so as to allow them better access. The dogs, loving the taste of her, licked at her pussy and ass simultaneously. God, did it feel good! Every swipe of their tongue was like a washcloth being rubbed against her cunt and ass and, in only thirty second, she was cumming all over the dog’s mouth. “Shit!” she cried as she came. Lexi and Kati had both gone down on her many times but never had it felt this good!

When she was finished cumming, the little teen rolled over on her back and stared at the trees overhead. Her pussy, now completely exposed and open, sat before the two huge dogs; both whom looked at it lustfully. She looked at both of them somewhat fearfully as they eyes her. They could do whatever they wanted to her now, she thought as they moved their bodies closer to hers; and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She was theirs. She belonged, essentially, to them. But they would not hurt her. They would fuck and use her, but they would not hurt her.

‘Get on all fours, bitch,’ Spike was suddenly in her head, jolting her to reality. ‘I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you NOW!’

Jasmine, who hadn’t been expecting to be so abused, smiled shyly and found herself becoming all the more turned on. Quickly, so as to not disobey her new masters, she rolled over on her stomach and raised her ass high in the air so that Spike could mount her. Knowing that this was the type of girl who needed to be treated like a sex kitten out of bed and bitch while in it; Spike did not even try and tease the young teenager even a little. Instead, he viciously shoved all 10 inches of his huge dog cock deep into her sweet little pussy.

Jasmine screamed as the huge dog cock raped her. It felt good; so good to be ridden by the dog but, given that this was her first real fucking by a male….she simply hadn’t expected it to be so rough. “Mmm…” she moaned as the huge dog plowed into her pussy. “Fuck me, doggy. Please, rape me. Make me into your slut….”

Her pussy, full of dog cock, felt wonderful and she began to cum all over the dog dick, begging him to fuck her harder and faster. ‘You already are our slut,’ Rex said into her haid. He was in her mind somehow, twisting and manipulating her so as to make the young teen feel even more pleasure. ‘Because that is what you are. A disgusting, little slut who was made to suck and fuck our cocks. Sure, you act all sweet and innocent but Spike and I knew the truth about you from the second you walked in the door. And the truth is that you need for every one of your holes to be stuffed with cock. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it? To have Spike’s doggy dick buried in your pussy?’

Jasmine looked up at Rex, who was now looking right into her eyes as his brother fucked deep into her pussy. “Yes it does,” she moaned. Spike, who was really plowing into her at this point was making her come over and over again until it felt as though each  of her orgasms were merely a part of one big one.

‘And do you know what I think you need at this point?’ Rex asked. ‘Do you know what I think will make our slut really happy?’

Jasmine couldn’t think. She could only moan as her pussy massaged Spike’s huge dick. However, despite the pleasure her sweet, tight twat, was giving him; Spike refused to shove his knot in her and cum. Not yet, anyway. No, Jasmine needed to first be teased, used and abused and then, if she was lucky; the dogs would reward her by coming all over and inside of her. She shook her head at Rex and simply whimpered. ‘I think that what our slut needs is my cock in her mouth. After all, you exist to please us, don’t you, slut?’

The beautiful teen nodded and Rex placed his forepaws on her shoulders so that he could mount her face. His cock, which looked angry, red-veined, huge and delicious to the teen, hung but a few inches from her lips and she leaned forward so as to take it down her throat. ‘Ah, ah, ah…’ Rex said in her mind. ‘I don’t think you really want this doggy dick down your throat, slut. I think you should be for it.’

Jasmine looked at Rex pleadingly. “Please,” she moaned. Spike, who was beginning to understand that game his brother was playing with the teen, slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy. “Please fuck me.”

‘Hmmm…” Rex moved his dick forward so that jasmine was able to suck on the tip of his cock. Meanwhile, Spike pushed his cock forward so that the tip of it just barely rested inside of her slit. “I don’t know….I think you should beg even more for it….C’mon now…let’s hear you scream for it. You little slut….you know you want to.’

“Please fuck me!” Jasmine moaned louder. With every passing second that the dog’s cocks were not buried in her, she felt all the more empty. Why did they have to torture her like this? Spike pushed his dick further into her and began stroking it lazily into her pussy while Rex pushed his cock into her mouth some more. And once, again, the teen began to come around Spike’s dick when, suddenly, both dogs pulled from her mouth and her pussy. ‘What was that, whore?’ he asked her teasingly. “I think you will need to be a bit louder. I am a little deaf in my right ear, you see….’

“PLEASE FUCK ME! MAKE ME INTO YOUR SLUT!” Jasmine screamed. Now, she had to have the two dog cocks in her. Rex’s dick was so delicious and Spike’s felt so good in her; she felt as though if the dogs continued to refuse him, she would likely die.

‘What are you?’


She now sounded so desperate that neither Rex nor Spike felt anymore need to tease the poor girl. Her pussy, which was dripping with desire, received Spike’s cock easily and, at the same time, she sucked lovingly on Rex’s dick; hoping to make the two dogs cum all over her. It was, she thought maddeningly, the true mark of a whore to be covered with a dog’s sperm. And, given that she was a whore in every sense of the word; it was only right she be filled and decorated with doggy cum.

However, the two huge dogs did not come in her right away. Instead, they continued to ravage the girl, fucking her until both her pussy and mouth became sore by what they were doing to her. “Please…” she moaned. “Please give me your come. I want it….I need it….”

Once again the teen was becoming desperate and, seeing this, the dogs took pity on the beautiful teenager. Spike, therefore, quickened his pace and with a long yowl, shoved his huge knot deep inside of the cute teenager. The knot, being monstrously huge, made Jasmine scream in almost pure agony as she came; an orgasm which only intensified as Spike began to pump what seemed to be gallons of his come inside of her.

Meanwhile, Rex, who had been thrusting his cock into Jasmine’s mouth with fierce intensity, suddenly pulled his cock from the back of her throat. Like Spike, the huge dog also yowled and spurted his cum all over her face.

“Mmmm…” Jasmine moaned as the dogs withdrew from her. She rolled over on her back and stared at the pair of them. This was how it was meant to be, she thought as her pussy leaked doggy cum and she placed it with that which was now covering her body. A whore like herself; she needed to be completely filled and decorated like this. She stared at the two dogs happily, licking her lips and occasionally dipping her finger into Rex’s sperm so as to lick it off. “Come and cuddle me. Be sweet to your slut and hold me…”

Rex looked over the little teen. ‘Not just yet, whore,’ He said in her mind. ‘Now that my brother has had that cute little cunt of yours; I think I want some of that as well. And I know that Rex wants to try out that cute mouth of yours so….’

Jasmine nodded subserviently and rolled on all fours again so that rex could mount her. And, just like his brother; Rex was ferocious in his plowing of her, fucking her brains out until her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Likewise, Spike mounted her front, shoving his huge cock down her throat.

At least this time they didn’t tease her, she thought as they rode her. It seemed like the two dogs had come to the realization that she was willing to completely submit to them and be their whore. And it was for this reason that they fucked their cocks into her mouth and pussy, making her come over and over again until she practically cried in pleasure.

After thirty minutes of this relentless fucking; Rex shoved his knot into Jasmine’s pussy, making her scream as she orgasmed around it. At the same time, Spike, shoved the entire length of his dick into Jasmine’s throat, groaning as she swallowed every droplet of his cum.

Again, Jasmine laid on the blanket, gasping with pleasure. Her mouth had been filled with sperm and her sweet, tight pussy leaked with doggy cum. She felt so great that she reached out to the dogs and this time, they laid next to her so as to make her feel protected and warm. “That was so wonderful,” she gasped as the dogs gently licked her face. In that instant; she felt so comfortable, warm and loved that she could have died from the sheer amount of pleasure she was experiencing. “Please, please, please….promise me that you will fuck me like that every day; every night until the end of time. Please, it is what I need. It is what I deserve. I need to be your slave…”

The two dogs looked and grinned at each other. They were going to have so much fun with this little whore.

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