Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The lorry carrying the gorilla to it’s new home at a different zoo was not travelling very fast as it approached the bend in the country lane but as the lorry went round the bend it suffered a puncture which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, the lorry over turned as it did the back doors of the cage sprung open allowing the gorilla to escaped, the driver of the lorry was stunned in the accident and it was half a hour before the crash scene was found, an alert was put out by the police and a search for the escaped gorilla was mounted. At the school near to the crash scene they had been told of the escaped animal and the school was put into lock down, all students were kept in classrooms and doors locked. sixteen year old trouble maker Tina who never did as she was told , and ignored people head the lock down alarm but decided to ignore it and decided that as nobody would be about and the gym tutor was off sick it would be a good time to get a shower and walked down to the shower block where she stripped and was soon standing under the shower with out knowing that Asif a twelve year old Bengali boy who was bunking lessons was watching her, Asif was admiring Tina’s large boobs and love tube thinking very nice when he saw the gorilla heading towards the area he was, Asif quickly got up high and shouted run it is an ape, Tina heard the shout and looked out from the shower as she did she saw the gorilla and thought oh shit and when the gorilla grabbed her hair and flung the naked Tina across the room Tina screamed, the force of her crashing onto the floor knocked the wind out of her and she lay stunned, after a few minutes Tina regained her senses and saw the gorilla standing over her but was to scared to move, when the gorilla started to rub the back of it’s paw over Tina’s body she just lay there feeling terrified but after a few minutes Tina started to get relaxed and after another five minutes was starting to enjoy having her body rubbed by the soft hairy paw and was soon quite aroused but when the gorilla pulled Tin up she got scared again and managed to get free and tried running but ran into long knee high benches and fell over them, Tina was half over the bench Asif who had been watching looked at Tina’s naked bum sticking up and thought well nice, before Tina could get up the gorilla reached her and Tina felt it’s heavy weight on her back then a warm damp patch slide back and forward over her bum and realising the patch was the gorilla’s dick thought oh shit and screamed for help but none came, Tina felt the patch rubbing over her love tube and screamed even louder and then to her horror Tina felt the gorilla’s dick slide into her love tube and felt the gorilla start humping away Tina yelled louder but still nobody came the gorilla continued to hump away and after five minutes Tina started to find she was enjoying it and became relaxed and after a few more minutes climaxed groaning as she did and after awhile had climaxed three more more times before she felt the gorillas dick pull out of her love tube. Asif had watched the whole event wide eyed and saw the gorilla amble off into the main part of the school and minutes later heard sirens, Tina had managed to get back into the shower where half hour later one of her friends found her and when her friend said to her ” your bloody luck there was a gorilla in school you could have been killed” Tina thought oh yes I was lucky.

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