Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Following many years of civil unrest in which large parts of the country had been destroyed by rioters the government brought in tough measures to combat the unrest, prisons were over flowing with rioters and there was no where to hold new prisoners so the government brought back slavery, there were two different type of slaves, those who had committed minor offences and worked for no pay and those who had committed major offences and  were public slaves who had no right at all and worked naked and were at the mercy of who ever saw them, Steve was a sixteen year old thug who was very violent racist and homophobic, his sister Sara who was two younger than what he was had the same reputation both were well feared and people stayed clear of them, the pair lived on a farm just outside the main town, Sara was giving Tina one of the farm staff a lot of abuse and hitting her, Sara hated Tina who was sixteen and a lesbian, Sara heard the engine of a van turned and saw the black van with the words ” slave Control” on the side of it, the van stopped near to where Sara was, the crew of the van got out went straight to Sara and held her by the arms and told her that by order of the court she was now a public slave, Sara struggled tried to break free but could not, one of the guards produced a very sharp knife and cut through Sara’s clothes and pulled them free of her body leaving her naked then after putting a slave band on her arm turned to Tina and told her that she was now in charge of the farm, and walked away. Tina looked at Sara and said to her ” at last you are naked and have a nice set of tits on you” then picked up the fallen stun stick that Sara had dropped and jabbed her with it making her jump and cry out in pain, after a jabbing Sara a few times with the stick Tina told her to go to the barn, Steve was standing in a state of shock after being informed that like his sister he was now a public slave, the guard was cutting through his clothes with the sharp knife and once his clothes were on the floor and he had the slave band on his arm the guards left, Steve started to walk across the field towards the farm, Abdul a sixteen year old free boy saw Steve and said to his sister who was four years younger than him ” fucking hell look Steve has been made a slave and is naked” Abdul’s sister sat up looked at Steve smiled saying his cock is big I am going to play with it, got up walked to Steve and said ” nice cock” and held his seven inch dick in her hand and started to stroke it and after a few minutes let go of it and admired the naked white thug who had a nine inch erection the she started to stroke Steve’s dick again and after a few minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts, Abdul and his sister walked away heading towards the farm, Steve saw his girlfriend Mary and went over to her, Mary smiled at him and told him as he was now a public slave she could no longer date him and then told him that her ten year old sister Paula had just seen his hard cock and seen him squirt his spunk and loved it, Steve saw Paula smiling, Mary then told him her friends are going to be enjoying them selves with his cock at their disposal and walked away saying look behind you, Steve looked and saw the local butcher who was a forty year old gay man, the butcher did not hesitate he went straight to Steve and started to rub his bum saying ” I will teach you to give me aggro you little wanker” Steve screamed as he felt the butchers seven inch erection slide up his bum, the butcher thrust in and out of the straight thugs bum making him cry out and after a few minutes squirted his cum up the virgin bum. After the butcher had left Steve decided it would be better to find somewhere to hide out and headed towards the woods, as he got to the woods he saw four boys he knew and was friendly with he went to them hoping to get some help, the boys who were all a year younger than what Steve was, unbeknown to Steve the four boys were all gay and they stood smiling at the sight of a naked Steve looking in awe at the way his seven inch dick gently swayed from side to side as he walked, when Steve got to the boys one of them said ” breakfast dinner tea and supper in one go” Steve looked at the boy and asked him what he was on about, the boy lowered his joggers letting his eight inch erection spring out and said ” guess” Steve looked in surprise and said ” your fucking queer” another boy grabbed Steve’s dick and said to him” we all are and guess what we are getting before taking you home to our little sisters so they can play with your cock, Steve saw that four boys had their erect dicks out and he was soon forced down on to his hands and knees with one boy pushing his dick into his bum another of the boys was pushing his dick into Steve’s mouth and once it was in started to thrust it in and out making Steve gag as he did and after thrusting away in side Steve’s mouth squirted his cum down Steve’s throat making him swallow it and gag even more, Steve felt the dick in his bum pull out and felt warm wet spatters on his back as the boy squirted his cum up his back, after twenty minutes each of the boys had taken turns in Steve’s bum or mouth and were now stood smiling as his ex girlfriend said to him ” I always wanted to see you getting fucked and now I have seen you get fucked up your bum and in your mouth and there will many others having fun with you. The boys took Steve to one of the boys home where his nine and ten year old sister stared at the dick of the naked thug and after a few minutes the sisters of the other boys were at the house all smiling broadly.

By Tommy

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