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Tracy was the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, at just sixteen years of age Tracy had everything that she wanted, she went on holiday three times a year to the family villa in Italy, she dressed in designer clothes and attended many functions, it was at one of these functions that Tony the son of another very rich man took her to the wine cellar where he slid her one piece ballroom gown off her shoulders letting her bra less boobs fall into view and after sucking her nipples for a few minutes pulled the designer split on her gown open and slid her panties down and off then after rubbing her hairless love tube for a couple of minutes undid his trousers pulled his eight inch erection free and slid it up Tracy’s love tube and started to thrust in and out but only lasted a minute before he squirted his cum over the floor, Tracy was angry and disappointed at the very poor performance from Tony and after adjusting her gown stormed off with out putting her panties back on, Tracy was so angry that she left the dance and after telling her driver to go she would walk home started to walk home, as she walked along the country lane she could feel the wind blowing the bottom of her gown open and blowing round her love tube which started to make her feel horny, Tracy climbed over the fence into a field where she walked away from the road then pulled her gown open and stood enjoying the wind as it blew against her love tube, then lowered her top so the wind was also blowing against her boobs which now had erect nipples, after a minute Tracy took her gown right off and stood naked for a few minutes before laying flat on her back with her legs apart enjoying the sensation of the wind blowing on her love tube and her ample boobs then Tracy felt something wet slide up her legs and saw a dog licking her legs, as she started to sit up she saw a second dog which started to lick her face and another started licking her stomach, Tracy tried to get up but could not, she then felt the dog that was licking her leg start to lick her love tube the dog licking her stomach wandered off, while the dog licking her love tube moved up to her stomach, when Tracy tried to push it off the dog growled which frightened Tracy and made her leave the dog which was now licking her boobs, Tracy felt something wet slide up the inside of her leg and quickly realised it was the dogs dick and tried to close her legs but before she could she felt the dogs dick pushing into her love tube and felt it slide right in then start to hump her, she then felt the dog that had been licking her face stop and its dick on her face before she could react the dick slid into her mouth causing her to gag then start to hump her mouth, after a few minutes Tracy started to feel very aroused and after a few more minutes climaxed not long after she gagged again as the dog humping her mouth filled it with it’s juices which Tracy had no option but to swallow, the dog humping her love tube carried on humping and soon Tracy climaxed again then felt the dogs twitch and love tube become extra sticky, after a few minutes the dogs wandered off, Tracy then saw Sara one of the girls from the village who she knew was sixteen looking down at her, Sara said ” that was my dogs that just fucked you but do not worry I will not tell anybody ” Tracy stood up and put her gown on, When Sara said my parents are away if you want to have a bath before you go home and wash the smell of dog off you you can ” Tracy followed Sara back to her house where after half of a hour she was relaxing in a nice hot bath thinking fucked by a dog got dog spunk in my mouth and it felt good, The bath room door opened and Sara walked in with a cup of tea saying this will help get rid of the taste of dog spunk ” after handing the tea to Tracy Sara said ” you been thinking of the dogs fucking you ” Tracy said ” what ” Sara then said ” your nipples are very erect ” and smiled as she did, Tracy did not say anything. Sara then said ” do not worry I let them fuck me there are better than some of the boys, Tracy was stunned by what she had just heard and when a dog entered the bath room Tracy watched as Sara undid her jeans and slid them down and watched as the dog started to lick Tracy’s love tube, after a couple of minutes Sara stopped the dog and pulled her jeans up saying see you down stairs and left the bath room, after ten minutes Tracy got out of the bath wraped her towel round herself and went to the lounge, as she walked in she saw Sara laying naked on the couch with a dog licking her ample boobs, Tracy stood watching after a few minutes Sara said take your towel off and lay on the floor, Tracy smiled and did as Sara had said, after a few minutes the dog had not been near Tracy, Sara said ” it can only smell soap ” got up off the sofa and got a jar as she did she said this is aniseed dogs love it, then went over to Jenny knelt down beside her then pours some of the aniseed onto Tracy’s body then started to rub it into Tracy’s boobs which surprised Tracy, after rubbing the aniseed into Tracy’s boobs Sara started rubbing some into Tracy’s love tube pushing her fingers slightly inside as she did, soon the dog was sniffing round Tracy and licking her boobs and love tube, Sara said ” here it comes ” Tracy then felt the dogs dick sliding into her love tube and was soon breathing heavy as the dog humped away, Sara then said ” you have got a beautiful pair of tits ” and started to rub them, Tracy was a bit surprised then Sara stopped rubbing Tracy’s boobs and started to lick and suck her nipples, Tracy was soon groaning in deep pleasure and climaxed twice before she felt the dogs dick twitch, A hour later Tracy was walking back to where she lived thinking fucked by dogs and groped by a girl who has given me her phone number I have got a new friend or two I will have to phone her some time, At the weekend Tracy’s parents went off on their annual six week holiday, all the staff from the mansion where Tracy lived were now on leave annual leave leaving Tracy on her own, Tracy phoned Sara and twenty minutes later both girls were keeling naked by Tracy’s bed being humped by dogs.

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