Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Amy was sat on the swings in the local park, she was not happy her boyfriend of two years had dumped her and was now dating her best friend July. It was late and the park was deserted apart from herself and old Bob the local homeless person who everybody liked and helped. A few days ago on her 16th birthday Bob had given Amy a half empty can of cider, Amy smiled at the thought got up walked deeper into the park where she saw Mark July’s younger brother who was known as a scheming cheating sod. Amy got on well with him but never fell for his scams. Amy went and spoke with Mark and as was normal Mark tried chatting Amy up, and as was normal Amy rejected his advances. After talking for awhile Mark got up went to the bushes for a wee after a short time Amy looked and saw Mark stood peeing and got a surprise, she got a good view of Mark’s dick she saw his 7 inch soft hairy dick and was surprised at the size it was bigger than her ex -boyfriend’s. Mark returned, Amy said “how the fuck did you get a cock the size of what you got” Mark smiled replied “I brought it on line” Amy laughed said “get me one” Mark replied “you cam have this one” he then stood lowered his joggers letting his dick come out, Amy looked at it feeling her juices start to flow, she said “put it away” Mark noticed the pokies in Amy’s tee shirt felt his dick start to harden and replied “looks like you want it” reached forward and squeezed the pokies, Amy stared at Mark’s now solid 9 inch fat dick, her mouth was wide open, Mark started to rub Amy’s boobs, he then lowered his hands and slid them under Amy’s tee shirt and up to her bra less boobs and started to squeeze the erect nipples. Amy stopped him pulled his hands out saying “not here” and led him to the bushes where she undid her jeans and took them off before laying on the ground with her legs apart, Mark removed his joggers got between Amy’s parted legs and slid his throbbing member into Amy’s waiting wet love hole pushing in as deep as could making Amy cry out with pleasure before he started pounding away into the very wet love tube, Mark raised Amy’s tee shirt over her head and off before starting to nibble her very erect nipples as he pounded away into her, after a few minutes Amy moaned loudly as she climaxed, Mark carried on pounding away causing Amy to climax twice more before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum up her body, the couple lay side by side for awhile before Mark stood put his joggers on said “I will get some water from the fountain” and walked off, Amy got on her knees reached forward for her jeans as she did she felt hands on her hips, she said “you randy bugger hurry up” and felt the sensation as the dick slid inside her still moist tube and start to bang away, after a few minutes Amy climaxed she felt the dick pull out and saw a spurt of cum go past her face, she lay flat on her front, after 10 minutes Mark returned with water, helped Amy clean up before they both walked off, as they walked Amy saw Bob smiling she said to Mark “I think he watched us fuck” Mark said “yeah when I went for the water he was stood looking in when I got back he was doing his trousers up he must of had a wank while looking at you” Amy then realised it was Bob who had took her from behind. after they parted Amy sat on the swings again, she saw Bob and though to herself I have been fucked by a boy a bit younger than myself and a man old enough to be my dad and they were both good, Later under the shower at home Amy decided she would give Mark a blow job next time she saw him.

By Yumiko

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