Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Seventeen year old Steve was a security guard at a very old castle that was a very big tourist attraction. The castle was closed for the weekend and Steve was the only guard on duty for the next two days, Steve was showing Amy his sixteen year old girlfriend round the castle, they were the only people in the place, when they went into the torture chamber Amy walked over to the stocks and said ” I have seen these in books never for real,” Steve put your head in there” Amy did and Steve closed the top down then secured Amy’s ankles in the bottoms and after locking the top stepped back looked at the now helpless Amy and said to her ” I know that you two timed me with my best mate Colin so your dumped but before you go I am having fun I am getting what you would not let me have” Amy tried to get free of the stocks but found that she was being held in them to tightly and could not get free and despite saying she was sorry and begging Steve to let her go free Steve did not and after producing a very sharp pair of cutters he cut all of Amy’s clothes off leaving her naked, Steve then undid his trousers releasing his nine inch solid dick and moved closer to Amy and for the first time in her life Amy felt a dick slide into her mouth causing her to gag as it slid in, Steve said ” suck it you dirt slag” and started to thrust in and out of the helpless Amy’s mouth squirting his cum into her mouth after ten minutes, Amy had no choice but to swallow Steve’s cum. Steve stood back smiled and as he left the chamber said ” will be back a bit later meanwhile here is some company for you” Tracy looked in horror as Steve’s brother Mark who was two years younger than what Steve was and who Tracy hated walked into the chamber, Amy saw that Mark was naked and that he had a seven inch erection, Mark said look at these tits boys and three of Marks class mates walked into the view of Tracy who saw that they were all naked with erections, soon Mark was thrusting his erect dick in and out of Amy’s mouth and when he squirted his cum into her mouth Amy had to swallow it, then one by one Mark’s mate all thrust in and out of Amy’s mouth squirting their cum into it which Amy had no choice but to swallow, after the last boy had finished with Amy’s mouth they all left the chamber slapping Amy’s bum hard as they went and saying see you later bitch, After the lads had gone a naked Steve walked in and said to Amy ” it is sure as hell going to be a long two days” and after a pause said ” a slag like you will enjoy then added come on in, when a group of Steve’s mates walked in all naked and all with erections Amy looked in horror, when Steve slid his dick into her bum Amy cried out and knew that things were only going to get a heck of lot worse for her.

By Tommy

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