Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The clothes making factory stood on the out skirts of the small Indian town and like a lot of the factories that made clothes in India conditions were harsh, pay was very poor and workers ill treated. The factory was making loads of money which the English owners squandered. After complaints were made to the authorities the factory owner was arrested and given five years in jail, his two sons sixteen year old Steve and eighteen year old Mark were ordered to work at the factory as cleaners, his daughter Sara who was two years younger than her brother Steve was also ordered to work at the factory in the office. By law the factory was now the property of the country, and Mr. Chow was put in charge of running the place, Mr Chow was a fifty year old Indian man who was called chow because he kept saying chow, his sixteen year old son pin was now happy that he did not have to work fourteen hours a day six days a week, his sister Mia who was two years younger than what he was had cheered when she learnt she no longer had to work very long hours. Pin was given an office to share with his sister, pin had been nick name pin because he always had pins in his sleeves so he sellotaped a row of pins to the office door that he would use at night and his sister would use during the day. Mr. Chow made a lot of changes and the work force became much happier with the better conditions, fewer hours and decent pay. Mia was sat in her office looking at Sara who had bullied her when her dad was the owner, Mia smiled at Sara and told her that from now on she would only be allowed to wear overalls and sandals and nothing else at all including under wear, Mia held up a pair of overalls then passed them to Sara and told her to change, when Sara asked where she was to change Mia told her here, Sara had already learnt not to back chat or disobey so started to take her clothes off, Mia was a bi sexual girl so sat watching as Sara undressed, when Sara was naked Mia smiled and said to Sara ” your tits are quite big for a girl your age” she then got up walked over to Sara and cupped her ample boobs in her hands, Sara looked in surprise at Mia but never flinched, Sara like Mia was also bi sexual but had kept it quiet and had never thought of Mia as a person to have sex with, Mia let go of Sara’s boobs and saw that her nipples were erect Mia ran a hand down Sara’s body between her legs and started to rub her love tube, then inserted a finger into the naked girls love tube and found that it was moist, Mia removed her finger went and locked the locked the door then undid her jeans lowered them and told Sara to lick her, Sara knelt down and was soon licking Mia’s love tube and pushed her tongue inside Mia moaned with pleasure as she felt Sara’s tongue wriggling about inside her love tube and after a few minutes Mia climaxed, Sara continued working her tongue round Mia’s love tube until Mia told her to stop, Sara stood up, Mia looked at her as she pulled her jeans up, Mia told Sara that there was a change of plan and she would be her personal assistant and to get dressed, Sara picked up the overalls, Mia told her not those your own clothes but no underwear, Sara dressed while Mia unlocked the door. Mia asked Sara if she had ever seen her bothers naked, Sara replied not since they were little boys, when Mia asked her if she wanted to, Sara replied yes please I would love to, she had often day dreamed about seeing Steve naked, and when Mia said ” I will arrange it” Sara smiled and when Mia said ” it will be good to watch you suck his cock, Sara thought to herself great.

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