Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Sixteen year old Tina was standing outside the Indian owned sweat shop trying to figure out why it was called a sweat shop, to Tina the place was a place where they made clothes, Tina rang the bell on the heavily barred entrance door again and waited for it to be opened,  Om was the sweat shop’s daughter and was two years younger than what Tina was, Om was working on her own an had saw Tina on the security cameras and was on her way to let her in, Om was nervous because Tina had a reputation for being a bully girl and not liking foreigners, so Om knew that she had to be careful on what she said and done. Om opened the door letting Tina into the building, as Tina entered she said I come here to be a mannequin, Om told her that she knew and took Tina through to the main work shop where all the machines were, explaining to Tina that she was the only machinist in the place and nobody else was in the building. Tina stood by the side as Om got her sewing machine ready, Tina saw the bag on the floor with riding whips, masks and other stuff including a BDSM magazine, Tina asked who owned the stuff, Om rushed forward picked up the bag and put it in a cupboard, Tina smiled and said ” cool” Om carried on preparing the machine and when it was ready picked up some material asking Tina if she was ready, and was surprised when Tina said ” your the boss you tell me what to do and I do it” she paused then said “what do you want me to call you” Om stood looking at Tina and after a short while Tina said” do you want me to call you miss or ma’am” Om replied saying call me miss Tina replied yes miss, Om then said ” come here” Tina said ” yes miss” and walked over to where Om was stood holding the cloth, Om looked at Tina and said ” take your top and jeans off” Tina said ” yes miss” and was soon standing in just her skimpy underwear, Om then said to Tina ” go and get my bag” Tina went got the bag and walked back with it, Om said ” you are to fucking slow bitch” Tina smiled said ” sorry miss I will try and be faster” Om then said ” get that bra off I want to see those white tits” Tina replied yes miss and removed her bra letting her ample boobs fall into view, Om stood looking at them then said ” nice” and cupped them in her hands and slowly massaged them, after a couple of minutes Om stood back and said ” get those panties off” Tina slid her panties down and off and stood naked, Om looked the naked bully girl up and down noticing her erect nipples and shaved love tube which she started to rub, then slid two fingers inside feeling it moist, Om removed her fingers and stood back then undressed and stood naked in front of Tina and said ” right you fucking bitch you are going to pleasure me”  Tina replied yes miss I am ready, Oma said ” start sucking my nipples” Tina started to suck Om’s very erect nipples then slid her hand between Om’s legs, Om stood back said ” who said you could touch my cunt you dirty white bitch” Tina said ” sorry miss Om grabbed Tina by her hair pulled her to a table bent her forward and started to slap her bum with her hand after a few minutes Om stopped stood back and said ” on your knees and lick my cunt” Tina knelt and started to lick the younger Indian girls love tube, the door buzzer suddenly sounded, Om looked at the screen and said ” oh good my friend and her boyfriend” then looked at Tina and said ” stay where you are bitch” and went to the door returning a few minutes later with Ja who lived next door to Tina and was two years younger than she was, behind him was his girlfriend Oni who was four years younger than what Tina was, Ja said” fucking hell look at that those white tits” Oni was stood with her mouth open looking at the naked white girl, Om said ” you may play with my bitch” Ja was soon massaging Tina’s boobs and squeezing her nipples while Oni and Om stood watching, after a few minutes Om said ” clothes off” Tina looked at the two new comers and was soon looking at a naked Ja who had a six inch erection, Om said ” suck him off” and when Tina started to suck his dick Ja thought he was dreaming, Oni started to massage Tina’s boobs after a few minutes Ja groaned as he squirted his cum into Tina’s mouth who swallowed it all then after being to do it Started to lick Oni’s love tube burying her tongue deep inside as she did and after five minutes felt her face get wet as the little girl gushed, Oma said ” right my turn get licking bitch and was soon groaning as Tina’s tongue pushed deep in her love tube and after ten minutes climaxed, Tina wiped her face and heard Ja say can I with Om replying yes, Om then looked at Tina and said ” on the table bitch and part your legs” Tina saw Ja had another erection she stood lay on the table and parted her legs and soon felt Ja slide his dick up her love tube and start thrusting in and out while Oni played with her boobs, after a few minutes Tina felt warm damp patches on her stomach as Ja squirted his cum, after a couple of minutes Tina was laying on the table with the three younger teens stood looking at her, Om smiled and said to Tina ” start playing with yourself bitch” Tina lay there pushing her fingers in and out of her love tube as the three Indian teens watched and when Tina groaned loudly as she climaxed the trio smiled., Oni and Ja left the sweat shop and were walking home while Om sat looking at the still naked Tina and said ” I want to see your boyfriends cock” Tina smiled and said I can bring him round and you can tell him what to do” Om smiled and said ” get him here bitch” Tina used her phone, Om heard her say I have a new mistress and she wants you here as well, Tina then said ” he wants to speak to you” and handed Om the phone who after listening for a short time said ” fucking get round here now you cunt” Ten minutes later Tina’s seventeen year old boyfriend Steve was standing in the sweat shop looking at Om who was wearing just a gown, Om looked at Steve and said ” get your fucking clothes off ” and watched as Steve undressed and smiled at the size of his dick and then said ” nice cock” and watched as it grew to a nine inch erection then started to stroke it slowly and as she did she thought I wonder if Tina’s little sister and Steve’s brother are obedient I hope they are.

By Tommy

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