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I had gotten myself a job working on the set of Hawaii 50 as a set lacky just for the summer till I started college being only 18 it was a dream for me to be working with actors and actresses of a good caliber. After a couple of weeks in they had a scene with a character called Grace aka Teilor Grubbs I had always thought she was hot just from watching the show so having to work a long side her made me so excited.

One morning I woke with a call from the set saying I wouldn’t be needed for the day so go have fun I intended to do that as I looked over my balcony I saw Teilor by the pool and I was immediately drooling as I saw her in a two piece blue bathing suit I looked over her body my cock was starting to harden in my shorts as I looked over her curves thinking to myself what it would be like to fuck her then she turned over giving me a perfect look at her amazing ass that was It i pulled my cock out stroking it hard watching her perfect ass wishing my cock was deep inside her i grunted and groaned as i my cock spurted ropes and ropes of my thick cum.

After having a shower I put on my shorts get my towel and make my way to the pool hoping tailor is still there I walk past her acting like I didn’t know she was there when I hear her call my name.

Danny hey, what are you doing here today?

Oh no work for me same for you I guess?

Yes I’m just having a chill day what about you?

Doing the same, as I look at her so sexy trying not to make it obvious.

She looks at me and asks would you like to send the day with me maybe I can give you a tour as I know you’re new to Hawaii?

That would be awesome as long as you let me buy you dinner and drinks when we get back just as friends tho I say to assure her I wasn’t after anything.

She grins and says that would be lovely lets go change and we will set off there are some waterfalls I would love to show you so bring a bathing suit.

As she got up I let her walk in front of me deliberately so I could watch her ass shake as she walked thinking to myself god in Florida where I’m from I could get in so much trouble as the age of consent was 18 but here in Hawaii its 16. So we got ready and I offered to drive in my jeep as we drove around Honolulu she talked about the places the history I was taking it all in loving the sound of her sexy voice while glimpsing down at her legs with her short skirt slightly raised.

Anyway as we drove I started asking questions like how she got in the business and she told me she had been acting at school and she got spotted in a play and was asked to do a audition for H50 I told her I had seen every episode and was a fan of the show and her which made her blush as she thanked me.

So we got to the water falls and the view was breath taking and we set out some towels and started to strip to our swim suits I was in awe of her I couldn’t take my eyes off her and think she noticed as she was looking at me too as I lifted my top I heard her gasp a little at the site of my well toned body she ran from me towards the river just below the water fall and I couldn’t move at first staring at her amazing ass bouncing up and down as she ran doing my best not to get a hard on I walked and followed her we both dived in as she came up thru the water watching her I was so excited my couldn’t stop my cock from becoming semi hard suddenly out of the blue she jumped at me wrapping her legs around me I did all I could to move my cock so it wasn’t pressing into her as she lays back my held her by her waste as her head and hair floated on the water I could only look and think my god this girl is so fucking beautiful.

well after a coupe of hours playing in the water swimming we got out and I asked her what’s the best place we can sit and eat?

Oh she replied Roy’s Yamaguchi’s they do the best Misoyaki Butterfish in the whole of Hawaii.

So we went there had dinner talked and had a few drinks after we went back to the hotel and she asked if id like to have drinks with her and talk more I said ok but it will have to be in my room as we both know your not old enough to drink I assured her I would be a gentleman she giggled and agreed.

So we are in my room and I’m thinking to myself I so could try something but I knew in my mind she wouldn’t go so a set lacky like me so we just chatted and drank wine I could see it was getting to her her as she was slurring her words now and then when she asked me if I had a girlfriend back in the states to which I replied sadly no my ex cheated on me with one of my best friends she was sympathetic to my response and told me she thought I was so nice and told me that one day id meet the right girl.

But then to my surprise she told me she was a virgin but she did have a boyfriend but she didn’t think he was right for her as all he tried to do from the day she met her was try to get in her pants I laughed and said you can’t blame him for trying as you are stunningly beautiful at which she went so red from blushing I grinned knowing that if I tried I think I could have her and what it would be to take this girls virginity I asked her if she took risks?

Like what? She replied I said well I have a hot tub wanna get in with me?

I didn’t brink a suit she said.

Well i’ll skinny dip if you will?

She looked at me by now it was obvious she was drunk and she was thinking and said OK but only if you promise not to look as I get in?

Ok I laughed that’s fine you go first then so I don’t see you get in naked?

She ran into the hot tub room closing the door a little while later I heard her say Ok Danny I’m ready you can come get in, I grinned as I took my clothes off and walked to the door opening it with all of me on display she looked at me and gasped as she saw my 9 inch cock swinging between my legs I liked this as I saw her staring as I got into the water laughing I said you like what you saw she blushed profusely nodding her head and saying I’ve seen cocks but that’s huge, thanks I blushed a little myself.

We sat opposite each other talking and I couldn’t help notice her nipples now and then breaching the water surface seeing that they was hard knowing she was excited I asked her so how was your first risk?

Well Danny I have a risk that better that I want to do but you have to say yes first.

What risk? I replied

Well I saw your huge cock soft I would like to see it hard,

I blushed and seductively said only if you make it hard for me

How? She said

Come closer I assured her nothing would happen that you don’t want as I looked at her and he bit her bottom lip as she approached me and whispered into my ear I trust you I grabbed her hand and placed it around my cock groaning feeling her fingers around my shaft as she starts to stroke me I moan into her ear.

She whispers into my ear am I doing it right?

Groaning Oh god yes Teilor its so good I can’t believe we are doing this I won’t lie I think your amazing.

Really she says?

Yes I your so grown up so responsible so mature I have had the most amazing day with you groaning louder as she strokes me a little harder under the water bringing my cock to full throbbing hardness.

I tell her its fully hard now you said you wanted to see it is that still true she looks me in the eyes and nods her head a little shy look in her eyes as a stand and m huge very hard cock is pointing at her face she looking with her mouth open in shock at my 11 inch hard cock still stroking I moan oh my god Teilor please don’t stop I moan,

She looks up at me and asks, would you like me to lick it?

Only if you’re comfortable with that trying to act like was In charge but so desperate to have my cock inside her.

She grins licking just the head of my cock and I place my hand on her head and she gets what I want and sinks half my cock into her mouth making my body shudder with excitement as I look down watching her suck my huge cock my move my his back and fourth matching her rhythm I watched her as she tried to take more and more of my big cock into her mouth feeling it slide in the her throat hearing her gag a little pulled back moaning baby your going to make me cum as its your first time how would you like me to cum in your mouth or over your hot tits?

She pulled me from her mouth stroking it as she looked up at me and says I’ve  watched porn and seen a lot of videos of women wanting it over there tits but I think I want it in my mouth I will try to swallow but no promises as she slides me back into her my mouth not believing what I just heard knowing I’m going to cum in this 17 year old girls mouth just became to much for me as I held her head in place and started to fuck her mouth as I grunted and groaned my cock exploded inside her mouth load after load shooting into her throat making her choke a little as she tried to swallow my huge load of cum some dribbling down her chin as she pulled me from her mouth stroking as one last shot hit her in the face making her giggle.

I moved down and kissed her she didn’t stop me she slid her tongue into my mouth as we passionately kissed my hands roamed her body taking her in pulling her against me feeling her hard nipples against my chest then I stopped and moan Teilor that was the most singular best blowjob I have ever had are you sure you have never done that before she giggled nope first time and Danny she raised her eye brow at me this didn’t happen ok I don’t want to see it in the press or anywhere ok? I placed my hand on my heart.

Tailor I’m not sure what guys you have been talking to but I assure you that I’m not that type I would never tell anyone about what we do or talk about I have respect for you and always will have.

Good because I want you to take my virginity and I mean total virginity my pussy and my ass.

I looked upon her in shock hearing her words, Are you sure Teilor?

Yes so get in the bedroom she replied.

Well you don’t have to tell me twice as we went inside and lay on the bed I just stared into her eyes smiling feeling like I’m the luckiest guy a live and then I ask OK I’ve heard girls ask me to take the virginity before but not Anally why?

She looked at me all serious well since I was about 12 I’ve had guys looking at my ass and I noticed you was earlier today too she giggled and I have had men and boys tell me I have a great ass to which I nodded and one of my cast mates I will not say who but he told me at 14 he wanted to rip my clothes off and fuck me in my sexy ass I said no of course I was way too young but its had made me wonder what it feels like,

OK I replied, But why me?

Because even the I saw you looking at me and I even felt your hard cock against me in the waterfalls you didn’t try anything on you just had fun with me and treated me with respect so I want to have my first times with a man like you.

I leaned in kissing her holding her pulling her into me my cock pressing against her body I moan against her lips will you allow e to go down on you I have to prepare your pussy for someone my size her eyes lit cup I took that as a yes I kiss her her more then slipped down kissing down her chest licking her nipple biting it gently as i spread her legs with my hands and kiss down her torso and slipping my head between her legs I slowly run my tongue up and down her slit hearing her moan she grabs my hair pulling me into her wet pussy as I slip my tongue between her folds flicking my tongue gently against her clit feeling her clit get extremely wet I take some of that juice and lift her legs and slide my tongue over her tight little asshole sucking on it and probing it gently with my finger the noises coming from her encouraged to. Keep going as I slipped my tongue back to her clit flicking it harder and sliding a finger into her very tight juicy cunt.

OH MY GOD she moaned Danny please don’t stop.

I felt her body starting to lose control as I flicked my tongue harder against her vibrating clit moaning against it taking it into my mouth as my finger drove in and out of her slowly the finger at her asshole slipping in feeling her clenching my fingers with her ass and her pussy she screamed I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG I felt her pussy erupt squirting her juices all over my tongue and face lapping it all up licking the escaping drip mmm licking my lips tasting her sliding up her body kissing her so deeply letting her taste herself on me.

Breathing heavily she moans and slides her hand down between my legs gripping my now very hard cock and rubbing it against her clit as I moan this will feel uncomfortable at first maybe even a little painful are you sure you want this Tailor?

She looks at me all lustful, Yes Danny please I want to feel you inside me there is nothing I want more please fuck me Danny with that I slip just the head into her her mouth goes wide as i hold her hand and press my cock through her hymen then just holding it there. Making sure she is ok she nods and I slide slowly inch by inch my cock into her till she has all of me deep inside her.

Gasping moaning as she tries to breath she moans don’t stop Danny fuck me fuck me please.

Knowing I’m not wearing a condom but I didn’t want to stop so I didn’t say anything I start to slide in and out of her tight pussy feeling her legs wrap around me as I thrust a little harder and sink my entire cock deep into her tight hole gasping and moaning she smiles and kisses me passionately making me moan into her mouth as I start to really fuck her hard letting my passion take over as I drive my cock in and out of her virgin pussy knowing I will be the first to fill it makes me groan so loud.

Leaning my head down sucking her tits taking her nipples into my mouth as I thrust in and out of her tight cunt feeling her body tremble as she approaches her first orgasm with a dick inside her I thrust and pound her as hard as I can making her scream my name.


Groaning not letting up pounding her through her orgasm burying my cock so deep in her I tell her I want to cum,


Hearing them words was just too much I lean my head back scream and roared as my cock exploded inside her sending wads of cum deep into her cervix groaning FUCKKKKK TEILORRRRRRRRR emptying my balls in her virgin unprotected pussy.

I collapsed on top of her breathing so heavy her kissing me groaning fuck Danny that was so fucking amazing mmmmmm your so good she whispers into my ear I know you shouldn’t have cum inside me but I needed it for the first time I needed to feel what it all felt like and oh my god I can’t wait till you fuck me up the ass too.

I laughed you say that but I will tell you baby its takes longer to get going in the ass and its a bit ore painful but hell its so worth it but you know if you want to stop I will when you say stop.

I know Danny they replies as she kisses me I slide my cock from her pussy still a little hard but slimy with her and my cum all over it I lay on my back just looking at Tailor thinking to myself how did I get so lucky she giggles what are you looking at?

You, I said

Why? She said

Because you’re so fucking hot.

She blushes so much then climbs on top of me and slides down licking our cum from my cock sucking me trying to keep me hard making me moan then she slides u my body and grabs my cock and slides in back into her pussy I see her wince I ask her are you ok if your hurt we can stop she smiles and slaps my chest you fucked me now I’m going to fuck you I lean my head back and watch her as she bounces up and down on my cock I slide my hand cupping her tits squeezing them moaning she asks do you like that baby do you like your manly cock in this little 17 year old girls pussy?

God yes I gasp as I feel her ass bouncing off my thighs I reach and grip her ass squeezing it hard as I tell her but I want to fuck your ass soon.

She grins and says when she is done you can do anything you want to me baby and I mean anything I want to experience everything so I can decide what I like and don’t like, nodding my head and lay back watching her tits bounce as she rides my hard cock hey hands on her ass moaning as I squeeze it feeling her pussy tightening around my shaft as the fucks me so good her juices flowing down my shaft I ask her to stop for a second as I scoop up some of her juices and start to massage her asshole with them making her drive into me more fucking me harder and faster moaning OH MY GOD DANNY I’m going to cum again soon I lean up kissing her telling her that it baby cum all over my huge cock get it wet so I can fuck you in the ass with it.

The words must have sent her over the edge as she screamed and came all over my hard cock thrusting herself onto me as her orgasm ripped thru her body leaning her down I start to thrust up into her pounding her sloppy cunt a few times then hearing her gasping I push her off me and I tell her to lay on her tummy then I get behind her and rub my sopping wet cock against her tight asshole letting the wetness help easy in as i she leans her head back at tells me do it Danny I want you up my ass I want your cum in my bowels fuck me like you fuck other girls in the ass I slide the head in I hear the pain in her cry as I start to push deeper into her ass I ask her want me to stop she gasping no no please down so I lift her legs so she is bent over for me with her head in the pillow her ass high in the air and I push the rest of my cock deep into her ass looking down watching my entire cock buried deep in her tight ass moaning fuck I moan I’ve wanted to do this all day.

Do it Danny PLEASE FUCK MY ASS she shouts.

Own me Danny make me your dirty little anal slut she screams with that I pull back and slam my entire cock in and out of her ass thrusting deeply suing out to the tip slamming back into her as she screams I watch as she slides her hand down between her legs rubbing her clit as I pound her up the ass moaning fuck I’m going to fuck your so good I’m going to cum inside your ass I’m going to own your ass not tell me WHOSE ASS IS THIS I say as I slap her ass cheek hard.


Gripping her hips I thrust in and out of her as hard as I have ever fucked any girl I pound her like she is some street trash stretching her asshole to its limits with my huge hard aching throbbing cock reaching under and gripping her tits whispering into her ear I wanted to fuck you from the first minute I saw you on set yesterday I pinned her head down and slammed in and out of her ass like she was nothing ripping her seeing a bit of blood but not caring, she is screaming YESSSS FUCK ME DANNY FUCK THAT ASS ITS YOUR ASS OWN IT BABY.

Remember you said you wanted to experience it all?

Yes she replies.

Well after I cum in your ass I’m going to put it in your mouth and then piss in your mouth got it???

YES Danny Anything for you she says.

I start to get rougher fucking her with no care for what is happening to her ass as I bury all I have deep into her slapping her ass making it red groaning feeling my cock start to twitch as I slammed into her one last time and my cock erupts with what must have been the biggest load I have every done shooting HUGE load of my cum deep into her bowels she screaming she is cumming again as I unload everything I got into her ass.

Moaning as I pull out and she turns taking my cock into he mouth I moan still sensitive as she sucks me I grip her hair tight holding her head and fucking her mouth looking down you ready baby she nods as I lean my head back and start to piss inside her mouth to my surprise she drinks it swallowing a lot before letting it pour from her mouth and over her tits I pull out and piss all over her face and hair groaning Oh my god Teilor Teilor that was the best ever.

She looks up at me cover in piss and groans yes Danny it was we will have to do this more don’t you think.

I grin well I’m here for three months.

She winks.

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