Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who lived in England with her sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was, her parents were both missionaries who did a lot of work with the tribes in the jungles of Africa, when her parents were in Africa Sara wold go and stay with her Aunt so that she could keep up with her studies. Sara was now sat with her best friend July in Africa after going with her parents on one of their trips, Sara’s parents were visiting a tribe, Amy appeared and told the girls that a report had come through that a local tribe who worshiped animals had been attacked by poachers and were very angry which meant the girls needed to take extra care, the girls decided to go find Sara’s parents and set off on the walk to the village where they were as they went through the jungle Sara thought it was very quiet when suddenly a large group of tribes men came out of the dense over growth before the girls could react the tribes men had tied them up and were leading them deeper into the jungle, after a hour the group entered a village where the girls were tied to poles and left. After what seemed like hours to the girls a small group of tribes men appears girls stood backed with some girls who Sara judged to be their age the men started to chant while doing a dance then slowly more and more tribes people appeared forming circle, after ten minutes the tribes girls went to the three girls and ripped their clothes off them leaving them totally naked, the tribe girls then started to rub a liquid from stone pots on the girls body, Sara found the liquid made her body warm then after a short time she started to feel aroused she noticed that both Amy and July had erect nipples and the girl rubbing the liquid into her body pushed her fingers inside her love tube Sara found it felt good it was the first time a girl had done this to her, after ten minutes the tribe, Sara was now feeling extremely horny she had never felt as horny as she was feeling before, the three girls were then taken into the centre of the circle and tied spread eagle to stakes, the tribes men and women were now all dancing and chanting then after ten minutes stopped and all fell to their knees Sara saw that they were worshiping some boars, one boar was brought forward and placed in front of Amy then released as soon it had been released it started to lick Amy’s body, Sara watched as the boar licked her sisters love tube then after a few minutes saw the boar’s dick slide into Amy’s love tube and it started to hump her, the other boars were released and soon both Sara and July were having their bodies licked by the boars, Sara felt a boar dick slide into her love tube and start to hump her but she was feeling so horny that she did not care it was a boar humping her it felt good and she was enjoying it then she felt a dick push into her mouth and start to hump it after few minutes Sara climaxed then felt the dick in her mouth twitch and her mouth filled with a warm sticky mess which Sara realised was boar sperm, the tribe people danced and chanted as the boars humped the love tubes and mouths of the three white girls who had lost count of how many times they had climaxed, after a hour the boars were taken away the girls were then bent over a long pole then after a few minutes each of the girls had a boar humping their backsides and their mouths, after three days with little rest the girls had been humped by boars countless times and were laying in a hut when they heard a lot of shouting and gunfire, Sara heard a voice say in here then felt herself being lifted after a week the three girls were in a English hospital recovering they were then taken to a home to receive further treatment then after a month the girls were all back home in the small village where they lived, After a few days just after the farmer had gone home for the evening the three girls were walking naked into the pig style smiling as they did.

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