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Karen was the sixteen year old daughter of one of the richest men in the country, she was very stuck up and treated the residents of the town near to where she lived with contempt, she ignored them. The staff who worked at the mansion that Karen’s dad owned on the out skirts of town were also treated very badly by Karen, her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Karen was had a different attitude to her older sister and treated people with respect and would help anybody if she could and was well liked by the local town folk and staff of the mansion. It was late at night and Karen had been at a dinner and dance and had decided to walk home, one of the other girls who had attended the dinner and dance was talking to a butler at the venue where the dinner and dance had been held and told him that she was glad Karen was walking as she hated the thought of sharing a car with her and listening to her drone on, one of the boys said ” I like her gown and the designer splits down each side” the girl pointed out that Karen was not wearing any underwear making the boys smile. After walking for a mile Karen climbed a gate into the field that lead to the rear of the mansion where she lived and started to walk towards her home, as she was about half way across the field Karen saw the three stray dogs that had been causing trouble in the area and thought that when she got home she would get the game keeper out to deal with the dogs Karen continued to walk across the field and suddenly became aware that the dogs had got closer to her and seemed to be following her, Karen started to get nervous of the dogs and started to walk a bit faster, unexpectedly one of the dogs ran in front of Karen barking as it did, Karen could not avoid the dog and fell over it landing flat on her front, the dogs gathered round Karen and started sniffing at her, Karen hit out at the dogs telling them to shoo and go away, she then felt one of the dogs holding the hem of her gown in it’s mouth and start to pull snarling as it did, Karen felt the material of the gown give way and the designer split tore right up to her arm pits, Karen continued trying to make the dogs go away, then to her horror the other two dogs joined their mate and were tugging on her gown and snarling as they did, the force of the dogs pulling on the material of Karen’s gown had caused her to roll over onto her back, Karen felt her gown slowly being pulled from her body and it was soon right off leaving her naked, the dogs continued to fight over the garment as if it was their favourite toy tearing it into pieces as they did, Karen got to her feet and tried to run to her home but after a few paces was bowled over by the dogs who started to sniff and lick her body, Karen felt one dog sniffing her love tube and tried to kick the dog but missed, she felt her nipples being licked and then her love tube being licked, Karen struggled to get to her feet but failed in the attempt and then felt something pushing at her love tube and realised it was the dick of one of the dogs and screamed as the dog’s went right into her love tube, Karen lay horrified as the dog started to hump her and the other two licked at her body, Karen could feel the dog thrusting in and out of her love tube and after a few minutes of being humped by the dog started to get aroused and began to enjoy what was happening and after half a hour had climaxed twice with each of the dogs having humped her, the dogs had now run off and Karen was able to get up and finish her journey home where a very surprised seventeen year old Steve saw the naked Karen stagger into the house with he did not know what had happened but was very happy that he had seen Karen naked.  The next day Amy was walking through the woods that were next to the field where her sister Karen had met the dogs , with her was her best friend Sara and three boys who were each two years older than what the girls were, both Amy and Sara were in the same class at school and were the same age, one of the boys said ” this will do” the two girls agreed and all five of the youngsters sat down on the ground and started to talk, one of the boys suddenly said ” here they are the dogs are here” the group looked at the three dogs with Sara saying ” about fucking time as well” and then along with Amy stood up and started to undress and once the pair were naked they knelt down on their hands and knee’s and after a couple of minutes were being humped by the dogs as the boys stood stroking their dicks enjoying the sight of the two girls being humped by the dogs,  A hour later the three boys were walking home one boy said ” did you see one dog fucking Amy up the bum and another fucking her mouth” one of the other boys said ” yeah I saw and I saw the dogs fucking her sister Karen yesterday then went on to tell his mates how he had been in the field using it as a short cut to go to the chippie when he saw Karen and had watched as the dogs had fucked her” Sara and Amy were heading towards where Amy lived with Amy saying the dogs fuck much better than what the boys do Sara agreed with her mate. Later that night Karen was walking across the field naked her clothes in her hands her nipples fully erect and her love juices flowing and as she walked was saying ” come on dogs where are you come to mummy.

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