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Hi all am Jane 35 year old I am short fair black hair and eyes very Chubby one can call me a bbw 38 DD Brest.

My story starts when I decided to go on a hiking trip with a group of people in the amazon jungles. I had no past experience about surviving in the jungle and to be true I did not have the stamina and body to be able to complete a hard journey like that but in order to show everyone around me that am a tough girl I decided to take the trip.

When we arrived in the jungle it was my first day and I was really scared looking how dense the forest was. I tried my best to keep up with others but always was left behind. I only carried a small bag with me it had a water bottle and a makeup kit I did manage to complete day one and took rest in the camp. Day 2 I was hardly able to walk my legs would no longer support my heavy body but I still did not give up instead for asking them to send me back I decided I will try complete day 2. Its was around 4.30 pm already started to get dark I was trying my best to keep up but the group was already about 500 meters away from me I really wanted a break and I saw big tree and sat under it I don’t know when I fell sleep I was awoken but mosquitoes they where all over me it was so dark I could not see my hands. Shivering and cold I was trying hard to call the group screaming out loud but there was no response. I walked some distance but had no idea where is the way out I was all the time thinking about wild animals and snakes. When I heard some thing approach me I stood in the dark trying to guess what it was shivering with fear I felt a sudden push from behind and a hit on the back of my head that fainted me.

When I woke up I was in a dark den type place I was been laying on a bed like thing made up of animal skin and dry grass I had a sharp pain behind my head. I some how stood up and walks towards the opening of the den I was hoping to find some villagers sitting out when I stepped out there was just a fire going on when someone let a hand on my shoulder I was a heavy hand I turned around and was stunned what I saw.

He must me about 10 feet tall very muscular and had fur all over he had long hands with razor sharp claws and a mean look on his face with red eyes. I was about to faint again when in a heavy voice he told me ” if you faint again I would push you down this Clift ” I saw he had held me with one hand over 50 foot Clift that was just out the den in fear I looked at his face. He pulled me in and asked me my age I was in a shock my hands and legs where cold and shivering. I answer in a very low voice “35…” He nods and told me to walk back in the den I did as he said and sat in the corner looking around his den was full of animal bones I was in fear that does he want to taste human flesh now. He walked in and stood near me I looked up at him he asked me if I had any children I was a bit confused by that question I nodded in no. He pulled me up by my hair and made me stand with my back facing him with his razor sharp nails he ripped open my jeans cutting of my panties with it then he hooked those nails in my t-shirt and pulled cutting off my bra and T-shirt from behind I was crying and begging him to stop I was thinking he wants to start eating me alive tasting my chubby ass first I kept on begging ” plz kill me then eat me plz”. He gave me no answer I felt him pushing my head down making me lean over he pushed his wet cold nose between my legs sniffing my pussy. I was very scared he had sharp teeth I stood still all the time praying he would not bite my pussy off. When I felt his long tongue trying to enter my pussy and he did manage to get deep in me now I had some idea he will rape me then he will eat me. I couldn’t control my body my pussy started getting wet by his moves he continued to make me wet and lick away my juices. He then told me I was ready for it but I had no idea how was his dick was he human like or like a wolf many questions rushed my mind. When he started to try put it in me at first I felt a bit soft and wet then he started to grow bigger and bigger I had some idea about dogs and the way they fuck I knew now his dick was like a wolf and they knot their partner till they finish my mouth and eyes went wide open as he swelled in me. The pain kicked in he took hold of my ass and gave some last moves until he could no more move his dick in me my pussy was now stuck on his dick tight I kept screaming as the pain was too much I could feel his dick continuously pumping cum in me I felt like I have to pee very hard but his knot had left no place for the extra cum to flow out my belly was filling with his cum when turned behind me like wolfs do. I felt a sharp pain as he did that and now I was feeling like he would pull out making my pussy open inside out I kept begging “plz don’t pull plz ” but he kept doing that after regular intervals his dick was in perfect contact of my g spot when he turned it was rubbing in there as his dick was throbbing in me making me cum many time it must be over an hour now I was exhausted and just hanging by his dick. When he gave a last pull with a popping sound it came out with lots of cum and I fell down barely able to get up again.

He pulls me back up making me kneel near his dick and told me to clean him off my eyes where wide open when I saw his dick it was all re more than 10″ and a knot that was bigger than a baseball i looked down between my legs my pussy was still about 2 inches open and the inside was in pain. He pushed my lips on to his dick I did as he asked me to my pussy was in pain but I also enjoyed been stuck on his dick. He new I had cum many times he asked me did any human dick make you cum so many times I had a shy face and nodded in no. (Will continue if you guys like the first part).

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