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This is a follow up, sort of whimsical, story from one I posted. If you haven’t read “A Story I Never Told”, you might want to read it now. For those who don’t know him, Tobie is my labor-doodle. He’s seven years old now. I received his as a present for my 12th birthday. He’s very special to me! I know Tobie can’t talk (what dog can?) but, if he could, I believe here’s what he would say. Take it away, Tobie!

My first memories were of a wonderful scent coming from somewhere in front of me. Since my eyes weren’t open yet, all I could do was wiggle and crawl towards it. I bumped into a soft wall and found something sticking out of it. The smell was coming from there and I took the the bump into my mouth. Warm fluid started flowing into my mouth as soon as I started sucking. I don’t know how I knew to do this, but it felt really good! I felt others around me, trying to push me off the bump so they could get what I had. “No way!, I thought. “Find your own bump! This ones mine!”

I finally felt full and let go of the bump. I curled up and went to sleep, the other small bodies stepping over me to get to the wall. Time passed. Now my eyes were opened and I saw other small bodies around me. There were several of us in a special crate with our mother (how I knew she was my mother, I’ll never know!). There were 4 girl dogs and three like me. I knew they were girls because they didn’t have what we boys had, but we didn’t have what they had!

I remember two humans who took care of us, a man and a woman. They picked us up from time to time and checked us to make sure we were healthy and getting bigger.

“Boy, this guy is going to be big!”, I remember the man saying as he held me up under my front legs. “Just look at the size of his paws! His color is just like his mother – soft gold and his fur like his father, curly. He’s going to be a handsome fellow!”

“Yes. He’s already been sold to that nice couple from down state. He’s a gift for their daughters 12th birthday. They’ll pick him up in a few months, after he’s weened.”

“Are they going to have him fixed”, the man asked.

“No, I don’t think so. They said they don’t believe in it and wanted a ‘whole dog’. They’re in for a surprise!”

Time passed. Over the course of the next several weeks, three of my girl litter mates and one of the boys left us with other humans. Most of the humans who visited us had small children with them. I remember once when we were playing on the back lawn and a family came in through the house. There was a little girl with them (by now, I could tell the difference between boy and girl humans – girls smelled sweeter with a girl pee smell near their crotch, while boys just smelled of sweat and sometimes just dirty underwear). The little girl ran across the yard and scooped me up. “I want this one!”, she squealed, squeezing me against her bony chest. I yelped!

“I’m sorry, but he’s been sold already. He’s going to a little girl for her 12th birthday and his family has already paid for him. He’s been chipped and registered to them”, the lady said. When she heard she couldn’t have me, the little girl dropped me and I landed with a bump. Again, I yelped She grabbed the only other boy dog left. He tried to wiggle out of her grasp, but she wasn’t to be denied! She squeezed him just like she did me, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

I saw them leave with him and now it was me and one of the girls, plus mom. No more milk bump! Now we got to eat puppy food. “Well, he’s weened”, I heard the man say. “Time to call his new owners.”

That evening, a man and woman came to the house. I went up to them and sniffed at their legs. They smell like adults, but I also thought I smelled a human girl smell – sweet, with a little bit of girl pee. I looked around, but there was no human girl – just two adult humans. I was picked up very gently and placed in a big box with my favorite cushion. It was so warm and comfortable, I curled up and went to sleep. I felt the box move outside. There were noises and movement, but I didn’t care – I was safe in my box.

I stayed in the box overnight and the next morning, I was taken out to a new back yard. I did my business, ate some food and was ready for the rest of my life. About mid morning, I was back in the box, which was covered with paper and ribbons. I was carried into a noisy room, lots of girl and boy smells. I heard, “Happy Birthday, Lynn!”

The box was opened and I looked up to see this human girl, all sweaty and flushed. Her green eyes seemed to light up as she reached down and gently picked me up, holding me at arms length. She moved me closer and our eyes locked. I knew, I just knew, that this girl would be something special to me. I leaned forward and licked her nose. She squealed!

“He’s a labor-doodle and will get pretty big. He’s 3 months old now”, I heard the woman say. She called the girl who’s arms I was in ‘Lynn’, so I knew who this special girl was!.

“Oh, thank you, thank you! This is very best present I could ever get!,”, she said, cradling me in the crook of her arm. She smelled so good, a mix of girl sweat, flowers and, when she sat down and put me in her lap, the faint odor of girl pee coming from her crotch. All the children crowded around up, wanting to pet me and run their fingers through my fur.

“What’s his name?”, one of them asked.

“His name is Tobie!”, Lynn said and Tobie I became. I never had a name before – I was just ‘dog’. Well, I stayed with Lynn for the rest of the party and, after she put me down, I followed her wherever she went. That night, Lynn wanted me to sleep in her room, but the woman (I later found out this was Lynn’s mom) said no, not until I was housebroken and could be counted on not to make a mess. The next day, my training started and within a few weeks I came to understand that humans didn’t like me to do my business in the house. They created a special place for me to pee and poop in the back yard. After that, I was able to sleep in Lynn’s room. I saw her lay down on the bed and I wanted to join her, but I was too small to do it without her help. She reached over and picked me up, and we cuddled together like I used to do with my litter mates. She still smelled wonderful – flowers, a little girl sweat, and that hint of girl pee. Time passed.

About a year later, I was under the covers, asleep with Lynn when a totally different smell hit me. It was wonderful! It came from Lynn and was totally different that anything I had smelled before! I moved my nose to follow the scent and found it coming from her crotch. She stirred and sat up, reaching down under the covers, brushing my nose away and feeling herself Her hand came away quickly.

“MOM!”, she shrieked. Her mother came running into the room. “I’m bleeding down there! I think I finally got my period!”

Well that was the start of a very hectic morning! Getting her sheets cleaned up, her night gown and panties in the wash, and having her figure out how to wear a pad to catch the flow from her girl part (I found out the names of all these things as time went on!) took a lot of time. Meanwhile, I had to go out (I was bursting about now and had to pee really bad!). Ben, Lynn’s older brother, took care of me when Lynn and her mother shooed me out of the bathroom while she was getting the hang of putting pad into her panties.

That night, I slept at the foot of her bed, but that wonderful scent coming from her girl parts drove me mad. I wanted to get closer to it and bury my nose in the source. I scooted my head under the covers, brushing my nose over the mound at the top of her girl slit. Lynn rolled over and woke up. “Tobie! What are you doing!?! Get down!”, she yelled. I jumped off the bed , very confused. She got up and pushed me out the door, closing it, leaving me in the hall.

The next morning, I found that I wasn’t all that welcome in her room when she was getting dressed. I waited for her at the foot of the stairs and, when she came down, I rushed over like I always did. “Tobie, stop! Be a good boy and let me get to the table”, she said. Well, I could see that things had changed between us, but I didn’t know why. The morning progressed and everyone left for work or school. I ran up to Lynn’s room and that wonderful smell hit me like a club to the head! The small was coming from the trash can in her bathroom. I stuck my nose in and there was this paper wrapped soft package! WOW! I couldn’t quite reach it and noticed the smell coming from the dirty cloths hamper. I pushed it open to see a pair of her panties, with stains in the crotch and the smell just reeking off of them. These I could get! I picked them up and carried them downstairs to my ‘safe space’, sniffing them and laying on them in my bed. Heaven!!

Well, the panties disappeared when Lynn got home from school. After that, I was barred from her room whenever she got her ‘period’ (as I learned it was called. I usually slept downstairs when that happened. One night, I heard and smelled Lynn’s father mating her mother. I softly padded to their bedroom door, which wasn’t shut completely. I pushed it open and saw her mother under her father, her legs tightly wrapped around his waist. Her hips were moving up and down and I could see his man part driving in and out of her girl slit. I smelled this wonderful smell of her sexual arousal (of course, I didn’t know just what it was at that time, but I found out a few years later!). She suddenly moaned softly as he reared back and plunged the entire length of his male part into her girl slit, grunting and grinding it as deep as he could get it. After a few moments, he collapsed onto her, her legs still wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck, her hips bouncing up and down on his embed male part. They lay there for quite a while before he rolled off of her to one side and I saw his male part slip from her distended slit, a pearl of something sliding out. The smell was musky and mixed with her sex scent. She cupped her hand over her mated slit and rolled off the bed, walking to their bathroom. Somehow, I knew he had bred her and I expected she would have a litter! I was to be disappointing! Regardless of how many times he bred Lynn’s mom (and they did it often!), there was never a litter! I guess they just did it for fun (which I would find out it was! OH, YES!!!). Time passed.

I was now almost 3 years old (24 in my years) when Lynn started to give off the same scent as her mother did while she was being mated. It happened one night after she had a period and I was allowed back in her room to sleep. I wasn’t on the bed with her (not enough room for both of us) but awoke to that overpowering scent of a mating human female. I looked around and didn’t see her mom – and the smell was coming from Lynn! She was laying flat on her back, her panties off, her legs bent at the knees and wide open. She was running her fingers up and down her girl slit, which was very wet. I walked towards the foot of the bed and put my head on the edge of the mattress. This gave me a wonderful view of her wide open slit and I couldn’t believe the richness of the scent! She had her nightgown pushed up and was squeezing and tweaking the brown bumps at the top of each mound on her chest. I reared up and Lynn became aware of me looking at her while she fingered her girl slit. She jumped off the bed and made me leave the room. I managed to lick her slick fingers as she pushed me into the hall and closed and locked the door to her bedroom. The taste of her sex stayed with me for many nights and I only hoped to get more of it (I was not to be disappointed in this!). After that, I spent quite a few nights in the hall! When the house was empty, I would go into her room, jump up on the bed and find the spot on her sheets that her ass had rested on, the spot that was so rich in the smell of her sex. I put my nose into that spot and breathed her scent deep into my brain. Little did I know that, as time went on, I would have more than the scent!

One night around this time, Lynn had a group of her girl friends sleep over. There were at least six girls in her bedroom. One had her period (while her smell was very different from Lynn’s, it was there and just as pleasant). I lay in the corner and listened to them talk and giggle about girl things. I picked up the words for their girl slit – pussy, cunt, snatch, box, twat, cunny, and a few others I never heard again. They talked about boys and what each had already done and what they planned on doing as soon as “Mr. Right” showed up. Boy parts were labeled cock, dick, prick (they didn’t have as many names for boy parts as they did for their own!). One of the girls admitted to having her boyfriends put his cock in her pussy. She called it fucking or (for her) getting laid. She said she got fucked when she was just 16, at a party her parents didn’t know she went to. They all wanted to know how it was – did it hurt? She told them it hurt at first, but felt pretty good at the end. She was taking birth control pills (what ever those are) and let him cum inside of her. Now they wanted to know how that felt!

Well she was the center of attention and told the other girls quite a bit. By now, Lynn had called me over and a few of the girls were petting me. I had my head in the lap of the girl with her period and was just inhaling her scent. It was nice to have my nose so close to her pussy without being yelled at! Well eventually, they settled down to sleep. Some were on air mattresses on the floor. Since it was a warm night, none of them had blankets covering them. I waited till they were asleep then went to smell each crotch. All smelled different – some sweet and some a little sour. All had that hint of girl pee. I know Lynn peed through her pussy (I had seen her do it every morning when she sat on the toilet bowel!) and I guess they can’t clean their pussy as well as the boys can clean off their cock! Time passed.

When Lynn was 17 or so, she starting going out at night with her friends to parties and on what she called ‘dates’. After several of these dates, she would come home smelling like a mated female! I wondered if she had been fucked. Her panties were reeking with her sexual arousal and I wondered that her parents didn’t smell her, but then again, humans don’t have a dogs nose! One night, she went on a on a date with a boy named Dan (never did like him, by-the-way!) and came home with a totally different scent! Mixed with her sex smell was the musky smell I associated with the cum her father left in her mother after they fucked! So, my girl had gotten laid! I guess Dan got to her at last (I knew he was trying hard – the last few dates with him had left her with soaked panties and her door closed to me!). The next few months passed quickly. Lynn came home from dates with Dan with the same smell each time, the scent of a very well fucked girl. By now, Lynn was using birth control pills and I understood that these kept her from having a litter after she got laid. Time passed.

Well, Dan wasn’t around anymore but Lynn still treated herself to what I took to be fun on her bed at night. I sensed she wanted something else, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. One day, Rosie, our neighbor’s standard poodle, got into our yard. There was this overpowering scent coming from her girl parts (do dogs have a pussy – I guess they do!). I had to investigate this wonderful smell and pushed my nose into her back end. I felt the need to lick her pussy. Rosie stood quite still while I did this, her back legs slightly opened. Something took over my brain! I felt my boy part (my ‘cock’?) start out of its furry sheath. I had no control over it! I reared back and put my front paws on Rosie’s back, letting them slip down along her sides, grasping her tightly and hunching my hips forward, trying to find the opening in her pussy that was releasing this wonderful scent. I felt the very tip of my cock enter between her rear lips and that’s all I needed! I drove my cock into her as deep as it would go! All I knew was to pound Rosie’s pussy! My cock kept coming out of its sheath, getting longer and longer! I never thought about it – just rapidly pounded away, going faster and faster! I felt something growing at the base of my embedded cock, and just knew I had to get this inside the willing pussy under me. I was going to breed this bitch! The growth slipped in (after a bit of a struggle!) and I felt a need to slow down and let it expand, locking us together. An unimaginably wonderful feeling washed over me and I felt my cock start to jump and pump my cum into Rosie! I was breeding her! After what seemed like forever, the jets of cum from my cock slowed down and stopped. Rosie was now trying to walk away from me, but I was still inside of her, the growth holding us together. I slipped off her back and turned around, so we were now ass-to-ass. Rosie still tried to pull away and, again, I growled at her. After a few minutes, the growth had gotten small enough so I could pull my cock out of her. She looked back at me and walked away. I sat down and proceeded to clean myself off, licking her fluids and the remains of my cum off my cock, which was retreating back into it’s sheath. Man, was I thirsty! I walked over to the water bowl, lapped it dry and curled up to take a nap. I heard a noise coming from Lynn’s room and looked up to see her in the window, her hands busy between her legs, the scent of her sex drifting down to me. As always, it was a turn on and the tip of my cock started back out of the sheath. She moved away from the window and I gave up. Sleep was more important as, after all, I had just mated with a willing bitch!

Several days later, I was asleep downstairs when I heard Lynn softly call me. I went up stairs and she let me into her room. She closed and locked the door. She hopped up on the bed, pulled off her panties and spread her legs, raising them high in the air, her fingers sliding over the slick lips of her pussy. The smell, as always, was wonderful and I just had to get closer to it. I jumped up on the bed, thrusting my nose up between her legs, finally allowed to breath my fill of her sex scent. I started licking the fluid leaking from her pussy and found I couldn’t stop! Lynn threw back her hips, raising her legs up, lifting her weeping cunt to my tongue. I licked and licked, driving my tongue deep into her pussy, seeking the opening I just knew they covered! She groaned and twisted, trying to get yet more of my tongue into her opening and the channel beyond. I was happy to oblige! Her head rocked from side to side, her moans became faster and faster as I felt her channel clamp on my embedded tongue. Her fluid was beyond my ability to describe – a sweetness and slightly salty taste that coated my nose and muzzle. I felt my cock begin to come out of it’s sheath! I felt her pushing me away and couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong! I hopped off her bed and she lay there for several minutes, her face buried in the sheets. She finally got up and went into her bathroom. I heard the water running as she sat on the toilet bowl, wiping herself dry. From then on, I slept in her room, the sessions on her bed repeated almost every night. God, I couldn’t get enough of her pussy, but I wanted more! Each time, she would moan several times, then push me away, my dog cock trying to come out of the sheath!.

Well, the next week, Lynn got her period, so I was excluded from her room. By now, I knew to leave her alone when she was flowing and to not put my nose into her crotch. By the weekend, it had ended and her mother, father, and Ben ( her brother) were going away for something or other (I didn’t know what and didn’t really care – humans often did very strange things!). They left in the evening and Lynn and I were alone. That’s when this dog’s dreams came true!

Lynn called me into her room and this was totally different! She was kneeling on the floor, her pussy and ass high in the air, her shoulders down, resting on her forearms. I walked over and started licking her pussy, the oh-so sweet taste of her driving me wild! I kept this up for a short while as I sensed her pussy opening to me. I couldn’t stop myself and I reared back and put my paws on her back, letting them slide down along her sides. I grasped her much like I did Rosie and hunched forward, my cock now almost fully out of it’s sheath. I was going to mate this willing cunt! I was having trouble finding the opening between her pussy lips, but I felt her reach back between her wide open legs and grasp my cock, guiding it to the right hole! Just like with Rosie, I felt the tip find the mark and drove all the way into her, my fluids and hers making it super slick! I proceeded to pound away at her, driving deeper and deeper, the tip of my cock hitting all types of things that Rosie didn’t have inside her pussy! I felt the growth start at the base of my cock and felt it banging against the pussy under me. Lynn tried to lean forward but I wouldn’t let her. I drove the growth against her pussy, pulling her back on the length of my cock, driving the hardness of it against her cunt lips, forcing them open to accept it. With a soft ‘POP’, I felt it slip into her pussy channel. I was fully seated in her! I slowed my thrusts, now just barely moving in and out, the growth expanding! Again, that wonderful feeling as my cock started delivering jet after jet of my cum deep inside this willingly mated bitch!

I heard her moaning just like when I licked her. After a few moments, my growth softened enough to pull out of her. She was still kneeling on the floor, her ass and pussy high in the air, just as they were when I had mated her. I saw and felt a rush of my cum wash out of her distended cunt, falling between her wide spread legs to pool on the carpet. I watched her hips slowly lower to the carpet, her legs still open, her face buried between her curled arms, her moans slowly subsiding. Her legs trembled and her toes curled up as she seemed to have a spasm or two (again, human ways are sometimes very strange!).

I sat down and licked myself clean. I looked over and Lynn was still on her stomach on the floor, her legs open and her pussy seemed to be pulsing. I decided to lick her clean, as the smell coming out of her pussy was driving me wild! I moved behind her, pushing my nose between the cheeks of her ass, licking her from front to back. She turned over, opening her legs wide and pulling them towards her chest,and giving me unrestricted access to her wide open cunt. My tongue delved deep into her, seeking the sweetness of her girl cum and the saltiness of mine! I licked her for what seemed like hours, but was really only a few moments. At last, she pushed me away, rolling to her feet on very shaky legs and went into the bathroom. I looked in and saw her straddle the toilet bowl, spreading her legs wide, to let even more of my cum fall into the water.

I curled up on her bed, watching her as she went about the room, cleaning everything up and muttering to herself. I couldn’t help but think that I had just fucked her! When dogs mate, they mate to breed. When humans mate, unless it’s to breed (which I was finally realizing was seldom!), they simply fuck! Lynn would never have my puppies – that was reserved for Rosie. That weekend, I fucked her again and I think she enjoyed getting laid even more than the first time! Over the course of the next few months, I had her as often as we could get the house to ourselves. Once, by and accident, I put my cock into her back passage! Now, that was tight! She wouldn’t let me put my knot (that’s what she called the growth at the base of my cock) in back there, but I still managed to unload my cum into her.

When next she had her period, she let me lap her pussy as it flowed out of her. God, it was SOOOO GOOOOD!! It tasted even better than it smelled! All in all, I was one happy dog! I was able to service my bitch whenever we were alone and the time went by quickly. One day, Lynn left (something about college, whatever that was). I waited for her to come home, but days passed and she didn’t come home. I was alone in the house with her mother and father who continued to fuck about three nights a week. Damn, I was really getting horny and lonely for my bitch and her willing pussy!

Well, the house started to get decorated for a human event (something about Thanksgiving, like I was supposed to know what that was) and one day, Lynn came home! I was in heaven, dancing around her legs when she came in. I smelled her girl smell but, mixed in with it, a slight tinge of musky man cum. My bitch had been serviced by a human! That night, I reclaimed her willing cunt, servicing her and fucking her so hard that she was shaking on the floor when I finished with her. I fucked her several times before she left again. That’s how we continued until she came home for good. We’re still at it!

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