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Raj was working at the Zoo doing voluntary work like he had done every night after school for the last two years, the zoo had closed for the night but staff were still working feeding the animals, Raj was working in the gorilla house where he worked every night, The gorilla house was situated in a quiet part of the zoo where it had it’s own big gorilla compound. Raj was considered experienced enough to work on his own. Banjo was the only gorilla in the compound but as soon as Raj appeared Banjo hurried into the house it self swinging on the ropes.  Raj went to the bars of the cage Banjo soon appeared at the bars letting Raj stroke his arm and pat his head before Raj gave him a banana, The head keeper entered smiled at the friendship between the gorilla and Raj said they sure like you, he then told Raj that there would be a girl working with him tonight, Raj said “ok” the keeper she is working unpaid as part of a court order for breaking the law, he asked Raj if he was happy with that, Raj nodded, a short time later a girl entered, Raj saw the girl was Amy a local girl who caused trouble and at 16 was a couple of years older than he was. The head keeper left, Raj said to Amy you better tuck your pony tail in Banjo likes pulling them in fun but is strong and can hurt” Amy turned said “bollocks it hurts me I will kill it” Raj went to get the food for Banjo in the outer room he saw Amy’s clothes on the floor her saw her bra and panties among the clothes smiled knowing she was naked under the zoo issue overalls, he went back in with the food, Amy looked at it snatched it from Raj and started throwing bits of food at Banjo through the bars, Raj said “don’t he don’t like that” Amy then grabbed a banana and started to eat it, Raj knew Banjo was on treatment to make him mate and the fruit had been treated with drugs to make him horny, Amy carried on throwing the fruit after it was all gone she asked what was next, Raj told her wait for him to eat we put him in the outside compound and clean the cage, Amy said “I cant wait for him to finish” and unlocked the cage door, Raj told her to wait not to go in, Amy picked up a pitch fork jabbed Banjo saying “get outside you big sack of shit” Raj shouted “don’t he will attack” Amy turned to face Raj gave him the one finger salute then screamed as Banjo grabbed her pony tail pulled it hard causing Amy to fall to the floor, Amy cursed Banjo grabbed the back of Amy’s overalls with his pick paws, Raj started to move towards the alarm that would bring people running with dart guns as he moved Raj saw Banjo try to pull Amy up but the flimsy material of the overalls tore down the back, Raj saw Amy’s bare bum sticking out of the ripped cloth, Banjo pulled again trying to move Amy, the cloth ripped even more Raj saw Amy’s boobs appear he stopped and watched saw Amy’s overalls tore away leaving her naked, Amy screamed, Banjo grabbed Amy’s pony tail dragged her across the cage floor as he did Raj saw her shaved clit, Banjo let go of Amy and beat his chest, Amy got up ran for the door of the cage but Banjo pinned her to the frame work of the cage, Raj watched as Banjo hung on to the bars, Amy then screamed ” no no he is fucking my bum get him off me stop him” Banjo moved back Amy fell to the floor, Amy started to get up Banjo grabbed her ankles pulled her into the middle of the cage letting go of Amy’s ankles Amy rolled onto her back, looked up at Banjo who picked Amy up by putting one paw under her back and lifting then fling Amy over a log and moved behind her Amy screamed saying “stop him he is fucking me” from where he was Raj could see that Banjo was in Amy’s slit not her bum after half a hour Amy was dumped on the floor, Raj knew Banjo was finished and pressed the alarm then threw a blanket to Amy staff came rushing in dragged Amy out the cage, when the head keeper asked what happened Amy said it pulled me by the back my overalls ripped off Raj shouted the gorilla went in the corner that’s all, the keeper looked at Raj who agreed, the keeper said “your lucky” get some clothes go home. After the staff went Amy said “don’t tell anyone the back of shit fucked me” Raj agreed not to. Next night when Raj arrived the head keeper told Raj that Amy had 2 friends with her who could wait for her finish work. When Raj got to the gorilla house he saw July and Kim from his school who both 16, they were sat eating the gorillas food, Raj saw lots of peel on the floor saw knew they must have eaten about 10 bananas each he went in the gorilla house saw Amy at the bars with a large stick she looked at Raj said were teaching him a lesson Banjo was swinging on ropes, July and Kim entered with sticks Amy said “lets go get the cunt” Raj said “don’t go in” Amy unlocked the cage went in with Kim and July following, Amy hit Banjo with the stick Banjo knocked her over with one swing of his paw making a loud screeching noise as he did, 3 more gorillas appeared, July and Kim tried to run for the door, Raj saw Kim’s jeans get ripped off her she had no panties on, Amy was naked again July’s top had gone. Raj watched as the gorillas pushed  Kim and July around soon like Amy they were naked Raj liked the way their boobs bounced about a gorilla grabbed Kim held her to him soon Kim screamed “it’s fucking me” Raj watched as all three girls were screwed by the gorillas he saw Kim’s nipples were erect. After half hour Raj shouted the gorillas followed Banjo to the corner, the three girls crawled out the cage, and  dressed before leaving. Next night Raj was on his own, the keeper came in saying Amy would not be back but another girl was here and Kim walked in, after the keeper had gone, Kim asked how long before they were back, Raj said “a hour” Kim replied “good that’s long enough” and removed her overalls standing naked then said “they were better than my dog”.

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