Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I want to defy being submissive to you, because you have to make me your good girl. I want you to force me on to my knees by wrapping my hair around your fist. Then force my face down in to the bed. Show me your my daddy and I must submit to you. Pull my hands behind me and hancuff them, then spank my ass with a whip, smack my pussy too. Then put the vibrator on my clit until I’m just about to cum and stop. Pull my face up from the bed, then force your cock in my mouth. Fuck my face and make me gag on your big fat cock. Smack my face while you fuck it, smack my breasts too. Pull me away from your cock put my face right in front of yours. Ask me if I’m going to be daddy’s good little girl. Smack both sides of my face when I tell you no. Plant my face back in the bed, put the vibrator on my clit and tell me I can’t cum until you say so. Then start pounding me from behind, I’m going to cum right away because you feel so good inside of me. So punish me for not listening to my daddy. Make me lay on my belly on the bed and give me many spankings with the riding crop. Then when I beg you for more cock, choke me from behind and make me promise to be a good girl. Then slide your cock inside of me, and fuck me slow. I will ask you to fuck me harder. Tell me its your pussy and you will do what you want. Tease my pussy with just the tip, then slowly pound me. I beg you to let me cum. So you choke me from behind, and pound your pussy. You wait for what feels like forever but is less then a minute and say, “cum on my cock baby girl”. My legs start to shake and you continue to pound me while I cum, you tell me what a good girl I am being. Then you release me from my handcuffs, tell me to face you on my knees. Then you tell me to suck your cock, I start to suck the tip. So you force my face down to take it all. Then you pull me off and slap my face with your cock. You gently slap my breasts and tell me if I’m a good girl I can cum again. You have me lay on my back you put the vibrator on my clit and finger me very hard. I beg you to let me cum, you tell me I’m a good girl and that I can cum. Then you stop fingering me slide your cock inside and pound me while I cum. Then you start to pound me slowly while biting, pinching, and sucking my nipples. Then You force your fingers in my mouth, while you fuck me. You hear me mumble, you take your fingers out, and slap my face. I ask you to cum again. You tell me I’m a greedy little girl, I tell you I cant stop cuming for you daddy. You let me cum again, but you pull out right as I cum and tell me to get on my knees. You get my ass hole ready for your cock while you fuck me from behind. Then you slide your cock in my ass. I shake my ass on your cock and you spank me. Then you start pounding my tight little ass. I tell you I want your cum daddy. You tell me that only good little girls get cum in their ass. I say I promise daddy ill be your good little girl. You say when your a good girl from the start without punishment you will cum inside of your baby girl. You pull out make me get on my knees and cum on my face. You tell me good little girls clean the mess up, so I clean the cum off of you with my mouth. Then I use my hand to wipe the cum off my face and eat it. You say daddy loves his baby girl.

By Tommy

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