Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Lina is in her sleeveless night gown. She is now waiting for service guy to come with our meals. I took refreshment and have a cane of beer to generate energy in my body. Its 07:45 pm, when co-passengers couple came out of curtain and both moved towards washroom. Both hubby as well as wife came back and the newly married lady smiled, looking at Lina, she asked…… ” Are you fine my sister ?

(Lina) sure and I think you both have enjoyed foreplay for hours

(Lady) yes its legitimate and natural, let enjoy dinner and have a nice sleep

(Lina) why not sister ?. ” And we both guys are bit shy hearing their conversation. We took dinner and I moved to upper berth to sleep. .

Its midnight and train is running at full speed, when I felt Lina’s finger moving on my lips and my eyes opened as well as I hold her wrist and she asked me to come down. I left the upper berth and came down, moved to washroom and after some time, we both are sitting on lower berth. Looking at me, she moved closer and sits on my lap. I started kissing her neck as well as ears, my one hand is on her waist while other one is pressing her breast hardly. She is in a night gown and while massaging her breast I can feel her breast without brassieres. Her sexy ass is putting pressure on my semi erected penis and Lina stand up in hurry. Now she sits on my lap and we both are facing each other, she has hold me in her arms. I hold her lashes of night gown and opened it, her front faced lashes are open and I took it out of her hot body. Lina is without undergarments and now she is sitting on my lap like a nude sex goddess. I put my lips on her lips and started kissing her lips as well as face. My hand is moving on her nude back and Lina pushed her long tongue in my mouth, while sucking her tongue I can feel her soft boobs on my chest and my finger is moving on her ass crack. My penis started erecting and after a while, Lina took out her tongue from my mouth and she sit near me on lower berth. Now she pulled down my bermuda and we both are complete nude. In a A/C-1 coach, inside a locked coup two hot couples are enjoying sex. .

Lina as well as Garry are complete nude and Lina slept on berth, while I started sucking her breast. I am leaning on her hot body and her palm has grabbed my penis tightly. Now I took her other breast in my mouth and while sucking it my hand is massaging her other breast. I left her breasts and now while holding it tightly my tongue is licking her brownish areola. She is bit horny and my other hand is on her FIRE RED ZONE….. Palm is rubbing her genital parts and after a while, Lina pushed me on berth. While sleeping on berth with my legs straight I can see my hot cousin sitting over my face with her legs wide apart. Her sexual organs are on my face and I put my hand on her waist, looking above I can see her glory hole glittering and I put my lips to kiss her vagina while Lina put her fingers to open her vaginal mouth. Now my tongue started fucking her cunt and she is screaming in joy, my face is in between her thighs and my 1/2 of penis is licking her cunt, she is in joy….. “Oohh uymmm Garry suck my vagina soon….. ” And I took her cunt in my mouth to suck. After a while she left my face and now while sitting near my waist, she leaned her face and her lips are moving on my penis. She is enjoying my penis with its upper soft part, glans moving on her face as well as lips. Lastly she took my penis in her mouth and while sucking it like a whore, I started screaming…….. “Oohhh darling you are too hot baby suck it fast… ” But she started moving her tongue on my penis. After some time, she put her gown on her body and moved to washroom. .

Lina came back after some time and we both moved to upper berth. She is on her knees and I pushed my cock inside her vagina from behind. While holding her waist I am pounding her vagina and she is swinging her ass fast to complement my fuck. My penis is roaring inside her vagina with great speed and power and she is shouting…… “Oohhh Garry go hard I will cum you dog…. ” And after a while cum ejaculated in her vagina and I put my tongue in her cunt to taste her vaginal juice. Later on she slept on berth and I pushed my cock inside her cunt. Now while sleeping on her top I am pounding her vagina and Lina hold my waist tightly and she is also moving her bum fast. After 12-15 minutes of deep penetration I shouted…. “Oohh Lina my penis will cum baby. ” And my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina. She took my penis to taste the cum.

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