Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

ts 01:45 am, when we both slept on berth. After two sex session, we both were completely exhausted and slept till 08:35 am. We both moved to washroom and after refreshment, we got tea as well as snacks. We both are sitting on lower berth. Looking at hot couples, Lina asked…. ” Sister have you enjoyed your night ?

(Lady) I am Roma, we have enjoyed but sister what’s your opinion on swapping ?

(Lina) sister I am Lina, wife swapping is good for couples but if both are interested for it

(Roma) sure than are you interested ?

(Lina looking at me) my hubby can make decision on it

(Garry) I am interested but after 6 months or so, we are newly married so swapping will be not good for us right now. ” But Lina has curiosity to have sex with male co-passenger and its a bitter truth that we both (Lina and Garry) are not hot couples but she is my cousin. So she want to be with co-passenger once during journey. .

I moved to upper berth with my bag and after putting curtain on it, I started drinking beer. While my cousin is on lower berth talking to them. After a while I left my berth and moved towards washroom. Coming back, I joined their conversation and Roma shocked me…… ” Just say, if I am looking hot and nice

(Garry) I can’t say without looking your inner beauty Roma

(Roma put her both palm on her face, she is bit shy) oh no you are so outspoken. ” And Roma’s hubby moved to upper berth to take rest. Looking at me, Roma pulled down her saree from her chest, showing me her breasts and she took out her saree from her hot body. Now she is in peticote as well as blouse and looking too wild while standing in front of me. Looking at my cousin Lina, I put my hand on Roma’s waist and pulled her on my lap. While holding her tightly, my lips are on her slender neck as well as face while my hand has grabbed her breast tightly to massage. Roma is younger to Lina but older to me, now she turned her back and put her arms in my shoulder. She is sitting on my thigh and her lips are kissing my lips as well as face while my hand is on her breasts to massage it hard. .

Roma pushed her long tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, I can see my cousin standing on floor and inviting Roma’s hubby for physical love. I hold her lashes of peticote and opened it, she took out her tongue from my mouth and pulled down her peticote. Roma is in her blouse only, with no panty on her waist her lower part is nude. Now Roma’s hubby is sitting on lower berth while my cousin is near him. My hand is pressing Roma’s boobs and she removed her blouse as well as brassier to make her nude. Roma is complete nude and she removed my bermuda while Roma’s hubby CHRIS is removing my cousin’s night gown. After a while GARRY….. CHRIS….. LINA…. ROMA…. All are complete nude and my cousin started kissing Chris, putting her lips on his lips as well as face while holding his long dick to masturbate. Now Lina pushed her tongue in his mouth and while sucking it Chris has grabbed her breast in his palm to massage. Now Chris wife is sitting on floor and started kissing my penis. She is moving the glans on her face as well as lips while my finger is moving in her hairs. Looking at me, Roma took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it fastly. Now I can see my cousin leaving his tongue and Chris is now on ground while Lina is sitting on berth with her legs wide apart. Chris put her lips on Lina’s vagina and he is kissing it fastly while Roma is rolling her tongue on my penis. She took my penis in her mouth again and sucked it like a pro for some time. .

Roma is on berth with her legs wide apart and while sitting on ground, my lips are on her glory hole, its reddish and clean shaved. I put my nose on her vagina and smelt it. Lina is now screaming in joy while Chris has taken her vagina in his mouth, she screamed…. “Oohh Chris leave my cunt darling. ” And Lina pushed her head to free her cunt from his mouth. Now my tongue is moving on Roma’s vagina and her tight vagina with labias having little gap have made my work tougher. I licked it for a while and took her cunt in my mouth to suck. My cousin Lina is sitting on ground with her lips kissing his long hard dick and she took his penis in her mouth to suck, she is sucking his penis fastly and Roma screamed in pleasure….. “Oohhj uumm Garry I will cum darling taste it. ” And after a while I got her vaginal juice in my mouth to taste. Lina is licking Chris’ penis and our oral sex session ends. We all put our clothes and left for washroom. .

Its a nice morning and we all are looking fresh as well as hot. Now coup door has been locked and Lina took out her gown from his hot body. Like a whore she is standing with her legs wide apart, looking at Lina Roma also removed her gown. Now both lady are standing in front of us and looking at Lina’s glory hole Chris smiled….. ” I think her vagina is enjoying fuck for last one year or so

(Lina) yes Chris we are married for 8-9 months. ” And now I stand in front of Roma and put her one leg on berth, while holding my penis I pushed it inside her cunt and hold her waist tightly. Now I am fucking Roma from front in speed and power while Lina has bent herself like an four legged animal, Chris pushed his long cock in her vagina and he is fucking my cousin from behind while Lina is moving her ass fastly. My penis is in Roma’s tight pussy getting narrow space and path to fuck. She has hold me tightly and her boobs are brushing on my chest. I have put my hand on her back and giving her hard fuck from front I pushed my one finger in her ass hole and Roma started screaming….. “Oohh Garry my cunt is in fire rain your cum soon…. ” But I turned her and now from behind I am fucking her fastly, Roma is swinging her ass fastly and I can see my cousin getting fucked from front side and she has kept her one leg on berth while Chris is going hard inside her vagina. I can see Lina holding him tightly and screaming….. ” Chris pour your cum darling….. : ” And we both ejaculated cum inside their cunt and they sucked our dick.

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