Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Trivendrum rajdhani is running at a great speed. We have completed our half way at 02:00 pm. I have slept for 3-4 hours after a nice fuck session with Roma. Its late evening, at 06:15 pm my cousin Lina disturbed my peaceful sleep and I woke up, moved to washroom and after refreshment got a strong coffee as well as snacks. I can see Lina and Roma talking while sitting on lower berth while Chris is in rest on upper berth. I joined their conversation…… ” On which topic you both are having conversation.

(Roma smiled) our topic is lady specific so no talk with you

(Lina) Garry now what’s your plan for to night

(Garry) as you both will wish darling. ” And I moved to upper berth and took a cane of beer from bag to drink..

I came down and Chris is also sitting with them. Now looking at me, Chris smiled….. ” We have planned a group sex party for night, you will also be there Garry.

(Garry) sure Chris I think so. ” And I hold Roma’s wrist to make her stand. She is standing with me and wearing a sleeveless gown upto her knee length has made her look wild. I hold her in my arms and while kissing her lips as well as face, my hand is lifting her gown up. Roma pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck and my hand is moving on her round shaped ass, which is complete nude. Now Chris is standing near her back and he removed his wife gown to make her nude. Roma took out her tongue from my mouth and pulled my bermuda down. Now Chris is sitting near Roma’s bum and put his tongue to lick her vagina. Now I put my mouth on Roma’s breast and while sucking it I can feel my cousin standing near me. She is wearing a sleeveless frock and I left Roma’s breast while I took out my cousin’s frock, she sits on ground and holding my penis she is moving the glans on her face as well as lips. Now Chris is sitting near his wife’s legs and he is putting his lips on her labias to kiss. My hot cousin took my penis in her mouth and she is sucking it like a whore and Chris while licking Roma’s cunt is pressing hard my cousin’s breast. I am standing near Roma and took her other breast in my mouth to suck while Lina is licking my penis. After a while Chris sucked her cunt and now Lina left my cock..

Chris as well as Lina is standing and I am near my cousin’s legs. While putting my lips on her vagina I can see Roma kissing her hubby cunt. He is fingering it while kissing her surface. My tongue is licking Lina’s cunt and Chris took Lina’s breast in her mouth to suck. Roma is sucking his dick with her face moving faster and I am fucking Lina’s cunt with my tongue and after a while I am sucking my cousin’s cunt and Roma is licking her hubby’s dick. We changed our partner and now Garry-Roma as well as Chris-Lina will ignite the sexual flame. Now Roma is on her knees and she is kissing my penis as well as moving glans on her face and lips. Looking at Lina I can see her standing like a whore and Chris licking her cunt with his long tongue. Roma took my penis in her mouth and while sucking it she is moving her fingers in my pubic hair. I can see Lina screaming in pleasure…… “Oohh Chris taste my cum darling its in vagina…. “And Chris licked her cunt. Now Roma started moving her tongue on my penis, our oral sex session ends..

We all put our dress and I moved to washroom for refreshment. Its 08:05 pm and service guy served our meals, we all are in leisure and I asked….. “Chris if you love to have meal first or Lina

(Chris smiled) obviously Lina, your wife is too hot and sexy. ” So we left our meals packed and Chris took out a bottle of wine. We both started drinking but Roma asked….. “Hey Chris I also want to drink and have a whole night fuck. ” And we are drinking wine. Now I put my hand on Roma’s gown and pulled it up, than took it out of her hot body. Lina removed her dress and both lady stand in front of us. I stands near Roma and Chris stands near my cousin Lina and they both pulled our bermuda and now facing the wall of coup, both lady bend herself down and like a four legged animal Lina and Roma are standing. Now Chris pushed his long cock in my cousin cunt and while holding her waist, he is fucking Lina while I pushed my long cock in Roma’s vagina and both are fucking them in a same manner. Now Lina started swinging her ass fastly and Roma is moving her ass to enhance our fuck session. I can see my hot cousin enjoying Chris long hard dick and now Roma turned back to face me, now I pushed my long cock in Roma’s cunt and my penis is hitting her vaginal depth. She has hold me tightly and her boobs are brushing my chest. Lina is moving her ass to enjoy Chris dick, its long and thick to me and after 12-15 minutes of fucking both lady started screaming….. “Oohh uumm Chris Garry pour your cum my cunt is in fire…. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in Roma’s cunt while Lina got the cum of Chris penis. Our journey ends.

By Yumiko

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