Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Lina, my hot cousin is in Delhi with her hubby. She is going to Trivenduram, Kerala for a week to join her friends marriage ceremony. Her hubby is a buisnessman and has no time to give company to her wife for marriage ceremony. Lastly her hubby and my mom pressurised me to be with my cousin Lina. A newly married hot lady of 24-25 years is with me as well as her hubby at Hazrat nizammudin railway junction. We are at platform no. 1 Waiting for Trivenduram rajdhani express to come. Lina is looking hot in her tight leggings as well as short tops with a high heel sandle in her legs..

Train came at time and we three entered the A/C-1 coach and moved inside our coup. After a while, hot couple came inside and my brother in law left the coach. We were sitting on a lower berth and service guy came there with snacks as well as coffee. Looking to me, co-passenger asked….. ” I think you both are also going to Trivenduram for a honeymoon trip

(Lina shocked me ) yes we are newly married and going to Trivenduram for a week. ” And I looked at my cousin turned wife. Its 5:00 pm and we arranged our berths as Lina moved to washroom for refreshment. She came back and locked the door. Now other couple have put curtain on her lower berth, so we both are sitting on lower berth with curtain making us safe but both hot couple will make love with their partner..

Lina hold me in her arms and started kissing my lips and face while I put my hand on her waist and make her sit on my lap. She is sitting with her legs wrapped on my waist and her breasts are pressing on my chest. Now while kissing her face and lips, I took her tongue in my mouth to suck. While sucking her tongue my palms are on her back. She has put her hand down to my pant and has hold my bulge of penis. Lastly I left her tongue and she put her head on my shoulder…… “Lina why you told them lie

(Lina) oh Garry, we can enjoy our journey so I told them lie. “And I put my hand on her breast to massage while she is unzipping my pant. Lina is holding my penis in her palm and I lifted her shorts upto her neck. Looking at me she unhooked her brassier and I am pressing her boobs hardly while my cousin is masturbating my penis fastly. After a while she slept on berth with her upper part nude..

I leaned on Lina and took her breast in my mouth to suck while other one is in my palms to press it hard. She is screaming in joy and I took her other breast in my mouth to suck. I sucked her boobs and started kissing her flat tummy to deep belly. She is screaming in joy and now I took her on my lap, while holding her tightly I took her lips in my mouth to suck and her soft breasts are brushing my chest. Now I pushed my tongue in Lina’s mouth and she started sucking it. After a while she left my tongue and put her tops on her body. She left to washroom..

Its 06:25 pm and I moved to washroom. Coming back we decided for an hour foreplay before dinner time. Now Lina is sleeping on berth and I put my hand on her waist just holding her elastic locked leggings and pulled it down. Looking at me she is bit shy and has put her legs crossed. Now I opened my bag and took out bermuda as well as t shirt to change my dress. I changed it and now removed my cousin’s panty, her legs are wide open and I pushed a pillow inside her ass and started kissing her cunt with my lips. Her vagina is clean shaved and my tongue started licking her cunt while she put her fingers on it to open the vaginal hole. My 1/2 of tongue is licking her vagina and she is screaming in pleasure…. “Oohh uumm Garry suck my cunt hard….. ” And I took her cunt in my mouth to suck. After a while I left her vagina and she made me sleep on berth. While sitting near my legs, she pulled my bermuda down and hold my penis in her palm. Now leaned her face and took my penis in her mouth to suck, her head is moving faster and I am feeling her mouth on my dick. Lastly she started rolling her tongue on my penis even she is moving my glans on her face and lips. I moved to washroom..

Its 06:45 pm and we both have an hour before dinner, so I asked….. ” Lina are you ready for final love ?

(Lina) sure Garry, now once and we will do it again at midnight. ” And Lina opened her bag, took out her night gown. Now I started removing her tops and leggings, she is complete nude and I removed my bermuda also. She slept on berth like a hot lady and I pushed my penis in her cunt, slowly my penis entered her vagina and I started fucking her fastly while my hand has hold her breast to massage. Now I leaned on her hot body and my penis is roaring inside her vagina. She is moving her ass up and down. We both are on berth and I am fucking her while sleeping on her top, she is giving me nice company while moving her bum faster, after 10-12 minutes of fuck my penis ejaculated in her cunt and she kissed my lips. Our fuck session one ends. What next ? Wait for it.

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