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It was 10pm, as Matt was working in his Bar, covering for the workers that weren’t active at that point. It was a bit frustrating, but he couldn’t afford many workers at that moment. So ultimately, he settled for covering the shift himself. Matt was about to close up when he soddenly got the shock of his life almost. He noticed Alexa Bliss walk into his closing bar. He was almost unable to speak, in a trance looking at the beauty as she made her way to him, almost as though it was a dream r something. ” If you’re done staring, I’d like to get a drink” Her voice shook him out of the trance. Oh, sorry, I’ll get to it. “What would you like exactly?” Matt asked still a bit starstruck. Bliss didn’t look back at him, ” anything heavy is good” She said. Matt begins to pour Alexa a drink, and as he does so, he hears her call someone, who he later assumes is her agent. He could barely get the full gest of what she was saying, but it seemed as though she had missed the flight, which had her in a bad mood. As Matt poured the first drink for Alexa and served it to her, he managed to get a better understanding of the situation ” Look, there’s no way I’ll be able to catch tomorrow’s show, just tell them I’ll be off for the night and cover for me. Yeah? Yeah, I’ll take the week off, I need a bit of time to myself regardless. Look, I’ll make up for it later alright? Yeah, thanks” She says hanging up the call. ‘So she’s not going to be in the show tomorrow and is more or less free for the entire week.’ Matt kept thinking to himself. He noticed some other fans recognizing her and walking up to her to take pics with her or her autograph, which seemed to annoy the already annoyed woman even more. Matt on the other hand, was getting some rather devious ideas from the situation as the thought of her schedule was going through his brain over and over again. He kept pondering if he should or not over and over again until he finally decided to make a move. Firstly, he approached Alexa, who was getting more and more annoyed with people approaching her at that moment. ” What, you want an autograph too?” She lets out in an annoyed voice. ” Actually, I noticed you were getting annoyed due to the people constantly bothering you and though you could use a VIP spot?” He asked hoping she took the offer. Alexa thought about it for a second , and decided it was probably for the best. “Yeah, that would be great” She said, as he began leading her to one of the VIP cabinates. “Sorry about earlier, it’s just that, today’s been pretty annoying and I was not in the mood to be dealing with people” Alexa said, in an apologetic tone. ” No biggie, i thought you were getting annoyed, and customer satisfaction is pretty much our main goal afterall” He lied, in reality, Matt couldn’t care less for Customer satisfaction. But he needed her in a secluded area for his plan to work. as he lead her into the vip room, he offered ” You want another round? It’s on the house since you’re having a bad day” Alexa smiled again, ” Yeah, that would be nice” She blurted out, relaxing for a bit on the couch. There wasn’t anyone else using any of the VIP areas and only a few drunks still in the bar, this was ideal. As he fixed her drink, he added in a small amount of drug to it. He didn’t want to cause her any harm, but needed her to be knocked out long enough for the entire place to empty out. He left her the drink and then began to clear out the area of people. “closing the bar early” as he put it. As the last few people left as well, he walked up to the VIP area to check up on Alexa. As he walked in, he saw her passed out completely on the lounge. She had finished the entire drink quickly, so it seemed to have taken full effect. Matt simply smiled before he made a few calls to what he reffered to as his ” UWFC mates”
The UWFC, The Ultimate WWE Fan Club, which was basically a group of 5 people who were extremely big fans of the WWE. But they weren’t your typical fans though. These people were the kind who were considered to be over-obsessed with the WWE. From collecting merch to obsessing over the wrestlers, you name it. Though in their own time, they have their own work cycles, they still managed to find people similar to each other, and spend time fanboying about WWE. They were scums to the bone though, everything from making fakes of wwe wrestlers, to hiring whores and dressing them up as wwe women and diva’s to fuck them or -pretend rape- them, they’ve done it all
Matt didn’t inform them why he was calling them, just that it was urgent and they needed to meet him at their “club room” which was basically the secret basement to his bar and also gave them huge list of things to bring along. After talking to them, Matt picked Alexa up on his shoulder and began to take her and her luggage down with him to the Basement. After dropping the He took her to the basement and dropped her before going out again, only to come back with some chains, rope and cameras. He had already made up his mind. He was going to enjoy Alexa Bliss for the entire week, and hopefully by the time the week ends, he’d have her as his sex slave. Best case scenario was that Alexa Bliss was going to become the club’s personal cumdump, worst case scenario, atleast they’d go to jail after enjoying Alexa Bliss’ body. He began tying her up with the chain, both arms tied up against a pillar in the Middle of the room. He tied the rope to the chain in order to be able to adjust the height of the chains whenever he needed to. For now, it was only high enough to keep her arms fully up when she’s layed sitting against the wall. As he does so, he can’t help but admire the sight. Alexa was wearing mostly a formal suit, with a skirt and leggings. She didn’t attempt to hide a good amount of cleavage. Ofcourse he would much prefer her in her Wrestling outfit. But for now, this was good too. Matt wanted to rape Alexa right there. But he knew he had to break her, and decided to wait till everyone was there to wake her. That didn’t stop him from getting a good feel of her though. He touched Alexa’s body, from top to bottom, moving down her arms, to her sides, grabbing onto her boobs. Alexa Bliss definitely didn’t have the largest boobs in wwe at the moment, but they were firm. Ofcourse, she was a body builder, so it’s only natural her body would be pretty tight. Not being able to hold back the temptation, he grabbed her suit and shirt and pulled them apart, exposing her tits covered only by a small lacy Bra. Matt kept on feeling her up, now reaching in to her bra, feeling her soft skin as he squeezes her boobs a bit before making his way down her waist. He pulls the buttons on her skirt open before pulling it down, revealing her beautiful pussy covered by a small panty. Matt couldn’t hold it anymore. He stripped down completely, ripping off most of her clothes. He wanted to enjoy the sight of Alexa’s full body once before the others showed up. Ripping off her clothes, he exposes Alexa’s body fully, from her firm tits to her fully shaven pussy. Truely, what a Goddess should look like, atleast one that’s about to get raped for a week. He began licking Alexa, tasting her body from top to bottom. Stopping at her tits, he began sucking on Alexa’s tits, while his finger makes his way to her pussy. This seemed to have gotten a bit of a reaction from Alexa, ever so slight. He remained gentle for now, as he licked her lower, going down her waste, siding down to her legs first, before getting up in her pussy. Before he could get any more in though, he heard his phone ring. It was the other members, meaning they were there already. He went out to bring the others into the bar and then the basement. The others were a bit annoyed at him suddenly calling them at that point, specially since he called so late and asked them to bring weird thing which got them a good amount of looks when buying them. But all the annoyance immediately went down the drain the moment they reached the basement to find a naked Alexa Bliss tied up against a pillar. Rob, Dave, Stan and Dan stood there shocked, listening to Matt’s plan and actions. ” The fuck!? What do you mean you spikeed Alexa Bliss, this can go so wrong for you” Dave spoke out. ” Look, you still have a chance to walk out. No-one will know your involvement, but I’m determined to enjoy the opportunity” Matt said, walking upto Alexa’s still unconscious body. The others were at a loss for thoughts, on one hand, this was definitely a once in a lifetime chance, while on the other hand, chances of this going well for them was non-existent almost. As they pondered, they heard Alexa moan out slightly as Matt began fingering her. This might have changed their minds a bit more as all of them immediately shifted their focus to Alexa again. “The Goddess” Alexa Bliss was right here, helpless, powerless and most importantly, naked infront of them, moaning to being fingered in her sleep. ” Alright, look, there’s not really that much to loose here” Rob explains, deriving the others thoughts more now, ” I’d say let’s just go for it” Rob explains, and the others, while not entirely agreeing to it, loose any motivation to not do it as well. ” F-fine, what’s the plan then?” Dan asks hesitantly. ” We fuck her, and make sure that by the end of the week, all she can think of is getting fucked” Matt responds. The others are still hesitant, but at this point, the temptation of Alexa Bliss’ body had taken them over completely. “I’m gonna wake her up now, make sure she remembers every time we use her slutty little body, if any of you wanna quit, now’s your last chance” Matt tells them. The others are hesitant, but none of them leave. “Good” Matt says in a light tone, before taking the jug of water and splashing Alexa with it. Alexa begins to caught, the dose wasn’t enough to put her in a long trance, but it was still strong enough to make her insanely dizzy and out of it. Her vision was blurry at this point, mind barely capable of thinking. She was trying to recall what had happened. “What’s going on” Alexa manages to blurt out, as realization begins to hit her slowly. Her arms were definitely stretched out above her head and tightly tied up, her head was dizzy, and worst of all, she was cold as fuck, meaning she wasn’t covered at all. “What’s the meaning of this?” Alexa blurts out again, now noticing the five guys infront of her, each looking at her with lust in their eyes. “Well, miss Bliss, what’s going on is that, YOU belong to US now” Matt told her. Alexa wasn’t able to process the situation perfectly yet, but her first thoughts were still to act tough and put up a strong front. ” You know, my team will be searching for me right? and they wont take long to find you at all” Alexa says, gaining more and more of her thinking capability back as time goes on. ” I’m not worried about that miss Bliss. We have atleast a week with your little break before people start worrying. And even when worried, how’re they gonna find you here even?” Matt shows her her phone, which he’s already turned off. ” You’re not even anywhere near the Bar you were at” Matt bluffs, trying to take away what little hope she had left. ” I’d tell you to simply accept your fate, but lets be honest, I hope you struggle” He says with a Malicious tone as the others watch, trying to hold a strong facade on.
Matt walks up to the others before speaking ” Well, this one still was my catch, so it’s only fair I get to use her first, you lot can decide amongst yourselves who gets second shots. ” The others weren’t too happy with that, but it was still fair. They began to discuss amongst themselves, while Matt inches closer to Alexa again. “You’ll pay for this” Alexa blurts out, trying to intimidate the man, but she knew it was impossible at this point, her fate was determined already. But that didn’t stop her still. “Look, just let me go, no-one has to know about this. You’ve seen me naked already, hell, take pictures for insurance if you want to. I wont tell anyone just-” Before she could continue though, Matt leans down, grabbing her by her tits ” Look, you’re our fucktoy now, just deal with it, the more you beg, the more annoyed we get” He says before getting up and undoing his pants, bringing out his cock. It was far from some of the massive cocks shes seen in her life, but it was still good enough. “please” Alexa lets out one last time, hoping to convince them. It was futile however as She feels his dick rubbing against her pussy now. Her fight instincts kick in as she tries her best to kick and get out of his grips, but it’s futile at this point. Matt grabs on to her legs, spreading them apart effortlessly before squeezing his body against hers. Before she could think of anything else however, he shoves his entire dick inside her, prompting her to moan out unwillingly. As she opened her mouth, Matt spit in her mouth before grabbing her hair and pulling it back. He begins to thrust inside Alexa’s pussy, pounding her as hard as she could. Moans and screams escape Alexa as tears begin to flow out. Alexa tries to bite Matt, hoping to inflict any kind of pain, but Matt had already grabbed her hair, making sure she couldn’t do jack shit. He proceeded to pound Alexa, until suddenly, he began speeding up. Alexa knew what this meant. ” Wait!! please, not inside” Alexa pleaded. But her pleading went ignored as Matt proceeded to thrust faster and faster until he felt his balls empty themselves inside Alexa Bliss. Alexa was hit hard. She could already feel her resolve break slightly. She wasn’t going to give in at all, she didn’t want to to be exact, but she knew that that resolve just broke slightly, with a feeling of hopelessness overcoming her. As Matt pulled out, she felt his cum leak out of her slightly. But she didn’t have any time to think as Rob joins in immediately afterwards. Rob wasn’t as intimidating as Matt, he was more nervous, but that wasn’t going to stop him from raping Alexa. He shoved his dick inside Alexa’s pussy. Rob was more simple minded than the others, and didn’t take too long to just thrust and fill her pussy up. Alexa though of complaining but knew it was pointless. As Rob left, Dan walked up to her. Dan was a bit different from the others. He was more rough. More sadistic, even though he wasn’t going to be doing much for the day, since the others told him to keep it easy at the beginning, he wasn’t going to use that used up hole either. “Stand up, miss goddess” He orders her. Alexa simply glares at him, determined to defy them at any chance she gets. But Dan wasn’t having any of that. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up, forcing Alexa on her feet. Since the chains were long enough to only hold her arms stretched out when she was seated down, this allowed her some relief, and her arms some movement space. But that quickie changed when Dan made his way behind her. Before she could process anything, he pushes her away from the pillar, stretching her arms out again, making sure that the position is made painful for the Goddess. As he does this, he brings out his cock, pushing it against Alexa’s ass. Dan loved watching Alexa’s matches solely for the purpose of getting any chance to see her bubble butt zoomed in. While Bliss herself was a tiny woman, her as was as good as they get. Dan moves his hands over her body, feeling her up before moving his hands on her ass cheeks, revealing her hole as he places his dick against her ass. ” Please, stop this already” Alexa goes back to pleading, her defiant persona breaking at the thought of getting anally raped now. But that turned on Dan even more as he begins shoving his dick inside Alexa’s ass. Alexa screams out, no moaning involved, but the screaming was a turn-on for Dan as he shoves his dick completely in. ” Fuck, this whore’s ass is tight” Dan comments as he begins moving slowly at first. Alexa was visibly sobbing at this point. as this man fucks her ass. Looking forward, she noticed the camera pointed at her and that wasn’t helping her case at all. Dan begins thrusting faster and faster, his hands groping her boobs. He bites down on Alexa’s neck, enjoying her body as much as he can, Dan grabs her hair with his other hand, moving it back, making her look to her side as he begins kissing and licking her face. He began moving his hands all over her body, giving them good footage of Alexa’s boobs bouncing while she’s getting fucked from behind. Suddenly, he puts his hands around her thighs and proceeds to lift her up. As he does so, he exposes her pussy directly to the camera. ” Oi, Stan, look at this, her pussy’s practically calling yer name, begging you to fuck it. Stan seems to agree with this as he joins in, unzipping his pants and immediately joining in, fucking her pussy. This one got to her. The feeling f having two dicks fuck her pussy and ass at once, the feeling of pain and pleasure together, Alexa was bit her own lips, trying not to moan. Moaning to this would be the ultimate sign of humiliation, giving in to her rapists. But her body had already began to betray her. The constant pain, followed by the rhythmic pleasure, Alexa’s body had given into it, and before she could even attempt to stop it, she had let go. Cumming had drained all ounce of her energy and she couldn’t even react to both her holes simultaneously being filled up. Alexa looked around as Dan and Stan pulled out, admiring their work. As they pulled out, she noticed that there was only one more person left. Just one more, and then she’s free, she thought. The last guy, Alexa noticed was a larger man, taller than the others and built like a truck. And when he pulled his pants down, she noticed that the size down there matched his size as well. Dave got into position, still not super into the idea, but also not about to miss out either. He placed his hands under her arms, lifting her up suddenly, then placing her on his massive cock. He began shoving his dick inside her, making Alexa moan out again, a shiver running up her spine. ‘ just survive one more Alexix’ she thought to herself, begging herself not to give in. Her thoughts were interrupted however by Dave’s cock, thrusting in and out of her pussy. It was like every thrust was hitting the back of Alexa’s head. She couldn’t think straight, as this massive man begin to fuck her mercilessly almost. Alexa didn’t even realize she had been lifted up off the ground again, allowing her loosened arms to grab onto the massive man. She wasn’t thinking at all, she didn’t even realize that she came again, letting her body go again as Dave proceeded to fuck her. Not long from that, she suddenly found herself on the ground again. As she looked up, she saw Dave’s massive cock right infront of her face and before she could say anything, it bursted out, unleashing all it’s cum on her face. What a sight that was, Alexa Bliss, with her arms bound high above her head, cum covering her face and leaking from her Pussy and ass, her body glittering with sweat, as she sits there, panting, trying to catch her breath. The five men dress up gain, about to grab a drink for themselves when Alexa spoke out ” You’ve had your fun, you have your recordings, now let me go, I wont tell a soul, so please, just end this again.” The other four didn’t say a word. As Matt walked up close to her, moving behind her instead.” I’d advice you stand up miss Bliss, wouldn’t wanna break those arms now would I” he says and just as he finished, Alexa feels a strong pull, from the chains on her arms. Before it could jerk her up, she stood up, fearing her arms breaking. As she stood up, she noticed that it wasn’t freeing her, but instead kept pulling until she was on her toes, barely managing to stay up. “What the hell? Aren’t you done having your fun yet?” She hissed out, but Matt ignored her, instead bringing out the bag with all the stuff he told the others to bring. First, he took out the water bottles, opening one up and bringing it up to Alexa ” Listen, as I said, you BELONG to US now” emphasizing those words he continues ” There’s no letting go involved. So I’m about to let you drink some water, you can accept the generosity, or deny it and not get anything the entire night” As soon as he finishes the phrase, he pours the water from above her, some of it reaches her mouth, but she immediately closes it when the cum from her face gets washed up in her mouth too. ” Welp your loss” He comments. He then brings out a panty, confusing Alexa, which he begins to put on her, but only brings it up to her knees. The next items were the real kicker though, as he brought out two Vibrating dildos. He turns the first one on, moving it across Alexa’s body before placing it on her pussy, where he pushes it in, forcing her to moan out. As soon as the first one was in, he forces the second one up her ass, then turns it on too. Fear hits Alexa as she realizes that this was going to continue all night. ” NO PLEase DON-” Before she could continue though, she places a ball gag on her, tying it up tightly. Matt then pulls the panty up all the way, holding the Dildos tightly in place. He walks back, admiring his work for a second before walking out of the room ” Hope you enjoy yourself lil miss Goddess” He comments before locking the door on her. The week was only just beginning though as he plans for what to do next.

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