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Hi friends I’m Vijay and I’m a fat boy with feminine feelings… In this it’s clear that how I got these feelings..

This REAL incident happened when I was 18 years old and a boy…

On Dec 29th 2017… My parents went out for some work… And I was left home alone..

Before that… : I had a fantasy to wear clothes of girls.. As I’m fat only aunties dresses were fit for me. My flat was in 5th floor (top floor) so.. When ever if any aunties dry their clothes in terrace I would steal them and would wear their bras.. I like wearing bras… Because I have a fat male boobs… I did this many times..

Coming to the story… On Dec 29th my parents went out and I was alone in home.. So I wore my moms bra, blouse, petticoat and saree… And was feeling a like a girl and walked in my home with that saree.. Then I felt like going out in that saree… I thought no one will come to terrace in afternoon on this hot summer and I went to terrace in saree.. Like a woman and I wore the pallu on my head and I was enjoying the sight with lust..

Suddenly a voice came.. Hello mam who are you the voice said.. Now I was in terrible fear and didn’t turn back and I hided my face and I started running and my watchman was a strong enough to catch me… And he caught me near the stairs as I couldn’t run in saree.. He saw me and he was in shock and he was laughing and smiling at me // by the way I dress and I think he was thinking that he is a fucking gay/chakka…

He Then asked me to tell to my parents or not… I was on ground touching his feet and begging him pls pls.. I was begging him.. He took his old box phone and took a pic of me and asked me to change my dress and come, after that he locked the terrace grill door and he took me back of tank.. He asked me to remove my clothes and I was begging him, pls uncle no pls no.. I will never do this again.. He said please remove and don’t waste time some one may come… Or else he will say to my parents it seems..

With a shame and tears I removed my pant first and then shirt… Then he said wow u have boobs and laughed and he asked me to sleep on floor and I did as he said… And then he came near me and started to suck my male boobs like a dog.. I felt a lot of pressure on my nipples as he was sucking and biting my nipples and suddenly he bite my chest flesh so hard… And form my angle I was feeling like a women whose boobs are been sucked.. And as was crying he asked me to wear my pant as he don’t want to see my small vomit dick (he said)… And asking to kneel down and I was in sitting position… He stood to the outer wall of the terrace and asked me to come and remove his pant… I didn’t understand… I thought he just wanted to show his dick… He asked me to catch it in hands.. It was warm and smelly… He then stroked his dick with my hand.. (It was my first time and I didn’t know to do that because I never watched porn by that time & I don’t know a blow job too).

He then after it got harder he asked me to keep in mouth and taste it… I cried and said no.. But he slapped on my bare back and it was so painful that I was crying like a kid.. And forcefully I kept in my mouth and it tasted like a trash. It was smelly, fat and some strong creamy type sweat was there on it… He then asked me to move front and back.. I didn’t know how to do it.. Then he slapped me… I begged him not to slap on face as my parents may find this again.. He then asked me to put lips tight to his dick and tongue under dick.. And he moved me front and back… And I have him a massive blowjob and some juice I think came out of his dick and I tried to spit it.. But he pushed his dick more hard into my mouth and I swallows it by mistake.. Now he laughed and asked me wear my shirt… And warned me if my mom says any work from now to him.. I should go it seems…

… Next what happed is very interesting and search for part 2

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