Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Well and truly Dogged

It all happened one evening when I went to a gay club for a drink, I wasn’t there long when a chap in his fifties started to chat to me, I was quite flattered as I’m 64, we chatted for over an hour on just about every subject you could think of.

As the evening went on I noticed my new found friend getting ever close to me, I didn’t mind as once again I found it to be quite flattering, but it was also partly because the club was extremely busy and we were getting a bit squashed standing by the bar, we were still chatting when I felt his hand squeezing my bum and his finger then pushing up against my hole through my trousers, we looked at each other and smiled, with that he leant over and kissed me full on the lips.

Let’s go somewhere quiet he said, oh?where I asked, there isn’t anywhere in here, we could always go back to my place for some fun he replied, where’s your place then I asked, I have a small bungalow just around the corner from here, ok I said let’s go as I was feeling very very horny by this time.

We left the club and went to his place which was, as he had said just around the corner, we got inside and went into the living room when he grabbed me and started to kiss me again this time his tongue slid into my mouth, he wasn’t wasting any time as he had already unzipped my trousers which were half way down my legs, my pants came down next, once they were down he grabbed my hard cock and started to rub me off, let’s strip he said, so we both got undressed.

What I saw next shocked me because there hanging between his legs was a massive cock, not any great length but really thick, how would you like to suck that he asked, mmmm I’d love to was my reply, without any further prompting I went down and tried to get his cock into my mouth but found that it was so thick I could only get the tip in, so I started to lick the tip and around under his foreskin.

Why don’t you bend over, i just love playing with ass, with that I went down on all fours in front of him, the next thing I felt was his finger being rammed inside my hole, mmmm yeh that’s great I hissed, I’m going to have to fuck your arse hard you do realise that don’t you, he said, my arse won’t take that cock of yours I said, oh don’t you worry about that as I have a solution, stay there for a moment and don’t move.

With that he got up and went to a cupboard and took what looked like lub and came back across to me also carrying a jacket, put that on and get back down on all fours, I did as I was told, once I was down he went behind me and prized my cheeks apart and sprayed my hole with what I thought was awful smelling lub, once he’d done that he got up and went across the room and opened a door, as soon as the door opened I heard pitter patter, pitter patter on the wooden flooring, I couldn’t see what it was for a second but then all became clear as it walked in front within a couple of inches of my face.

It was a massive German Shepherd, he walk around to my rear end and started to sniff my hole, he got very excited and waisted no time in mounting me, it was then I realised what the solution was, I felt him shuffling around trying to get his cock lined up with my hole and it didn’t take him long as I soon felt him sliding his long narrow cock up into my tight hole, at least it was narrow when it went inside but it soon start to get bigger, a lot bigger, it seemed as if he had been pounding my arse for hours, he hadn’t been of course, all I knew is that
my hole was a whole lot bigger and wow when he pulled his knot out that stung.

Once he’d finished I started to get up but a hand pushed me back down front behind, my turn my new friend whispered as I felt him mounting me, I felt the tip of his cock pressing into my arsehole then I felt it being pushed in hard, oh my god I thought I was being split in half it was painful at first but once he started to fuck me the pain eased off, he pounded me for an absolute age, pulling his cock right out then ramming it in as hard as he could, I felt him getting faster and faster and moaning with pleasure when I realised he was cuming, he just kept shooting his load inside me and what a load when he took out his cock I could feel his cum running down my leg from inside me.

Wow that was a good fuck he said, we’ll have to do this again he said cheerfully, and next time hopefully both the dogs will be in action, both dogs? I asked, yes he replied I have two German Shepherds!

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