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My 43 year old wife of 21 years has always been a loving soulmate and great mother. Diana has a 42 year old divorced cousin Jeanne with whom she has always been close. Last fall Jeanne won a contest with a prize of a vacation for two to Jamaica. Jeanne asked Diana if she would like to go to Jamaica with her. Diana initially declined, but when I found out, I urged her to get away with her cousin. Our daughter was now away at college and our son is busy with his soccer team and his senior year of high school. Diana works hard and deserves a little vacation while I have been very busy with work. I convinced Diana to go for it and she and Jeanne began to make plans for a tropical vacation the first week of November.

I could tell that she was starting to look forward to the getaway as she and Jeanne started working out at the gym on a daily basis trying to drop a few pounds in anticipation of beach time in Jamaica. Diana also went on a disciplined diet to shed more weight even though she was already slim and trim. As the vacation grew closer, Diana and Jeanne were frequently shopping looking for the right outfit to look good and enjoy in Jamaica. The week before the trip I found a bag hidden in the back of Diana’s closet. In it was a skimpy black bikini and some very sexy see-through underwear. I began to wonder since I had never seen Diana in underwear like this before, but I decided that she was just trying to feel better about herself and more desirable as a woman.

The night before she left Diana was all over me in bed. She immediately pulled off my shorts the moment I got in bed and began giving me the most vigorous blowjob I ever received. As soon as I was fully erect she climbed on top of me and began fucking furiously. She felt so good and carried on as if she was in heat. As we went at it I noticed that her pussy was entirely shaved. In 21 years together she had never shaven all of her pubic hair. As I was reaching orgasm Diana whispered to me that she would always love me. After we finished and were holding each other I asked her why she had shaven off all her pubic hair. She said that she needed to trim her pubic hair so she could wear her bikini and since she was shaving anyway she wanted to try shaving it all off. I could tell that it made her feel more sexy and I enjoyed it too. The next morning I took her and Jeanne to the airport and as we waited for their time to board the plane I looked at Diana and her cousin and realized what a pair of hot, sexy women they were. If I hadn’t known them I might have assumed they were a couple of twentysomething hotties.

During the week in Jamaica the only thing I heard from Diana was a text message saying how hot it was and how hot all the people seemed to be. While they were gone I had visions of Diana and Jeanne spending their days on the beach or swimming at the pool and enjoying the restaurants and the music at night. I figured they were enjoying the great weather as well as the local culture. It was the first time Diana had gone on vacation without me and I frequently was thinking about what she might be doing. When I picked them up at the airport upon their return I found that both Diana and Jeanne were very tan and both of them had their hair braided. They looked even hotter than the week before when I dropped them off. On the drive home they told me some stories of what they had done which consisted mostly of days at the beach and dining and dancing at night. I was glad that they had a good time and they both seemed so relaxed after their time in Jamaica.

About two weeks later, on a day I had beat Diana home from work, there was a thick envelope in the mail for her with a Jamaica postmark that was marked “private”. The private marking bothered me since we didn’t keep secrets from one another. I noticed that the envelope wasn’t sealed well and decided to open it and see what was so private. Inside the envelope were some pictures and a note from someone named Diandre. The note said that he enjoyed spending time with her during her vacation and that he looked forward to meeting up with her in Ft. Lauderdale in February. It was signed “Love, Diandre” It got my heart racing. I pulled the pictures out of the envelope and right on top was a photo of Diana and Jeanne each in their bikini posing with a couple of young black local guys who appeared to be in their mid to late 20s. They each had their arms around each other’s waist. I could also notice that Diana wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. The next picture showed the four of them again on the beach with their arms around each other but this time without the bathing suits. They were at a nude beach. The two young guys appeared to be well built and noticeably well hung. My heart was now racing faster and my mind was a blur. The next couple of pictures showed Diana dancing with Diandre at a night club and one with her sitting on his lap kissing him. He had his hand on her thigh. Diana didn’t tell me about any of this or about Diandre. I then looked again at the note that he wrote. At the bottom there was an internet link that he said she should check out. I carefully wrote down the link and put everything back in the envelope and resealed it and left it with the rest of that day’s mail.

I went upstairs and got on the computer with that link. It was a video, a sex tape of the two of them. It looked like they had set up a video cam in the hotel room. My heart sank and I was unsure if I wanted to watch. I let it run and could see Diana marveling at Diandre’s physique especially his thick and long penis. After a couple of long passionate kisses at the side of the bed she was on her knees taking his cock in her mouth. She was caressing his balls in her hand as she was deepthroating his cock. She had always told me that it made her gag too much when she tried to do it with me. I could tell the guy was enjoying Diana’s oral gift when he pulled her up and pushed her on the bed. He kissed and caressed her naked body before moving down to her pussy. Diana just laid there enjoying his erotic activities. As Diandre performed oral on Diana, I could hear her tell him that he made her feel so sexy and more alive than she ever had with her husband. Once again she was acting like she was in heat as she started to beg him to fuck her. Although I couldn’t see everything from the position of the video cam, I could see that Diandre was much longer and thicker than me as he began to enter Diana. They went slow at first but then began to fuck like wild rabbits. Diana was moaning and shrieking, something she never did with me. They continued in the missionary position for quite awhile when I could hear her say something to him. A moment later he stopped and pulled out and removed his condom and dropped it on the floor. As he went back in their positioning changed a little on the bed and I could see him penetrating my wife with his bare cock. Diana started squealing more and I could tell she was enjoying intercourse with Diandre more than she ever seemed to enjoy our lovemaking. I could see his balls slapping her bottom with each thrust into her vagina when I heard him start to moan and tense up. He was emptying his sperm deep into Diana’s womanhood and she was grabbing his ass and pulling and holding him deep. After laying still and caressing and kissing for several minutes Diandre pulled out of my wife exposing for the video camera her gaping pussy with his ozzing sperm. I heard her tell him that that was the “best she ever had”. I was floored by what I saw and how my lovely wife behaved on vacation.

Following this I began to start paying attention to what was going on a little better. I checked my wife’s luggage for additional information or details but came up empty. However, in a side pocket of her travel bag I found a printout for an airline ticket to Ft. Lauderdale for the middle week of a 3 week business trip that I need to take to Tokyo in February. Apparently my wife is planning to meet her Jamaican lover there for another sexy vacation. I am devastated that my wife would behave this way behind my back. Maybe she read my signals wrong when I urged her to go and have a good time. I have been waiting to see if Diana opens up about what she really did on her Jamaican vacation. But she has already had ample time and has failed to do so. I know that she is a sexy woman especially after working herself into great shape. Considering that I find it almost exciting to think about her enjoying a good fuck with a hung black stud. She was so intense on that video as her lover gave her his best. I lost count of how many orgasms she had, but it was a lot. I know that she never has that many when we make love. I am tempted to take her to Japan with me but then I think that maybe I should just let her do what she wants. I respect her desires and don’t want to take it away. I just wish she had done all of this above board.

Last night on my way home from work I ran into Jeanne in the supermarket. She asked me if Diana had told me about her big news. Jeanne is pregnant, apparently from her Jamaican lover. She has never given birth but seems excited for what her future has in store. Diana probably didn’t want me to know that she and her cousin were there enjoying virile young Jamaicans. Diana and Jeanne a couple of real black cock sluts.

By Yumiko

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