Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Karen had been born on a pig breeding farm and all her sixteen years had grown up on the farm so when her parents went away a months holiday they were very happy to leave Karen to run the farm along with her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Karen was and had also been born on the farm. It was on the second night after their parents had gone away that Karen heard a lot of noise coming from outside in the farm yard and looking out the window saw a group of animal rights protesters from her school, Amy had also seen them and told Karen that she would call the police, Karen said ” waste of time we are ten miles from town they will never get here in time ” then opened the door and went out closely followed by Amy, the ten protesters did not wait they just overpowered the two girls and dragged them into the the breeding hut, one of the girls who Karen knew asked Karen what the frames were for and when Karen told her the sows were put in there ready for the boars to service, the girl said that is just like being raped ” the group of protesters got angry and were shouting abuse at the girls, one girl said ” how would you feel if it was you in the holding frame ” then another girl shouted let them find out, a boy stepped forward with a spray can saying they spray this on the sows so the boars get horny ” the leader smiled and said ” strip the bitches naked ” the protesters started ripping at Karen and Amy’s clothes and soon both girls were naked, Amy saw a boy from her class at school looking at her and smiling, the two girls were then taken to the frames and secured in them as the pigs were, both girls were on their backs with their legs and arms secured in the air and unable to move, the leader then sprayed the love tubes of both girls then stepped back smiling went to a door marked boars and opened it releasing three boars, the group stood back and watched as the boars trotted round the holding pen then go to the two girls and start sniffing at them, one of the pigs climbed up on Karen and when it’s dick slid into her love tube the crowd cheered and when the same happened to Amy the protesters cheered louder and watched as the pigs humped away at the two girls after half a hour the boars were finished, the protesters looked down at the girls and said now you know how the pig feels and after releasing the girls all ran off, Karen looked at Amy and said ” did you cum ” Amy nodded her head and said ” yeah twice ” Karen the said ” I did as well they must think we never been fucked by the pigs before ” Amy said ” first time I been fucked twice in one day ” Karen said ” that one still on the bone ” Karen said ” tough I had enough ” I had enough both girls went back to the house and had a shower before going to bed, The next evening Amy was naked on her hands and knees with Karen spraying her bum love tube and mouth before releasing the boars and saying this is how it should be done.

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