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Chapter 1

I creeping the house in the afternoon. from the back entrance, I was naked except for  my soiled chuddi – I was covered in cum and all kinds of filth. Inside the house – Ravi the cook’s assistant, wearing goggles pealing onions, he had tied his lungi from the front I could see his shrunk brown dick resting on his hairy balls. He looks at me.
“Gaandu! I pimped you out and you got me beaten up by them” Ravi says angrily.
“Too bad for you they did want to pay you anything, they wanted me for free and I enjoyed it” I tell him.

Ravi used to fuck me that was nothing special but he wanted to make some money out of this. He introduced me to a bunch of men, near my house – who wanted a young sexy boy to fuck.  He told them he would get his money in the morning.  These were about five men.Who fucked me the whole and night.  I had their cocks in each end. Those five men had their friends over – I enjoyed even more – sucking all those lunds  and taking them in my gaand.
All the through that time –  they pissed on me, gave me their shit to eat.  –things I was used to having. When Ravi came over he saw all those men.
“I thought there were  only five – pay up all of you”
The men stripped Ravi naked take him inside and fucked him up.He returned home without a word. I stayed for another night with those men and satisfied them all. I enjoyed being their sex slave toy boy –taking all that cum, piss and shit from them.

He was not too happy with what I said. He shook his head, put all he pealed onions in a sack, I go over to him and tug his dick  -it was one of those days when his cock would get erect.
“You stink of shit and what not just like your mad khala”
“Arusha is here?” I say excitedly.

Chapter 2

I run inside the house, straight to bedroom  – I take off  my filthy chuddi on the stairs and get into my bathroom and bathe. I was clean and drying myself. My bedroom door was banging.
“Who is it?” I asked
“Chotay sahab –you’re being called downstairs for  tea” Amaji says she headed all the servants in the house
I tie the towel loosely around my waist and  go down. I sit down on large comfortable chair. Arusha was sitting on the floor legs apart, with her black panty going in the choot. Her  long hair were covering her boobs.  Ravi was right she was stinking – there were fresh scars on her –  she was loved being tortured, abused, degraded and humiliated all the time.
Dina my mom was talking with  someone on the cell phone, she wearing a sexy lingerie. I  poured the tea into my cup sipped it. When I bent over to take the biscuits I see a large glob of cum on the floor. Before I could lap it up. Arusha has her hand on it and first, takes it and puts in her mouth. I glare at her.
“You don’t know how to bathe, leaving filth all over” she says teasingly  and sticks her tongue showing me the cum on it. I eat the biscuit. Just before I  picked up the tea cup – I felt an itch on my cock and balls. I take off the towel, hold my cock in one hand scratch with the other. Dina had stopped talking on her phone and looks at me
“You need to piss?” She asks
“No I’m just  scratching” I tell her. She takes my cock in her hands and says
“ You know that I know  what is  best for you – now piss”
She opens her mouth. I stand up and start pissing and lift the cup of tea. Arusha comes behind and starts licking my asshole. I spill my piss on her lingerie. The piss makes her  the lingerie stick her body, her her large and nipples become prominent. She starts sucking my cock. I guessed filthy Arusha is  expecting shit from me. I  strain a little, my shit fills her mouth, she eats and slightly cleans my ass. I shoot my cum in Dina’s mouth.
Dina kicks Arusha in her stomach with her bare feet
“You’re disgusting, eating my sons shit”
“I’ve been doing that ever since he was a baby”
Just then Amaji comes in.
“Guests are here” She says
“Acha randi!” Dina says. She and Arusha run off to their rooms. ShortlyDina comes back dressed –in a micro-skirt and a backless top.“Either get dressed or go to your room” She tells me. Arusha comes out of her room wearing a long dress which was completely unlike her, usually she moved around completely naked – on closer look it was the light any brighter her naked body would be visible.. Before she went into the next room she kisses my lund.
I crawl on the floor to see cum trail went from the big blot of cum which Arusha had eaten. There is a servant whom Dina always calls just to masturbate in front of her. His name is Junid. Dina would spread her legs, play with her pussy – make Junid very hot and he  would masturbate  from a distance – it was not allowed to fuck  her Dina like to tease him like this.  I licked the cum off the floor right up to the point it started.
Amaji calls the Naya  the sweepress of the house. She was young girl with only a small sari tied around her body and nothing else. Naya brought a bucket of water to sweep the floor.  I get up and my cock was erect again.
“Suck Sahab’s lund kutya” Amaji orders her. Naya sucks my cock and makes me cum again, my cock is out. Amaji holds my cock knowing I was not done- she directs my piss towards Naya. I finished pissing I wipe the piss from the tip of my cock with my fingers and lick them.

Chapter 3

I had not intentions of wearing anything I leave  my towel there and run up. I was busy playing a video game for some time, I hear knock on the door.
“Some guests are here for you” I hear Amaji, I quickly put on my short and tee shirt and open the door.  Amaji was standing behind a girl who was older than I was and  and a boy was younger than me.  The girl was wearing a green gauze dress, the boy was in a vest two sizes smaller than him and a very tight underwear.
“This is Kusar  and this is Aman” Amaji tells me. I shake hands with Aman and smile at Kusar. Amaji leaves. Kusar shuts the door.
“You like to play video games?” I ask them.
“No”  they both say at the same time.
I look at them wondering what to ask next.
“ We know what we like” Kusar says,she gets on my bed takes off her single gauze dress and was lying on my bed with slightly puffy nipples. Aman takes off his tiny underwear and lies face down. Kusar spreads his bottom to show me his gaand.
“He wants you to fill his hole with you cock” Kusar tells me.  I did not expect this – but then I dropped my shorts and slide my cock in. Kusar gets behind me  starts licking my ass, which Arusha did not clean up properly  – Kusar found that thrilling and ate was there.
“I love your cock inside me” Aman says  Kusar makes us lie face up on the bed and sucks both our cocks with her choot on my face. I lick it the clit, making her very hot.   She turns around and has my cock in her cunt. Aman was kissing me. I held his small cock in my hand  He was about to bring it to my mouth, when Amaji knocks on the door
“Aman, Kusar your parents are leaving”  Amaji says
The two jump from the bed and leave as they were – naked,  I wondered if their parents were just like mine. Later I go downstairs naked after they had gone.
Dina comes back and sees me and gives me a stern look
“What did I tell you – you did not listen to me, you  did not wear anything and stayed here?” She asks angrily
“ No I did,  I came down after after they had gone” I tell her. She goes into her room Arusha blows me a kiss and runs into her room –  and is out of it naked. She comes to me.
“Did you have fun with those two?” Arusha asks.
“Yes they were nice” I say
“Is the girl’s choot as big as mine?”
“ She can’t fit a horse dick in any of her holes, like you can – she’s not ready for that”.
“What are you saying, hmmmm” Arusha says sounding alarm.
She  slides down on the floor and spreads her and starts masturbating. She starts rubbing choot and with her eyes closed
“…….yesss I want a big horse dick inside me – in every hole ….give them to me” She was sounding  insane. I get down on her fat breast, her nipples had rings on them, I bite the side of her breasts. She opens her eyes and looks at me.

What the fuck are you doing?” Sounding angry but faking  it and winking at me.
Just then Dina shows up and slaps her.
“Don’t you fucking dare use that tone with him, understand!” Dina says.
“I loved you biting my breast” Arusha says. Dina had not changed – she had taken off her make up.
The two women started gossiping – I had no interest in that. Go back to my room to finish one level of my video game, which took some time. My dad  Madhur  was out of town  and my sister Fizza  who is older  than was with him. He is fashion photographer was going spend some time there.
I was called for dinner and I go down and sit next to Arusha. Dina was in a hurry.
“Ok you two, I’m going” Dina gets up and leaves.

Arusha in action

Arusha had plans of her with some of her boyfriends who showed up as soon as Dina left. She goes down in the basement – for some rough treatment. My gaand and mouth was itching for cocks – I go to back of the house. Ravi was asleep but the other male servants were awake.
I was picked and taken in one of their quarters, put on a stinking charpai. They  start fucking me in mouth and gaand, jut the way I liked it. Spent the rest of the night with. There three of them. In the morning Ravi joins in by pissing on me. I suck his cock and go back inside the house.  Run back have a bath and come down. I see Amaji
“Where’s Dina?”
“She went out got some men for herself – she’s sleeping with them” She tells me.  I go to Dina’s room it was not locked. She was lying in between five men, on had his hand going between her legs and was holding her sexy breasts.  I knew Arusha either was being abused in the basement.

By Yumiko

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