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This is a work of fiction. It is not intended to cause any offence. If you are easily offended, please read no further.

WPCs Night of Terror Part 2.

Part 1 is here

WPC Gail Mitchell had returned home after a tiring shift. She had been overpowered and tied up by a terrifying hooded knife wielding intruder and now lay helpless on the floor, her hands bound tightly behind her back with one of her own stockings.

Gail was still unable to grasp fully what had occurred. Her attacker seemed to have her under control and efficiently tied up almost in a matter of seconds. As he straddled over her, she could barely move a muscle under his weight. He began kissing her again, running his hands over her breasts over her uniform blouse. Then without saying a word, the man held the sharp blade of the knife against her face and throat. She lay still as he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it over her shoulders, exposing her lacy white bra. He roughly fondled her full breasts and sliced through the bra straps with the knife, pulled it off and discarded it, exposing her breasts. Gail whimpered and sobbed quietly. “Please, don’t,” she begged.

Sean said, “You’ve got big tits. Ive got a big cock. What size are your tits?” When she didn’t reply, he pinched her nipples hard and she winced in pain. “I asked you a question.” As he touched her nipples again, Gail tearfully blurted out, “38D.” “Good girl,” he said. “Does your boyfriend do this to you?” When she didn’t reply, he pinched her nipples again.
“No, he doesn’t.”
“Whats his name?”
“Has Paul got a big cock?”
“When did he last fuck you?”
“Last week.”

Gail had never felt so helpless and humiliated in all her life. The man seemed to enjoy humiliating and degrading her, but she had no option but to comply and try to humour him. She wondered what else he was going to force her to do.

Sean stood up and pulled her roughly to her feet, controlling her by her arms and holding her hair in a tight grip. She stood in front of him in her stockinged feet with her hands bound tightly behind her back, her blouse open and pushed back over her shoulders, exposing her full breasts. He ran his hands over her bottom and crotch over her uniform skirt. “Are you wearing stockings or tights?” he asked. Her nipples were brutally pinched again when she failed to reply. “Stockings,” she said. He ran his hand up her skirt over her nylon clad thighs, revealing her hold up stockings. He put his hand inside her knickers and she gasped as he began to finger her.
“Does your boyfriend do this to you?”
He unfastened the waist band of her skirt and unzipped it, sliding it down over her thighs. He held her arms to steady her as she stepped out of it, and began fondling her again inside her knickers. The knickers followed, and she now stood in front of him clad only in her hold up stockings, her breasts, vagina and bottom fully exposed and at his disposal.

“Do you suck your boyfriends cock? Do you give him good blow jobs?” Gail shook her had vigorously, and truthfully. “No, that’s disgusting.” She had always thought it was dirty. Although she had had many boyfriends, she had never given any of them a blow job.
“You’re going to suck mine now. You’d better do a good job. Don’t get any ideas about biting me. I don’t want to feel one tooth. Bite me and ill cut off your nipples.”
To emphasise his point, Sean ran the blade of the knife over her throat and breasts, then put the tip of the blade over her lips and into her mouth.
“No, please don’t make me do this,” she begged.

Sean forced her down to the floor, her knees wide apart, grasping her long hair to control her head. He held the point of the blade over her lips. He quickly slid off his jogging trousers to reveal an erect penis. He hadn’t been lying when he said he had a big cock. Gail observed this with dread. “Please,” she begged him. “Don’t.” She closed her eyes in disgust and turned her head away, her mouth shut. “Open your mouth,” Sean ordered the trembling woman. “Open your mouth wide. Suck the cock. Suck the fucking cock. Suck the cock.”

Gail reluctantly obeyed. He thrust his penis deep inside her mouth and throat, thrusting in and out like a piston, her cheeks bulging, holding her head and hair with both hands to control her. She was hoping that he would just come quickly and leave if he was satisfied, and it would all be over. But the intruder continued for several minutes, with her gagging and gasping for air, till he finally ejaculated in her mouth. She began coughing and choking, and a wad of thick creamy sperm flowed from her mouth and chin and on to her chest. She collapsed on to the floor, sobbing. Sean put his hand over her mouth again, and kissed her face. “Good girl,” he said. “Your boyfriends a lucky man. Now lets get you cleaned up.”

He helped Gail to her feet and led her into the bathroom. He wiped away the come from her face with toilet paper and flushed it away, washing her face with a flannel cloth.
“Please, I need to use the loo. Cant you untie my hands? I cant go with my hands tied like this.”

Sean shook his head and lowered her on to the toilet. When she had finished, he helped her stand and wiped between her legs with toilet paper. “No, this is so humiliating,” Gail protested. “Its like being a little baby again, having to go to the toilet like this.” Sean grinned. “You’ll live,” he said. He led her back into the bedroom. “Mouth first, cunt next.”

Gail shook her head vigorously. “No, please. Ive given you a blow job and you’ve come in my mouth. Ive done what you wanted. Isn’t that enough?” Sean made her sit on the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs wide,” he ordered. When she didn’t instantly comply, he reached between her legs and pinched her thighs hard. She spread her legs wide. He ran the blade of the knife over her inner thighs and into her vagina. He lowered himself on top of her. She whimpered as he penetrated her and rhythmically thrust in and out of her. “Please,” she said, “you’re hurting my hands. My hands have gone to sleep. Cant you loosen them a bit? Can you tie them in front of me instead?”

Sean stopped for a moment, turned her over and examined her bound hands. Instead of untying her, he took a pillow from the bed and placed it on the floor. “Okay then, we can do it doggy,” he said. He pulled her off the bed into a kneeling position on the floor. He pressed her face into the pillow, her bottom and vagina exposed high in the air. He penetrated her from behind and thrust in and out till he came again a few minutes later. He was normally a repeater, and he deliberately hadn’t masturbated for a week before that night. He took another stocking and tied her feet together, then went into the bathroom to relieve himself. He was going to gag her as well, but she seemed so subdued and tearful he didn’t think shed be any problem.

He came back into the bedroom and lifted Gail back on to the bed. He fondled her breasts and pussy, and lay down beside her. “Like I said, your boyfriends a very lucky man. You’re a good fuck. You’ve got a nice tight pussy. Does your boyfriend fuck you up the arse? I’m going to do your arse next. It might hurt a bit, Ive got a big cock.” Gail began to sob in protest. “No, please, you cant put it in my arse. Ive given you a blow job and you’ve fucked my pussy, isn’t that enough? Please, I’m begging you, not in my arse.” Sean lay down on the bed and kissed and fondled her for about 15 minutes until he had another erection.

“Listen, Gail,” he said, “I’m going to put it in your arse now. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’tll be easier if you relax. Ive got a big cock so it will hurt a bit, but Ill use some lube. Ill have to gag you to keep the noise down a bit.” Gail protested and shook her head vigorously. He folded up a pair of her black uniform knickers, prised open her mouth and stuffed them in, then tied them securely in place with another stocking. Then he took a small tube of lubricant from the canvas bag and smeared it over her anus. Her faint muffled protests showed she was securely gagged.

Sean lifted the bound and gagged woman back on to the floor, her eyes wide with fear, and pushed her head down on the pillow, her bottom hoisted high in the air. Her tied feet were no problem. She was still clad only in her hold up black stockings, with the uniform blouse pushed over her back. It was just as well he had gagged her. As he penetrated her and eased his cock inside her, she began screaming through the gag. He muffled her cries by clamping his hand hard over her mouth, and continued thrusting inside her till he came inside her. He could see sperm trickling from her anus. Gail groaned loudly and collapsed on the pillow, sobbing through the gag. She felt totally ravaged and used, like a rag doll or fuck toy, tears streaming down her face.

Sean sat on the bed with a limp cock, totally satisfied. He had fucked the young policewoman in every hole as he had promised her. Perhaps shed pick up a few ideas for the next time she was with her boyfriend. He put his jogging trousers back on and helped her off the floor back on to the bed. He tried to untie her gag, but the stocking was pulled so tight he had to cut it off with the knife. She coughed and spluttered as he pulled the wadded knickers from her mouth. He took a small bottle of water from the canvas rape kit bag and put it to her lips. “Good girl,” he said, “Gail, you’re fucking awesome. Ill run you a bath to get you cleaned up.”

He left Gail on the bed, still tightly bound hand and foot, and went into the bathroom. He ran a hot bath and poured bubble bath into it, checking it wasn’t too hot. He wanted to leave as little forensic as possible, and the best way of doing that was to give her a good hot bath. He returned to the bedroom and cut the stockings from her ankles and wrists. Her wrists had turned blue. Sean rubbed them for a while to get the circulation back, She was totally subdued by now and he was sure shed be no problem. Still grasping the knife, he took her by the arms and helped her into the bathroom.

Gail felt even more humiliated, if that was possible, as her rapist removed her crumpled blouse and stockings and helped her into the bath. He rubbed the detergent between her legs vigorously, then used the shower attachment on the taps to rinse out her mouth. It reminded her again of the times her mother had given her a bath when she was a little girl. When he was satisfied with his handiwork, he lifted her up and handed her a large bath towel to dry herself. He was still brandishing the knife and it didn’t make any sense to antagonise him. He’d got everything he wanted, hopefully he would just leave now. She couldn’t identify him. He had kept on that terrifying mask all the time.

Sean left the blouse in the bathroom, but picked up the discarded black stockings. He led her back into the bedroom. “Please,” she said, “I don’t want to be naked. Can I put my nightie on.” He handed her the nightdress hanging on the bedroom door. It was red satin and about mid thigh length. “I have to tie you up again,” he said, “then Ill leave.” Gail protested. “Please don’t tie me up again. Ill be quiet, I promise. You can just leave.”

Sean pushed her back face down on the bed and told her to put her hands behind her back and cross her wrists. With one of the stockings he secured her wrists behind her back, then crossed and tied her ankles with the second. He went to the drawer and took out another stocking and a pair of knickers. When she was securely gagged with these, Sean stroked her hair and kissed her gagged mouth. He fondled her large breasts one final time, and gave her a hard slap on the bottom. Gail cried softly into her gag.

Sean looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It showed 2.15 am. He’d been there for four hours. It had been quite a night. Time to go.

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