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Part 1

Gail Mitchell considered herself fortunate. She had only been in the police force for just over a year and a half, but she had, unusually, been allocated her own police house to herself at the edge of town. Three bedrooms, end house, next to a fenced off school playing field area. Quiet and private, one of a block of 4 similar houses. She had had some trouble at her previous lodgings, and her sergeant and inspector had helped her get the house, only 2 miles from the station. She was frequently able to use her feminine charms to get her own way. She was still only 20, tall, with a fresh face and blue eyes to match her long blonde hair and bubbly personality. Though she worried about her weight at times, this was offset by her large bust, which attracted a great deal of attention and comment. She certainly thought she had landed on her feet since being posted to the town.

Sean was a frequent visitor to the area, as his mother still lived in the adjoining road. He worked as a part time delivery driver and occasional burglar. He had only a couple of minor convictions when he was a kid, breaking into sheds and that sort of thing. His delivery job was perfect cover for finding suitable houses to burgle over a wide area. Now 27, he was always very careful and had not been caught for anything since he was a kid. He made a good extra living for himself by taking cash, jewellery and credit cards.

Sean first saw WPC Mitchell when he was going round to see his mother. She was outside her end house, getting out of her car. Sean did a double take and let out a low whistle. She has just his type – tall, blonde and well endowed. He was into women in uniform. He had dated nurses and a bank cashier before, but he found this young woman authority figure particularly striking. He couldn’t get her out of his mind, and after seeing her on another similar occasion, he began to develop a real obsession for her. Though he had never done anything like this before, he began stalking her. He had vivid and detailed fantasies about breaking into her house when she was out and taking her by force.

Sean took the same care he had for other burglaries. He stole a black bin bag of rubbish Gail had left outside for collection. He took this to his mothers shed and went through the contents. Apart from the usual rubbish, the contents yielded Sean a treasure trove of information about Gail Mitchell. Bank statement, gas bill, letter from her mother in Basildon. From this he got her name and details of her home life. There was no male stuff in the bag, so it didn’t look like there was any man living at the address. A bit surprising given she was such a looker. Could she be gay, he thought for a second. But then he found an empty packet of contraceptive pills and ruled that out. No pet food tins or packets, so she probably didn’t have any pets.

He followed Gail unobtrusively a couple of times as she drove from her address to the police station. He didn’t get too close and didn’t push his luck. She always took the same route, and Sean was able to work out her shift pattern. He knew when she would be leaving for work and when she was due to return home. His obsession grew, and he decided he would break in and lie in wait for her.

He needed to research the address properly. Luckily it was an end house and wasn’t really overlooked from the fenced off playing field. He parked up some distance away and walked to the house. He was carrying a bunch of flyers from a local takeaway. If anyone challenged him, he could say he was delivering them for a mate and have an excuse for being there. He was able to get into the scruffy back garden from the side alley way without difficulty. The ground floor windows were old metal frame style and dead easy to get into. A small top window pane had been left open with the warm weather. This place would be a doddle to get into and get away afterwards.

He began to plan things properly. He would break in about an hour before Gail was due home. He would have a look round the place and jump her when she got home. The tension rose over the next few days. Sean stopped masturbating for a week so he could make the most of the encounter. He was already quite strong and fit, but he went for a daily run over the next few days. Sean was aware that being a policewoman, she would probably try to fight him off if she could. He put together a rape kit in a canvas bag. Rubber gloves, small torch. A large and frightening looking sheath knife to help subdue her. A black balaclava with small holes for eyes and mouth, very intimidating. with a bit of luck he could frighten her into complying and not resisting him. He would need to tie her up to keep her quiet. Thin white nylon cord and a knotted length of white fabric for a gag. Everything was as ready as it could be as the big day came round.

He knew that Gail finished work at 10 pm that day. She should be home around 10.30. Hed just have to hope that she finished work and came home as usual. He parked up near his mothers house just after 9 pm and walked the short distance to his target house. He was keyed up but not nervous. He approached the house, street lights on, nobody about in the street. Good. He walked down the side alley and into the back garden, gloves and balaclava already on. Top window pane already open, stand on dustbin and open main pane of glass. Good. Into the kitchen. Childs play. Easiest break in he could remember. Funny, considering she was a police officer. Unlock and unbolt the back door in case he needed to get out quick. Calm down, plenty of time. Have a look round the house. No need for the torch. Curtains open and bright street light outside. Push balaclava up for a bit. Leave gloves on.

Sean had plenty of time for a good luck round. What was the best place to lie in wait. Probably the bedroom. That would work best. He went into the main bedroom. This was the only that was furnished. There were just some suitcases and clothes in the other rooms. The bedroom had a double bed, bedside table, alarm clock and lamp and a wardrobe and 2 chests of drawers full of clothing. A satin nightdress hung on the bedroom door. There were some items of uniform in the wardrobe. The top drawer was full of underwear, bras, knickers, tights and stockings. Sean took a couple of pairs of black uniform stockings and black knickers. They would be okay to tie and gag her. All he had to do now was wait. He had a clear view of the road from the bedroom. 10 pm. All he had to do now was wait and let it fall.

About 10.25 he heard the car draw up outside. The engine was switched off and a car door slammed. A tall blonde figure got out and walked towards the house. Sean heard the front door open and close.

Gail yawned. She had had a long shift. Two shoplifters and a road accident to deal with. She was tired and glad to be home. She took off her shoes in the hallway and went into the living room, leaving her brown leather jacket, bag and handbag on the sofa. She unfastened her hair that was done up in a bun on the back of her head. She was wearing a white blouse with epaulettes and her black uniform skirt. This had 2 rear pleats but was still tight on her. Maybe she should lose some weight, she thought. She went up the stairs to the bedroom to take off her uniform and change.

Sean was ready and waiting. As Gail entered the bedroom and turned on the light, he sprang into action. He clamped his left hand over her mouth and pinned her arms to her sides with his right hand, at the same time pulling her backwards and off balance. Shocked and disoriented, her air supply cut off and pulled off balance, Gail froze and barely moved. She caught a glimpse of a stocky figure in a terrifying black mask. She then saw a wicked looking sheath knife in front of her face and felt its sharp blade against her cheek and neck.

“Scream and you die,” Sean said. “Scream and you die. I need you to stay calm and keep quiet. Just do as youre told and you wont get hurt. Now get down on the floor.” Gail could only gasp for air as he took his hand away and didn’t say a word. He pulled her backwards into a sitting position, pinning her down and holding the knife against her face.

“Who are you? What do you want? How did you get in here?” Gail stammered out in panic. Sean made no reply and pushed her forwards on to her stomach. He straddled her across the small of her back, pinning her to the floor, and pressed her head into the carpet. She couldn’t move and felt totally helpless.

“Do as you’re told and you wont get hurt. I’m going to tie you up. Put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists,” he ordered.

Gail blurted out, “You cant do this to me, I’m a policewoman.” Sean wrenched her arms behind her and crossed her wrists. He took one of the uniform stockings and pulled it taut around her wrists twice vertically, and knotted it as tightly as possible. Then he repeated this horizontally, leaving her hands bound tightly behind her. “You’re hurting me,” she said. Seans only response was to silence her again with a hand over the mouth, and turn her over on to her back and tied hands. The top buttons of her blouse were open and her tight skirt had ridden up to mid thigh.

With his weight pinning her down, Gail could hardly move a muscle. “Ive been watching you for a long time, Gail,” said Sean, deliberately calling her by name. “I thought we should spend some time together before you go off to see your mum in Basildon again.”

Gail lay open mouthed in shock. “How do you know my name? How do you know that? What do you want?” Sean pressed her down even more firmly, and said, “I know all about you, Gail. Were going to be spending a lot of time together.” She started sobbing softly. “Please, please don’t hurt me.”

“Do as you’re told and you wont get hurt. You’re a very pretty girl and you want to stay that way.” He began kissing her firmly. Gail tried to turn her head away, but he held her head firmly in position and carried on. “Good girl,” he said. Gail knew that she was going to be raped and she could do absolutely nothing about it.

Sean looked down at her intently. “Have you ever been raped before?” he asked. “You’re going to be raped now. I’m going to fuck you in every hole.” Gail let out a terrified groan, sobbing. “Being raped isn’t so bad. You’re only going to be fucked. You’ve been fucked before and you’ll be fucked again. That’s not so bad. You just want to be raped, you don’t want to be raped and cut, do you,” he said, Running the sharp edge of the knife over her cheek and throat. Gail stared back at him, and nodded. “Okay,” she said. “Okay.”

End of Part One.

To be continued.

This is a work of fantasy only. It is not intended to cause any offence.

By Tommy

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