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Dawn was a sixteen year old loudmouthed racist trouble maker and was walking home after missing the last bus that would have dropped her off near enough outside where she lived. It was a quiet country lane that Dawn was walking down and she knew that there would be no vehicles driving through that time of night so there was no chance of getting a lift, As Dawn did not like the idea of walking twelve miles she decided to take a short cut over the field that would cut four miles off her journey, Dawn climbed over the fence into the field and started the walk across the field cursing herself for having missed the bus, after walking for what seemed like hours to Dawn she arrived on the other side of the field where she sat down and rested, after awhile she got up and saw the big house with a private zoo and knowing the owners were away on holiday decided to take a further short cut through the zoo. Mihir who was a Bengali boy and two years younger than Dawn was working in the zoo and saw her enter the grounds, he went to Dawn and told her she was on private property and was not allowed there, in her normal aggressive manner Dawn told Mihir to fuck off or she would feed him to the alligators, Dawn saw a row of two sets of cages and asked Mihir if this was the way to the main gates, Mihir told her yes but not to go that way, Dawn told him to fuck off before she fed him to the alligators, Dawn headed towards the narrow gap between the two rows of cages and started to go down the gap Mihir was telling her not to go, Dawn ignored her and continued her journey and after a short while felt a scratch on her lower back and the waist of her jeans being pulled, Dawn fell forward but was then pulled upwards she then felt the buckle on her jeans break and her jeans slide down as she was pulled up, Dawn suddenly felt her self hit the ground hard and realised her jeans were right off she looked to one side and to her horror saw a very big gorilla in the cage, she looked to the other side and saw there was another gorilla in the cage on that side, Dawn tried to crawl along the ground but felt her pony tail get pulled and she was pulled back to her feet and against the bars of the cage, Dawn kicked out but there was nothing to kick she felt the gorilla in the cage opposite get hold of her leg and pull, Dawn kicked out with her free leg but that was also grabbed the gorilla pulling Dawn’s pony tail let go Dawn fell flat on her back between the cages with one gorilla still holding her legs, Dawn felt herself being dragged and soon realised her lower half was inside the cage she felt the other gorilla trying to pull her back by her tee shirt but the flimsy material tore and her tee shirt came right off, Dawn realised she had problems she was totally naked half in a gorilla cage Dawn tried to get free but could not, after trying to get free for ages she  felt something wet and sticky slide up her leg then push on her love tube and to her horror realised it was the gorilla’s dick, Dawn felt the dick slide into her love tube and screamed out for help she felt the gorilla starting to thrust in and out of her love tube and realised to her horror she was being fucked by a gorilla and she could not stop it after twenty minutes Dawn was starting to get aroused as the gorilla continued to thrust in and out and after another ten minutes was starting to enjoy herself Dawn felt the gorilla pull out of her love tube, Dawn was able to pull her legs from the cage and lay on the ground before crawling to the end of the cages where she saw Mihir looking at her, Dawn sat on the ground not caring that she was naked and Mihir could see her, Mihir gave Dawn a pair of overalls, Dawn said ” you saw what happened” Mihir said ” yes you got gorilla cock up your cunt and fucked” Dawn looked at Mihir who then said ” your nipples are hard that means you liked it” he paused then said ” you got nice tits” Dawn said ” don’t tell anyone anything” Mihir said ” don’t worry I will not tell” Dawn said ” I mean don’t say anything about anything” Mihir repeated      ” don’t worry I wont tell about anything”  Dawn lay back flat on her back and open her legs, Mihir smiled undid his jeans knelt down and slid his six inch erection into Dawns love tube and started to thrust in and out, after five minutes Dawn climaxed Mihir carried on thrusting away and made Dawn cum twice more before he pulled his dick from Dawn’s love tube and squirted his cum over the ground, Mihir took Dawn to the showers and after she had showered and put the overalls on he let her out through the main gates, as Dawn walked the rest of the way home she thought what a night fucked by a big hairy gorilla then fucked by a paki boy who made me cum three times he better not tell anyone or I will feed him to the alligators. Two nights later Mihir was in the zoo when he saw somebody enter the grounds he walked towards the person and saw that it was Dawn, he looked at her noticing the two pokies in her tee shirt and said come with me Dawn followed him to a large wooden shed and once inside Dawn saw a gorilla that was not as big as the others, Mihir watched as Dawn stripped naked and after twenty minutes sat watching as the gorilla thrust away into Dawns love tube and smiled thinking it will be my turn soon as he started to undress.

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