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Hi every one me Prabu from Chennai now I am 38 years old , I am going to share my real life sex experience with you all that how I identified my sexual rays ( type of sex I love ) as every one of this site visitors I am also a daily online sex story reader ( ). This is my first time so any mistakes and boring means kindly forgive me.

Let’s start

1. In my Life I was started as Regular Teenager for masturbating

2. Gay sex with other male partners

3. Straight sex with my wife

4. NOW I am Bisexual with women and male Couple partners….

As every teenager when I was in my hi-school days my friends introduced me to sex pictures, I still remember that first sex picture it was abroad sex book one male lying down on floor with full erected cock and a woman is trying to lick his cock with pre-cum on it. After seeing the picture I started feeling my whole body changing getting hot and pre-cum in my cock, without touching it was fully erected, I am not able to control my feelings and went to rest room and did my first masturbation and I did it so many time in that night, from that day I started asking my friend for sex book openly and sharing sexual feelings and one friend helped me to get sex story books and he introduced me to shops too. So I became a regular customer to the book shop and started reading sex books at my Hi-school days.

After started to read sex story book I used to do masturbate regularly in fact after every single story about illegal affairs between men and women, all were straight stories because its regular Tamil sex book stories but later some new type of stories came like incest and gay stories. I am the only son to my parents so my mind was not fixed on incest type and to get an aunt or girl for sex was not possible for my life style, so I started to more involved in gay stories but even for that need a perfect gay partner and secrecy is very important. All that stories helped me about how to approach a gay partner. During that time there was no internet or computer at all, so I followed the gay sex stories.

I decided to get my first gay experience so I went alone to marine beach Chennai after late evenings one day. I went and stand alone in uncrowded place and watching the see view. After a long time one guy came near to me and asked what is the time. I said I don’t have watch and after that the guy didn’t go away, within a few minutes my heart started beating faster of thinking that I am going to enjoy my first gay sex, as I expected he came close and stand beside and slowly he touched my hands, I didn’t give any response because of fear, he started touching my zip top and slowly moved his hands up and down and he realized that my cock is growing, he did this for some time, after that he asked me if we can go in some boats in dark place, without any further hesitation I went behind him. He sat behind one boat so I went near to him stand casually so other will think we standing normally and talking, he again put his hand on my zip and he pulled my hands to his zip top, now both our hands moving up and down on our cocks, I don’t know what to do next so I waited for his reaction. He opened my pant zip taken my cock out of my pant and he gently stroked it, I started closing my eyes in divine feeling but he asked me watch all over if someone is coming toward us. So I kept my eyes open and he went in to knees near my cock slowly he opened top skin from my cock and started to lick my pre-cum, I entered my cock in his mouth he gave me my first blowjob I was in cowed-9.

But the only problem is I was not able to close my eyes to enjoy the feelings of my first blowjob but instead I am watching. He was just moving his head front and back by holding my cock only by his lips without touching his teeth and rolling tongue on top of my cock, within 2 minutes I came out, I thought he’d tack his mouth out from my cock but instead he taken all cum in his mouth. Even I thought he’d spit it out from his mouth but he drank all my cum without wasting a single drop. Because this is my first experience still I am waiting for his move I don’t know what to do next. He came beside me and removed my shirt’s top two buttons and kissed all part of my chest and rolling his tongue in tides, I felt so good. He placed my hands on his chest by opening his two top buttons from his shirt. I started to pressing it, it was so soft and not hard manly chest and no hairs in his chest, he pushed my head towards his chest and I started sucking it, he told me to bite his tides and when I was doing this he started masturbating his cock and came very soon. After we adjusted our cloths started back to main road, while walking back he asked me personal details like name and location school name which I gave wrongly for my safety.

Next Part I will share my other experience about my sex life..

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