Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Hi everyone here I came to continue my sex life experience with you all again.

After my first gay experience I am not able to stop myself to visit regularly to marine beach at late evenings to enjoy gay sex life but it was so difficult to get right partners every time but still I am not able to stop self going to beach so may disappointments and little good enjoyments like that days passed.

One evening one guy came and sit with me in the beach and started conversation and it was general details sharing and then he started asking about gay sex interest I said I am still don’t much experience to this enjoyment so in any way I can do so he gave me a offer that he and his regular gay friend have safe place for fun, I my mined I started feeling that I am going to enjoy full night fun with two guys but I am not able to accept his offer because how can I stay full night and how to get permission from my parents because I am only in my collage first year… , And he helped me by two three ideas to ask permission from parents so I went to my home said to my parents that one of my collage friends father is serious condition admitted in hospital I want to stay with him for moral support finally my parents gave me permission and told me to come yearly in the morning.

And I came out from home that guy was waiting for me near my home area and I went to him and said I got permission from my parents he was happily started his bike and sit on back of his bike but it was my first time going with unknown person so so-many things going on my mined and joy too. We reached his place it was residential area fully surrounded with family location in Chennai city so I got full confident I went inside the house, let me tell about this guy detail one who I meat in beach he will be around 28 his name is Arun he is fare tall and good looking and his friend he will be around 30+ his name is Senthil he is short and little chubby in looked once I entered he introduced me to his friend and he is the one I got today because this is what they do regularly when they get place.

Senthil said to Arun little work near by his home he will fines and come back soon so he went out so me Arun me went inside to bed room straight away he removed his dress and told me to remove me too so we both are only in under ware we both came near to each other and huge and started feeling each others body heat and we started kissing each other face and ended in lip lock after some time he started kissing my hole body from neck to bottom of my stomach and removed my under ware and kissed all the place around my 6 inches un-cut cock and kissed my cock started sucking after some time he pulled me towards him so I kissed his hole body neck to stomach and I removed his under wears it was around 7 inches un-cut cock I started sucking it slowly he stop me said we will go for 69 position so he and me will suck each other at same time ( This is my First 69 ) and we did it, It was relay wow feel sucking his cock and getting cock sucked is totally enjoyable feeling another 10 mints we both are cum out in each other mouth and we went and spit it in wash room.

After that first round he and me in only put under wares and went and sit in the bed Arun asked me what you like in this round of sex I said every thing because this is the first time I am having sex in safe place and time duration too, he smiled and told me that this called versatile type in Gay sex I said ok, But Senthil is Pure Bottom, I said I don’t know about what is bottom then he explained that bottom like to play a fully women role in sex like he will suck our cock kiss our hole body lick our full body we can fuck him also, I asked then what makes him happy he said he will like to kiss hole body lick hole body ( foreplay ) he will love to receive fucking by us, and Senthil don’t even like if u touch his cock any it will be only around 2 to 3 inches so you will not get interest also, I said thanks for helping me with this details, he said that some one teach me now I am teaching you that all. We hued each other and waited for Senthil.

And Senthil came in side the bed room and sit with us and asked Arun how was my company he said best and fresh in sex, because they both are very much experienced in gay sex, Arun went away and sit in the near by sofa and watched us, now Senthil removed his dress and become nude I saw his cock it was so small it will be around 2 to 3 inches only he came close to me we started kissing each other, when I went to kiss Senthil boobs it was so soft and not even single hair in it, relay he is man with women boobs so I got excitement and sucked his boobs like a women boobs as much I can, when I did this Senthil got so exited and kissed me all over my face said I love your boob sucking. Then he went down to cock area and started kissing and licking the way he handled my cock is the best in my life he just licked every part of my cock while sucking he roles his tong on top of my cock which gave me best feeling then I was surprised he went more bottom and started licking my ass and ass hole ( This is my first ass Rimming ) which make feel like I am in heaven, the way his mouth was playing in my bottom like this is his last sex in his life, again he came to my cock started sucking it with in 2 mints I came out of my best quantity of cum shot he just drink it like baby drinking milk And he came top and said I just every part of your body I will not leave u tonight and hugged me tightly.

After 10 mints he told me to suck his boobs I did like baby sucking milk from mother boobs he just closed his eyes and enjoyed it with in 5 mints he again got in to mood and kissed me and went to lick my armpits his tong was rolling all over the place which gave new enjoyment and he did with my hole body I was fully surrender myself of his oral service and again he went to my cock and started sucking it very fascinatingly and I came in to his mouth he drink all but this time he didn’t taken his mouth out from cock and continued sucking after 3 round of cum out my cock still responded to his mouth play got erected this time he sucked almost 30 mints nonstop sucking to make me cum out and he drink-ed it fully, it was my fourth time so I was fully tired went to sleep time ma be midnight.

When I was in deep sleep I feat that some one is playing with my bottom so I wake up and saw it is Senthil who is sucking my cock which is not even erected but still he is playing with it and the same time his hands was playing with Arun’s cock, he saw me and smiled and said to Arun we got again a company now Arun came top of me gave his cock to suck so I started sucking it while Senthil is sucking my cock after some time Arun turned his position with me in 69 so I am sucking Arun cock and he sucking my cock at this time Senthil went my bottom and started licking my asshole For the first time I am having this Enjoyment that I am sucking a cock, my cock is getting sucked, My asshole is getting licked same time, sorry I am not able to explain this enjoyments in words, with this doable enjoyment I came again it is my 5th time Arun came in my mouth and this time I drink my first man cum and all taken some rest and Arun said he want to go to office I will start so he told me he will drop me in near by bus stand.. Time was yearly morning 4 am. While starting Senthile came to me and gave his land line number and hugged said your the best company let’s continue and I went with Arun.

After that I continued with Senthil, Arun got transferred to other place..

Hope you all enjoyed my this part of sex life…

I will come with other experience soon………….

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By Tommy

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