Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Hi everyone here I came to continue my sex life experience with you all again.

Thanks for the your comments.

After my First Group fun with 2-gays I was continued my regular life days passed and I went to collage but I never meat any new gay partner because I started enjoying my collage life, Only Senthil I have as a gay partner we use to meet regularly in beach in weekends when ever Senthil have place and when I have place at my home we use to have regular gay sex But I am never stopped to read sex stories and xxx movies like this days passed after some time Senthil got married and I am busy with my regular collage lifestyle and teenage friends so gape between me and Senthil developed after a 1 year time Senthil and me meet in merina beach one weekend.

I was telling to Senthil about my collage life and he is happy for me and he started to tell about his life after marriage that he was happy in the beginning of his marriage life but after 2 to 3 months he started facing problems in his sex life because his cock is not getting hard to fuck his wife he only managing by providing oral service to his wife like sucking boobs, licking all her body and licking pussy and ass hole finger fucking, I know this will not satisfies Any stright sex women, But I can understand Senthil’s point of view because he was played bottom role in gay sex, Only positive point is his wife is still with him that to his wife don’t have any one, After hearing this I feel very sorry for him, he started cringe saying my marriage life is going to end soon.

At this mood I don’t want left him go home so I asked him to come with me to my home tonight, so he called to his home landline side to his wife he will come in the morning, His wife Knows about me well, We had our dinner and went to night show movie and we went to my home but still Senthil in the depression so I asked him lets have sex as usual he started fully involved in gay sex with me and doing bottom guy role and we completed one round of sex and now I know Senthil will forgot everything if he do gay sex with me..

Me : so I asked him at any point of time did u enjoyed that your cock sucked. ?

Senthil : he said no.

Me : Then what will make your cock hard… ?

Senthil : At my first night it was normal but after one month of my straight sex with my wife slowly I started loosing my cock hardness.

Me : did u asked your wife to suck ur cock.. ?

Senthil : yes she did but my cock half hard only I am not able to fuck in that hard so I started fingering her..

Me : ok can can we try something now ?

Senthil : tell me I will do it ?

Me : ok let me blind fold you and let me suck ur cock ?

Senthil : no use..

Me : I am going to try my best to get my friend back in sex life with is wife because he is the only gay partner, I used all my sex stories knowledge for this..

Me : just do as I am said, I told him to think that his wife is sucking your cock now and I started sucking his 4 to 5 inches cock for 5 to 10 mints but no different in his cock hardness so I changed my position to 69 and we started sucking each other and told him to think now your wife is sucking your cock and your sucking my cock now I can feel little difference in his cock hardness after some time I told him just now think now your fucking your wife while sucking my cock now his cock got little more hardness too.. And he came in to my mouth, so we stopped..

Me : Now I asked how do u feel now..

Senthil : he said wow I never think came this much.. He was happy too..

Me : I told him to Imagine same way while your doing sex with your wife too..

Now Senthil was more relaxed and started sucking my cock and he is best in it so I got hard in my cock so I started fucking him… While fucking him I said imagine I am fucking you and your fucking your wife at same time this time we both came in same time… Senthil was so happy that he came twice by this type of imagination sex.. Now the time was 4 am we deride to sleep..

Next day morning we wake-up so late any way it was Sunday no commitments, After that I dropped Senthil to his home and had my lunch at Senthil home had little chat with Senthil wife and came back to my home..

What was in my mind when I went to Senthil home, let me tell about Senthil’s wife, her Name is Ramya age 28, regular south Indian woman and little dark in skin her body shape 30, 28, 34.. Attractive face too.. When I was helping my friend Senthil to saying imagine about his wife while doing sex with me even me also started thinking about her…

I will tell about my first bisexual threesome with them in next part..

I will come with other experience soon………….

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