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Well after mom got back from her trip an me trying to not on that I had let Rex fuck me the whole time she was gone.

Mom asked me how I enjoyed the time home and what I did. I told her watch TV and stuff. Fully knowing what really happened. Well she got me new mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and corsets when she was away. Well I took them upstairs Rex whining downstairs when I did.

Well the next morning I got up and mom was awake an asked me if I wanted to help her with her flowers. I said yes. We got dressed and went outside. Well I was down on my hands and knees helping her pull weeds. Rex came up behind me and tried to mount me. I told him no my mom laughed about.

Well as we pulled weed he tried it few more times. Mom said give him credit for not giving up. Then she said he just trying to show you how much he loves you. I said yeah I know that love him to. She said that he really wants to show you how much he does. I didn’t know what to say to her about it. So I really think so. She said yes.

Well after we finish the front flower bed we went to the back yard one by the porch. Well again Rex tried to mount me. (I was thinking to myself if my mom wasn’t there I would have let him.) Then my mom did something that surprised the hell out of me. Since I had put on tie bikini bottoms under my mini skirt, she reached over and pulled string’s on each side an they fell off. I yelled mom what the hell. She grabbed my bottoms and said let’s see what he does now.

Well Rex was on the porch laying down on the couch. A few minutes later he got up and an came down by me. Mom said don’t say anything to him and let him do what he wants to do. Well his nose went under my mini skirt and he started to lick my gurly-boi-pussi hole. I jumped a little bit to act surprised when he did it. Then I said omg it feels good to her. She grabbed my skirt and pulled up exposing my ass completely. She said you love it don’t you. I could barely say yes because of his tongue in my gurly-boi-pussi hole. She said she knew that I would.

Well as he was licking me I looked back towards him and my mom was rubbing Rex’s sheath. She stopped and came up by my side and said to me let him mount you if want to. I said but what if I like it and do you really want me to. She said yes she did an let’s see if you do.

Rex stopped licking me an mom put her hand on mine when he mounted me. His cock went right in my gurly-boi-pussi I couldn’t help but to moan. As he started to fuck me finally he had all of his cock in me. ( I couldn’t believe my mom was seeing me getting fucked by Rex our dog.) She let go of my hands and as I was moaning in pleasure she asked me if I wanted her to make him stop. I said no and told her that it felt so good and wonderful. Well he fucked me hard and fast for a good while his cum running down my thighs as mom watched.

Well he finally got off me and he was standing there with his cock completely out of his sheath. I guess I surprised mom when I just grabbed it and wrapped my lipstick lips around it and sucked him for a few minutes. She said yes suck it.

Well after we were all done. We went inside asked mom why she had me do that. She said because when she was my age she did for a very long time. I said have you with Rex. She said no he was not interested in her. I said wonder why. She said that she had know ideal why. Then she asked me if I wanted to do it again with him. I said yes.

She said go up and take a bath so we can go to bigger town and get our nails filled and stuff. So after shower and got ready. As we left Rex had sad look on his face an mom said that we would be back in a little while.

We were gone for about 3 hours. When we got home mom put Rex outside and handed me a bag. She told me to go upstairs and put it on. It was pink corset and pink thigh high stockings. I put on my pink open 5″ stilettos. Then I went to her bedroom as said. Well she fixed my put my hair up then she blindfolded me and put something around my neck and locked it. Well it was a pink dog collar.

Well she hooked a leash on my collar and hooked it to her bed an told me to stay.   She was gone a few minutes then came back. She lead me on my leash down stairs then into the den where there was a mattress on the floor with blankets and pillows. She pulled me down onto the mattress. She said that she knew that I wanted to get very romantic and passionate and kinky with Rex.. I said yes I did.

She said stay and left and came back with Rex on a leash. I was sitting with my back against the chair on the mattress. She told me to lay down with my head on the pillows. She positioned Rex so he was standing over me. She took our leashes off. Then said ok have a good time.

I was surprised when she sat down in the chair across the room. Well Rex laid down on me so his head was over my face an I could feel his cock on my glue down boi-virgia. Even though I had smug proof non-transferable lipstick I put on cherry flavored lip gloss. Rex immediately started to lick my lipstick lips. I forgot mom was watching and opened my mouth so his tongue was in my mouth. I had wrapped my arms around his neck and head and my legs around his body. I don’t remember how long this went on. But I really wanted to suck him.

I rolled so he was on his side. He had about inch or so of his cock out of the sheath. I just started to lick it and playing with him  little by little more came out of the sheath l now was sucking him finally he was completely out Knott and all. I so glad that I don’t have gag reflex so I was able to suck him from tip past his knot. Well I sucked him for a while his cum filled my mouth and throat.

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