Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

The zoo was situated on the outskirts of the town and brought thousands of visitors each week all being charged five pound to get in, sixteen year old Emma had guessed that the zoo must be raking in tens of thousands of pounds each week and that due to a country wide strike by all security guards the weeks takings must be in the safe in the office, and as there were no security guards to patrol the zoo the money would be easy to nick, Emma worked out a plan on how to get into the zoo which included climbing over the wall at the rear of the zoo, once inside Emma would then make her way to the office and after silencing the alarms would easily be able to open the safe and get the money then make a clean get away much richer than she had been when she had first went in. It was late at night as Emma lay on the ground at the rear of the zoo where it was all waste ground, after being sure that nobody was about Emma made her way to the wall and climbed the tree next to the wall then swung over onto the wall where she cursed herself for having forgot about the spikes on top the wall but tried to lower herself down as she did Emma felt a spike go under the leg of the overalls she had worn and tried to shake it free but could not as she struggled she lot her grip and fell to the ground as she did the spike ripped her overalls from top to bottom, after regaining her senses Emma stood as she did the ripped overalls fell from her body leaving her naked, Emma thought I will find clothes in the office and will be able to buy tons of clothes with what I am getting. Then to her horror Emma realised that she had got her bearings wrong and had landed in the gorilla pen and could see three gorillas moving to wards her, Emma backed up to the bars but the gorillas advanced on her and started rubbing her with their paws, Emma was to scared to scream, a gorilla picked her up under its arms and carried her to an area where there were logs as it did Emma saw a sign saying breeding station and thought oh shit, after rolling her around between themselves one gorilla pulled Emma up and before she really knew what was happening she felt a gorilla’s dick enter her love tube and start humping away, after five minutes Emma was starting to enjoy it and after another ten minutes climaxed after ten more minutes another gorilla was humping her she then felt a dick enter her mouth and start humping, After ten minutes Emma felt gorilla cum in her mouth and another dick slide into her love tube, after a hour Emma had lost count of the amount of times she had climaxed and how many times a gorilla had cum in her mouth and was laying on the ground with no gorillas around then spotted an escape hatch as she crawled through it she she did she thought I know how to visit the gorillas in future, In the morning Emma woke up in bed and after having breakfast sat counting the money from the zoo office wondering how to get rid of the taste of the gorilla cum but was looking forward to getting a lot more of the stuff fresh from the gorillas dicks.

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